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Commander Owen Nash

Name Owen Jacob Nash

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Owen is of an athletic build and keeps himself in shape. With his brown hair and blue eyes, he is often a charmer. Owen is a clean shaven man who believes that in his position he should lead by example and follow the example set by his senior and superior officers. He is a Tall slightly muscular man who keeps himself in trim as often as he dares. He has no distinguishing features or scars.


Spouse N/A
Children None
Father Andrew Jacob Nash
Mother Emily Anne Nash (deceased)
Sister(s) Natasha Isabelle Nash
Krysia Kaleri-Smith
Other Family Uncle Henry "Hank" Nash (Fathers Brother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Owen is a bubbly man with a great sense of humour and a knack for getting things fixed as soon as possible but also with the most inventive way possible, keeping within the rules. When it comes to his work Owen is very committed to doing his job and one day hopes to be in the Captain's Chair, although he is well aware of the job he needs to do to get there.
Strengths & Weaknesses Owen's strengths lay in his ability to analyse a problem and try to solve it there and then in the quickest most efficient way possible. However, he can also get over-excited when trying to apply himself because his has plenty of enthusiasm. He is a team player and can also step up to lead personnel and others if the call is made.

His weaknesses lie in when he is confronted with a situation that seemingly holds "no way out" or no resolution to it as this often reminds him of the reason as to why his mother was killed at the Battle of Wolf 359. This is something he has often tried to work through since their death but he can find this difficult when faced with a Pressure situation. However, he is well aware of his ability to get the job done and his resolve to push through this.
Ambitions Owen wants to progress through the ranks to one day make it to Command like his father onboard the USS Maiden. He understands that sitting in the Captain's Chair one day will happen but that it will take a lot of work. He also wants to work hard and earning himself a Senior Officer position.
Hobbies & Interests Owen enjoys his collection of 20th and 21st-century comic books and also enjoys spending time on the Holodeck researching and enjoying re-enactments of 20th/21st Century Motorsports and often has a go himself.

He also enjoys reading science fiction stories, this coming from the time he spent with his Uncle Hank as a child whilst growing up. He also has an interest in Starfleet Ships and how they work, being knowledgeable about the various classes when he has time. When he has some downtime, Owen enjoys taking part in his collection of Science Fiction Holonovels, specifically the "Deathstalker Saga."

Personal History Owen was a gifted child at school and graduated in each of his classes with excellent grades. He was a natural at everything having the talent and drive when needed to perform. He left all the schools he went to with honours. Owen's course was always one set for the stars and he knew that to get there he would have to do his best.

After School and his education, Owen had decided the career he wanted before he was given an option to choose. To join Starfleet. While his mother served on the USS Bandit, His father was Captain on the USS Maiden so Owen went to live with his Uncle Hank in England at his Repair Facility and spent time working there on everything from vehicles to small ships, to small garden implements. After a while of working there and still dreaming of the stars, went on to learn about Starships and Engineering, showing the knack of wanting to know how it worked and if it worked how it could work better. With permission from his father, Owen applied for Starfleet Academy in 2374 and was accepted.

However, at the end of his first year, he received some very tragic news. His mother was Chief Science Officer onboard the USS Bandit and she was one of the many ships that were destroyed or severely damaged in the 2nd battle of the Chin'toka system in 2375. Owen took the toll of his mother's death hard. This now made him more determined than ever to do his best and succeed in becoming a Starfleet Officer and graduating from Starfleet Academy.
Service Record Owen performed well at the academy and showed promise early on in his first year, despite the loss of his mother. He also showed his interest in Starship/Starbase Operations and he chose both Operations and Engineering as his courses to pursue. His tutors were impressed by his knowledge and speed of learning when it came to learning about new and current starship classes, how they worked and also how their Engineering and Operations took place. When it came to Owen choosing his path, he was recommended that his talents would be best served onboard a starship.

Once Graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2378, Owen was commissioned an Ensign and given the choice of the Fleet, so he picked an Engineering post on his father's ship, the USS Maiden. He originally served as Engineers Mate to the ships Chief Engineering Officer Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Galloway. During his time onboard, Owen learnt about Engineering procedures onboard whilst the Maiden toured on its mission was to ferry aid to the various planets in the Cardassian Empire after the end of the war.

After the Maiden completed its tour, it was re-assigned to patrol along the Romulan Border, providing material and humanitarian aid to the Romulan Star Empire after the Shinzon incident as part of a Starfleet task group of ships assigned there to begin peace talks between the Romulans and the Federation.

Owen transferred to the Operations Department during his assignment, where he gained more experience and also learnt more about the Sovereign Class of starship itself. His father noticed an urge in Owen that reminded him of his late wife: Owen had the passion and drive to step forward and climb the career ladder but he also wanted to explore the stars and learn more about other races and Civilisations as the Maiden charted star systems in the Romulan Empire as part of her mission.

Once the Maiden's three-year mission was completed, Owen received orders from Starfleet Command to transfer to the USS Phobos, one of the new Luna Class Starships being launched. Along with this new assignment Owen was assigned to the Assistant Chief Operations Officer position.

Owen served aboard the Phobos for two years exploring the Gamma Quadrant and charting many star systems and civilisations, whilst also learning more about the Phobos itself and her intricacies whilst also learning more Luna Class Starships. During their time exploring, Owen employed his original thinking for repairs and solutions during different skirmishes with the Breen who had made claims of territory in unexplored regions of the Gamma Quadrant.

The Phobos returned to the Alpha Quadrant at the end of her two-year mission after suffering extensive damage during a battle with rogue elements of the Jem'Hadar. The battle itself was due to a claim on the region made by the Rogue Jem'Hadar who were looking to set up a new Ketracell White facility in the Gamma Quadrant whilst the Phobos stumbled across this situation as it was charting the region. The ship was put in for refit at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

However Owen was eager to get out into space again and he found out about positions available onboard another Luna Class starship, the USS Pandora and he applied for the Chief Operations position. With this new assignment, he became a department head and a member of the ships senior staff and Commodore Merith.

Owen served aboard the Pandora for two years. The ship explored new boundaries and regions of the Gamma Quadrant before the ship was recalled by Starfleet for a refit and extensive study after suffering heavy damage whilst inside the uncharted Mourir Nebula. Captain Merith also commended Owen for his time onboard the Pandora as well as his report back to Starfleet Operations using the knowledge he gained from his time on the Phobos and Pandora to further understand the new Luna Class Starships and further improve the performance of these vessels.

Following this assignment, Owen then moved on to apply to join the USS Adelaide as Chief Operations Officer. He served onboard the Intrepid Class starship for one year where the ship and crew explored more regions of the Beta Quadrant as well as patrolling between the Romulan, Klingon, C'Hakilian, and Krazzle Empires. During his time onboard, he served alongside another former Pandora crewmate, Lt Cmdr Glyndar, before being re-assigned to Starfleet Operations on Earth and working on a technical group regarding Luna Class Starships.

Whilst serving on Earth, he learned of the USS Pandora being brought back into service and requested re-assignment as the ships Chief Operations Officer. Already armed with the knowledge he gained during his previous tour on board, Owen felt this made sense and this was a point of view that the ships new CO agreed with.

However, en route to his new posting for his second tour aboard the Pandora, Owen was the target of a failed terrorist attack by former Starfleet Officer Andrea Madison. Madison had defected to the Typhon Pact and had rigged the runabout they were travelling onboard to Starbase 375 with a bomb, leaving Owen unconscious before making her escape.

Owen escaped, however, he has not given up on finding out why Madison tried to kill him and what other activities she was involved in. After this unfortunate incident, Owen was able to join the new crew of the USS Pandora under the command of Captain Temple. After serving aboard for twelve months and also holding the position of second officer, Owen was promoted to Executive Officer.

2378 - 2382: USS Maiden (Sovereign Class)

2382 - 2384: USS Phobos (Luna Class)

2384 - 2386: USS Pandora (Luna Class)

2386 - 2387: USS Adelaide (Intrepid Class)

2387 - 2388: Starfleet Operations - Advanced Starship Design Bureau - Luna Class think tank

2388 - Current: USS Pandora (Luna Class)