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Sasha Vieers

Name Sasha Vieers

Position Passenger

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (Unjoined)
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Hazel


Father Benhe Vieers
Mother Modria Vieers

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sasha is a studious and pleasant young officer, with a curious mind and predilection towards study and the advancement of her personal knowledge. She has joined Starfleet in order to widen her life experiences in order to one day apply for Joining with a Trill Symbiont. She is focused in her goals, though curious about the world around her. She wishes to excel in her career and prove herself to be a viable candidate for Joining.
Ambitions To become joined with a Symbiont.

To advance her knowledge and skills to become a suitable candidate for Joining.
Hobbies & Interests Studying, reading, classical music, piano, exploration, travel.

Personal History Born on Trill in 2365, Sasha comes from a proud family who have had at least three of her ancestors joined with a Symbiont. However, the Vieers family in recent generations had failed to be selected for the honour and thus began to pursue other interests. Sasha's father had made it his own desire to restore the family's legacy, though himself was passed over for selection. Thus, he placed the burden of this task upon his only daughter, Sasha.

Sasha was doted on and spoiled as a child, her parents wishing to provide her with many joys and experiences, however this didn't come without the added pressures of upholding the family legacy. She was constantly made to study wide and varied subjects; she learnt to play the piano by age 6, and was able to speak multiple languages by age 10. Sasha grew up wanting to please her parents and live up to her potential, though she constantly worried she'd never be good enough to be joined.

After her secondary education, in which Sasha excelled in all her classes, she was given the choice of continuing into the Trill Science Ministry or further expanding her knowledge by traveling to other Federation planets. She took a "gap year" on Bajor, helping to rebuild after the Dominion War, while also participating in exercises as a volunteer with the Security Training division. This followed with a six month spell in the colony of New Bajor, in the Gamma Quadrant, where Sasha delved into further combat and military training, which seemed at odds with the usually science-minded Trills. However, she believed it would give her an edge in the future Joining application process.

In 2384, Sasha parlayed her experiences into a successful application to join the Starfleet Academy as a Second Year cadet. Here, she chose the fields of Alien Languages and Alien Phrenology as Majors. She also continued her physical training by becoming a member of the Academy's Fencing team, in which she competed in two world competitions. She was thrilled to be amongst the wide variety of Federation members on Earth at the Academy, though only occasionally joined her fellow cadets at social events due to her pressing academic schedule.

Graduating in 2388, Sasha's first assignment as a Crewman was to Starbase 375, near Cardassia Prime. As a junior Science Officer, she came to experience the aftermath of the horrors of war and genocide that the Cardassian people had experienced. Sasha had known a life dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, and just like with her time on Bajor, she began to despise wars and global conflicts as a waste of people and resources. She penned an Open Letter to the Starfleet Academy Alumni newsletter condemning all wars in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants and advocating for a region-wide peace deal. Sasha's superiors commended her commitment to the Federation's ideals, however cautioned her against being overly critical of situations in which she was not fully informed of. They suggested she gain more frontline service in Starfleet before writing any more letters.

Following this, Sasha applied to join the USS Pandora on her first tour of duty in the Inconnu Expanse, believing the scientific discoveries and diplomatic possibilities would greatly enhance her knowledge. She was promoted to Ensign for her service record and gained the position as Language Specialist.
Service Record 2384 - Starfleet Academy
2388 - Starbase 375, Science Officer, Crewman
2389 - USS Pandora, Language Specialist, Ensign