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Mauricio Arnaldo

Name Mauricio Felipe Arnaldo

Position Paradise Resident

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 90kgs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Mauricio has jet black hair and hazel eyes, matching his bronzed skin. A tightly regimented training and weight routine means the young Marine has well-built physique, with large round biceps and prominent pecs.


Father Miguel Arnaldo
Mother Abigail Arnaldo
Brother(s) Sergeant L.J Arnaldo - deceased
Major M.R Arnaldo - deceased
Sister(s) 1st Lt A.M Arnaldo - retired

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mauricio is studious, contemplative, careful, and concise. He has a cool demeanour and generally friendly personality when he's not on duty. While active serving, he will be tactical but forceful - once he knows the plan and the primary objectives he will be relentless in pursuit of those goals. He harbours trauma from the loss of his family during wars, but he tries to use that to become a smarter, more prepared Marine.
Ambitions To become the Marine CO of a Starship or Base.
Hobbies & Interests Weights, training, weights, running, Spanish music.

Personal History Born in 2360 in a small little town outside of Mexico, Earth, Mauricio was the youngest of four siblings - though there was a considerable gap between himself and his two older brothers. Their mother was a Diplomat for the Federation and this often meant long periods travelling the galaxy, in the shadows of many wars. The kids were raised by their gather Miguel, and they lived on a small farm on the outskirts of town. Mauricio could see the big Mexico City in the distance from his bedroom and he'd often stare out his windows long after he was supposed to have been asleep.

Mauricio was thirteen when the Dominion War broke out and his brothers, who were seven years older, left as junior Marines to help the fight. Mauricio wanted to join them, of course, but it was strictly forbidden by his parents. During a special envoy mission to gauge the support of the Ferengi's, Mauricio's mother's vessel was attacked and many crew died. She survived, though immediately chose to retire and return back to Earth. She would never talk about her experiences but one night Mauricio heard her mother in a fit of panic, blaming Starfleet for sending her on a dangerous route without enough support.

The young Arnaldo was often a de-facto hero in class due this brothers servicing in the war and his mother's brush with death. Mauricio would excitedly read out any correspondence he'd get from his brothers - which usually happened around lunchtime on a Friday. He would regale his classmates with tales from the front line, excitedly recreating any bits of action that his brothers had shared with him, acting like he was there too. However, on one particular Friday there was no messages from his brothers. He waited all day, impatiently checking every fifteen minutes, and yet no correspondence came through. When Mauricio returned home that day, he learned the worst. Both of his brothers had been killed while attempting an attack on the Dominion homeland.

Through their grief, Mauricio's parents banned him from ever joining Starfleet - telling him to stay in Mexico and on Earth, live a safe life. The now teenage Mauricio was filled with his own sadness, mixed with rage at those responsible. He stopped trying in school, he would often get into fights with others, and he began running off to the City - disappearing for a few days at a time. His parents, unable to cope with the loss of their children still, barely registered Mauricio's delinquency and didn't do much stop his spiral into trouble.

This finally came when the now 17 year old Mauricio saw a group of Marines on shore leave in the city. Enraged, he attacked the group with a broken bottle and angry tears. He was subdued quickly however, as the group managed to disarm him and he was taken to the nearest Security point under arrest. Mauricio was given a choice - face criminal charges or learn to channel his anger into something productive: The Marines. Though he knew his parents would hate it, Mauricio saw this as his only opportunity to stop wasting his life and learn to focus his anger elsewhere. He returned home and announced his intention to enroll with the Marines; causing an immediate rift with his parents. He still left, deciding not to throw his life away and with the hope of becoming a better person.
Service Record - 2389, abandoned Starfleet and Federation to live in the Inconnu Expanse.