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Emilie Temple

Name Emilie Fleuret Temple

Position Education Administrator

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 70 kgs
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Emilie has striking, almost European features. Her dark blonde hair highlights her deep blue eyes, long cheeks and full lips. She often wears heels, despite being tall herself, because she likes the added height.


Spouse Commander Nycolas Temple
Children Katrine Lucia Temple
Father Governor Stanus Fleuret, deceased
Mother Lieutenant Katrine Fleuret, deceased
Other Family Mother in Law: Brigitte Temple
Father in Law: Spencer Temple
Brother in Law: Magnus Temple
Grandmother: Joy Fleuret, deceased
Grandfather: Gilbert Fleuret, deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Emilie is a strong, opinionated woman, who was once a political leader on her home world of Lucis V. She had a sharp mind but also a reasonably progressive system of beliefs. She is passionate, articulate, though occasionally moralistic.

After the destruction of her planet, Emilie had to find a new home on Earth with her growing family and in-laws. She lost everything when Lucis fell, and it has taken her several years and a lot of courage to find the strength to move on from the tragedy. She also lost her father in the conflict, her personal hero and closest confidante, a loss she still feels to this day. She fears leaving the solid ground of Earth, in case something similar will happen to her and her family again. Having lost everything once, she is reluctant to risk losing it all again.
Ambitions To unite her family together and create a new home for them.

To find a new purpose in life apart from being a wife and mother, to reclaim her identity as an individual.
Hobbies & Interests Writing, poetry, art, teaching, dance. As a mother to a curious and rambunctious young girl, she doesn't get much time for her personal pursuits and it seems raising Katrine has become her full time job.

Personal History Emilie was born on the Federation colony on Lucis V in 2353, the only daughter to the planet's young councilor Stanus Fleuret. Lucis was unfortunately within the conflict zone between the Federation and the Cardassian and was constantly under threat of attack by the aggressive aliens. Her mother was a Starfleet pilot and was killed during an operation in 2360, when Emilie was only young.

With only her father now to guide her, Emilie piled herself into books and arts as her means of escaping the sad passing of her mother. There was a period in which she simply stopped talking, causing father Stanus to take her to several Federation medical facilities to see what was wrong. It was soon identified as a psychological condition, rather than a physical one, and through therapy and counselling she managed to find some light in the life again.

Choosing to stay on Lucis, Emilie graduated high school and attended University in the planet's main Garden City. It was here she studied art, literature and psychology - the latter as a means of delving deeper into her mental health but it also become a fascinating subject to learn. Her father soon become an important leader on the planet, elected Deputy Governor and finally Governor of Lucis in 2370, the highest position within the growing colony. She soon found herself drawn into the same profession, becoming Junior Minister for the Arts in 2376. Though she gained the position due to her tenacity, intelligence, and reformist ideas, there were still plenty of accusations of nepotism leveled against her.

Life on Lucis had grown fairly remote and the citizens falsely believed the war raging between the Cardassians and Federation had simply forgotten them. However, at the end of the war and the redrawing of territories, Lucis soon found itself a target of angry Cardassian retribution. In 2377, they launched a surprise attack on the small planet, sending a few fighter jets to try and destroy the main city in retaliation against the Federation. The attack was thwarted by the efforts of the USS Wellington, with her father Stanus Fleuret being personally saved by a young Ensign officer.

That officer, Nycolas Temple, soon took to Lucis as a second home and began to visit more and more often after the attack. The Wellington was placed nearby as a constant means of defense and Temple was treated as an honoured guest. Emilie found Nycolas charming and warm, and the pair fell almost immediately in love. She was cautious at first, her forthright independence kept her feelings at bay. She didn't want to marry so soon, and she especially didn't want to give up her career to be a Starfleet wife. But to her surprise, Nycolas was willing to give up his own career to live on Lucis and be with her.

The pair were married in a simple garden ceremony in 2383, with her father officiating the wedding. In the same year, Emilie was promoted to Minister for Education on the planet, her lifelong love of books and art endowing the planet's education system with a plethora of new ideas and teaching materials. She wanted to create a school system that would be the envy of the galaxy, for all Lucian children to be regarded as having the highest intelligence and widest knowledge in the Alpha Quadrant. She began to pursue that goal with tremendous vigor.

However, tragedy once again struck the planet of Lucis V as a rogue Cardassian, still burning from his prior attempts to annex the colony, returned with a stronger force in a surprise attack. Their goal was to either drive out the humans or destroy the colony as a whole. Thanks to the efforts of the Defense Forces, including her husband Nycolas, many of the citizens were evacuated to safety. However, her father had stayed behind to hold off the forces and keep the shield generator running. Emilie was helpless to watch as the generator was destroyed, killing her father. Nycolas had tried to intervene and once again save his life, but was simply too late. Emilie and the citizens were evacuated onto the USS Wellington, as the colonies of Lucis V were burned to the ground.

Emilie and Nycolas were relocated to Earth, where Emilie soon revealed she was pregnant. She gave birth to baby Katrine Lucia Temple in 2384, the young family now living in Nyx's home town of Copenhagen, Denmark. Emilie once again grieved the loss of her parent, now also an orphan with no home. Her only joy was the smile of her precious baby Katrine, and the comfort of her supportive husband. She tried to get settled into life on Earth but there was still the persistent fear of attack scarred onto her psyche. How could a woman who has lost so much manage to relax?

She was especially anxious when Nycolas returned to service, though she understood his need to participate in service in order to help the Federation. Emilie didn't like to say but she was now afraid to leave Earth again. Nyx's career flourished, his efforts in Lucis gaining him higher positions until he was eventually gifted with the Command of a new deep space exploration mission on the USS Pandora. Emilie was deeply proud of her husband but too scared to take herself and her child off the planet, initially choosing to stay on Earth. However, with a sudden change of mind, Emilie and Katrine made a hurried dash across the Alpha Quadrant to the USS Pandora, finally reuniting her family together in the Carnwennan Corridor.

Now onboard the Pandora, Emilie chose to dedicate her efforts to settling Katrine into ship-life, while assuaging her own fears from being off Earth, while looking to begin a new career in civilian service on the ship.