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Eva Griffin

Name Eva Griffin

Position Passenger

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Chameloid/El Aurian
Age 4 (14) [Deceased]

Physical Appearance

Height 2' 11"
Weight 24 lbs
Hair Color Ebony
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description At first glance, Aoife (pronounced EE-fa) is a happy and healthy toddler, but under the frilly dresses, her bright and inquisitive gaze, and her curious demeanor is a badly damaged child; she is recovering from severe malnourishment, and her hips and legs are malformed from being kept in small confines and never having the room to learn how to walk. But all is not so terrible for Aoife now; under the care of her mother Shae Brennan, to whom she was recently returned, Aoife is now gaining weight and learning to cope with her developmental setbacks. With the help of Nurse Rebekah Davies, she is learning to communicate and will hopefully soon have the strength to learn how to walk!

Like her mother, Aoife has vulpine ears and a tail, but unlike her mother who has digitigrade paws, Aoife only has regular humanoid feet. Shae is a capable and skilled shapeshifter, but it is unknown at this time is Aoife has inherited that ability. She has curly ebony hair and her eyes are the deepest blue. (image shows a normal human child, photo edits to be completed)


Mother Kalin 'Shae' Brennan
Other Family Cailus Griffin - though Shae and Cailus have not been dating for long, they have already formed a strong bond, and not just with each other but with Aoife as well. Cailus has proven to be quite protective of Aoife and looks upon her with a similar affection as he once did his own daughter; likewise, Aoife recognizes a connection between him and her mother, adoring him if for no other reason than he makes Shae smile, and she has on multiple occasions shown enough empathy to try to cheer him up with he was struggling emotionally with the loss of his own family. Aoife trusts Cailus as implicitly and completely as she trusts her own mother. He was the first person to get her to smile and she thinks of him as her father.

Nurse Rebekah Davies - an Enlisted nurse who specializes in early childhood development and assigned specifically to Shae Brennan to be Aoife's daytime caretaker and physical/occupational therapist. Aoife likes her well enough, but tends to be rather tense around her, recognizing certain behaviors as being from the medical profession, of which she is terrified. Rebekah tends to dress down in civvies when caring for Aoife to help put her at ease.

Grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins through Shae Brennan's adopted family, see her profile for more details

Personality & Traits

General Overview When first recovered, Aoife was a reserved child, suppressing emotions and all forms of expression, even for vital needs, all because she was terrified of being abused by her former keepers. Now that she has been returned to her mother, she has come out of her shell and has even managed to make friends with the daughter of the Pandora's CO. She is now bright and inquisitive, and so very eager to please those around her and make people smile. Much to her mother's dismay, Aoife is still plagued by nightmares and fears instilled by some very bad people, but she is learning to cope and it is Shae's hope that one day Aoife will forget all the pain of her past to be able to live happily as she grows up.

Personal History Aoife Brennan is a modified clone of Kalin 'Shae' Brennan. Due to irregularities in Shae's genetic code, conventional cloning methods would not work, and even the use of surrogates had proven to be unreliable when using more archaic methods, thus creating the situation where Shae was forced to carry the child herself. Despite the fact that Shae never wanted to be cloned or to carry the child, she developed a strong maternal drive and sees this clone as her daughter. So strong was her love for Aoife that Shae was manipulated by the forces that held her (S31), forcing her to do terrible things in the name of the 'greater good'; it was their greater good, Shae was only trying to preserve the life of her child. Despite being a mere infant, Aoife was experimented on, and then after the incident that lead to Shae's escape, Aoife was kept in stasis as a means of maintaining control over Shae for 14 years. Aoife was eventually rescued by Starfleet Intelligence under the orders of Ryoko Takato of the USS Tornado, where she was eventually returned and was reunited with her mother.

But Aoife's condition was not good; it would have been hazardous to her development to set the stasis chamber to halt her biological processes completely, so they merely slowed her aging, meaning she aged the equivalent of roughly 4 years, but without regular nourishment her body became frail and without the freedom to move around and learn to walk her hips and legs became deformed, not to mention the fact that spending most of her life in a stasis chamber left her mentally quite infantile, unable to talk or understand the simplest things a child of 4 years should be able to understand. But since being freed, her mother has worked hard to nurse Aoife back to health, and she is currently undergoing physical and occupational therapy to learn to be a normal child and will eventually undergo surgery to correct the developmental deformations. For now the most important part is that she is bonding with her mother. Aoife is learning to be happy and when she sees people who make her happy, she's unafraid to express that happiness; though quiet, she has become quite an expressive child in her own way, especially around Shae, and Cailus who she now views as her father.

In 2390, Aoife suffered from a severe aneurysm, passing away shortly afterwards.