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Name Ignatius

Position Business Owner

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 54

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Stylish and cool, Ignatius is always an image of sophisticated chic. He has a slim but toned frame and isn't overly tall, but always looks like he has stepped off a runway from Milan. His trim, silver hair and European stubble stands out against his rich skin tone. He loves sunglasses and is almost always wearing a pair, either functionally or as a simple accessory.

His clothing style tends to change based on his moods but as a couturier and fashionista, he is always either on-trend or light years ahead of it.


Father Hudson Williamsburg
Mother Chelsea Lauren
Sister(s) Gabrielle (62)

Personality & Traits

Personal History Ignatius was born in the lower west side of New York City in 2334 in the SoHo district, to his author father Hudson and artist mother Chelsea. The second child of the family, he was born at a time when it was trendy in the area to only give children one name, hence he was never officially given a last-name. His parents were very creative and artistic, though tended to be flighty and irresponsible. They travelled a lot around the globe, and occasionally to other Federation outposts. His older sister Gabrielle mostly looked after him during these times, and the two formed a strong bond.

The young Ignatius quickly realised his love of clothes and fashion, and began to volunteer at New York Fashion week from the age of 15. Here he began to learn the ins and outs of the fashion industry and develop his own sense of style. He was tutored by many of the insiders and production teams behind the shows and gained valuable contacts. After completing high school, Ignatius was accepted into the New York School of Design, where he spent the next four years learning all he could about fashion and making clothes.

During this time, he began to try his hand at womens and mens clothing, finding his way into building his individual brand and style. However, he also became known for his honest advice and ability to pick up new trends in the industry. He started to work for fashion label Kingdom as a personal shopper and stylist, where his attentive and sophisticated eye earned him a genuine reputation as a keen clothier. At age 25, he was a consultant for Kingdom in their merchandising and store presentation team.

In the meantime, Ignatius also worked on his sewing and haberdashery skills, looking to practice the antiquated art of hand-made clothing. In a society where clothes were easily ordered and created by industrial replicators, and mass-produced in identical styles, Ignatius wanted to stand apart with his hand crafted pieces and unique designs. After moving to Paris at age 30, he worked with the legendary brand Chanel, before being accepted into the prestigious L'Ecole de la Couture. He learned the harness his pattern-making, stitching, sewing, and accessorising, as well as choosing to focus primarily on menswear.

Ignatius opened up his own store in a small corner of the Boulevarde St. Germain, simply called by his name "Ignatius". He worked hard on the store for several years, gaining a reputation for his striking suits and bold colour palettes for men. The height of his career came when he was asked to dress the President Elect during his inauguration in 2372, for which he chose a rich navy collarless suit with bright turquoise tie and pocket square. The design caused a stir in Parisian circles and the suit became a hot favourite. Due to the popularity of the outfit, he was forced to drop his preference for hand-crafting work and resorted to an industrial replicator. However, the design was accidentally leaked to the public database and became easily copied, resulting in his work becoming immediately passé. Ignatius tried to continue his designs for a few years but eventually decided to close his store after a significant decline in interest.

The now 45-year-old couturier moved off Earth for the first time and spent the next five years living on Risa, where he became lead designer for a major fashion retailer on the pleasure planet. Once again, despite his passion for creating his own style and clothes, it was his work as a stylist and dresser that gained Ignatius the most attention and praise. He began offering private consultation as a personal shopper on Risa, and left the fashion retailer in 2382. Striking out on his own again was daunting for Ignatius given his earlier failure in Paris, but he was able to rely upon his skills as a stylist, even if it wasn't his real passion. His personal brand of expertise eventually allowed him return to Earth and New York, where he gained a position as a guest lecturer at the School of Design where he first trained many years ago.

Looking for a change in direction and wishing to spend time working on his designs again, Ignatius decided to spend time away from Earth and joined a Starfleet service on the USS Pandora, at the behest of his old friend Nycolas Temple. The idea of exploring new cultures, fabrics, and designs was an exciting opportunity for Ignatius, who felt like his career and indeed his life needed a complete shake-up to find his voice and style again. He felt he could learn a lot more by looking at this unexplored territory, and would use this to reinvent himself.

Throughout his life, Ignatius has been mostly solitary and self-reflective. As such, he has only had a couple of major personal relationships. He was involved with a fellow student while in New York, but the couple were forced to break up when Ignatius moved to Europe. His longest romance came in Paris when he was engaged to the Federation President's Chief of Staff, which gained him the prestigious inauguration suit arrangement. The relationship cooled around the same time as his store declined in popularity, necessitating his move from Earth. Ignatius has been most single since, apart from a few lovers and dalliances along the way. He would ideally like a life-partner, but his career has always come first.