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Raven Mattel

Name Raven Mattel

Position Recreation Deck Staff

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species Human
Age Unknown

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Blonde (Currently)
Eye Color Naturally Blue
Physical Description Raven Mattel is a fierce and fabulous performer with long bronzed legs, skinny frame, and full red lips. Her style changes daily - sometimes hourly - and she wears everything from glitz and glam to funky dramatic costumes.


Children She considers herself to be Drag Mother to many performers, but no genetic children.
Mother Simone De Puloom
Brother(s) Bryan De Puloom, mechanic
Sister(s) Tricia De Puloom, singer
Other Family Raven considers her extended friends and co-performers to be her family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Raven is known from Vegas to Risa for her outrageous shows, sharp comedy rapport, and futuristic fashion style. She is a strong-willed, artistic, creative, and adventurous spirit. She is also deeply ambitious and is always looking for the latest entertainment buzz to gain notoriety for herself. She is known for doing edgy shows and designing her own fashion lines with outrageous clothing and styles. She loves to perform in front of a crowd, and she especially loves anything retro and kitsch.
Ambitions To become universally famous. As in, the whole universe.
Hobbies & Interests Performing, designing, dance, movies, make up, fame, fashion.

Personal History Born Robert De Puloom outside of Vegas, USA, the child who would become Raven Mattel, enjoyed a simple life. His mother was a Principle at the local High School, brother a mechanic who worked on shuttles for the Federation, and sister was always singing a tune. Rob and Tricia were always together, singing along to songs, putting on shows, dressing each other in ridiculous costumes. While Tricia was more classical and enjoyed the Operas and Broadway musicals, Rob enjoyed the electro-rock music, and musical theatre.

It was obvious to everyone that Rob was going to be a performer. At a High School Talent Show, he debuted his act as "Raven De Vine", singing along to the 2360's hit song, "Raspberry Cheesecake" in full drag. Raven stunned the audience with her wild cartwheels and imitation cocktail drinking. His mother, though not wanting to squash her child's talents, was forced to reprimand Rob for the rather adult performance. Rob knew then and there he was far too talented for this small little town in Nowhere, Nevada.

As soon as he had the resources and connections, Rob moved to Vegas and began working bar at the Diamonds Queens on Fairmont Street. Here Rob learnt all about sewing, costume design, and make-up skills, able to transform from basic Rob to his new invention, "Raven Mattel". The new persona aimed to shock and once on stage in a solo set, she nearly caused a riot by using real Starfleet phasers to light cigarettes from her nether-regions. The stunt caused the Diamond Queens to be evacuated and almost closed down, and the Manager sent Raven packing.

Deciding that she was too big for Vegas, Raven took a transport out to Risa, where she felt like she could firmly spread her wings. Raven became a choreographer for the local drag club, Tuck And Roll, and also worked as a promoter for the venue. She would walk the boulevards of the Risa night clubs, performing and entertaining the crowds in order to get them to their club. Her antics worked, and attendance at the venue increased significantly. She also started putting on Comedy Shows every Thursday nights, and her own performance which basically consisted of her selecting members of the audience and reading them, became one of the biggest draws for the club.

Raven gained in notoriety on Risa and she began doing guest spots on local TV during award ceremonies and events, where she became known for her unpredictable vocabulary and acidic tongue. Raven believed she could parlay this exposure into her own show, hoping it would be carried by the Federation Broadcast Network, and potentially further fame. However, when video footage of one of her comedy shows, where Raven appeared to mock the appearance of Vulcans, Ferengi, and the Bajorans, the backlash against her style of humour was intense. Some even called her racist, a claim that hurt Raven's feelings especially, as she claimed she was merely trying to bring light into the world.

Shunned from TV, Raven returned to her club promotions but her name was becoming synonymous for controversy and the crowd numbers began to dwindle. Deciding it would be a good idea to lay-low for a while and rebuild her brand, she took up an offer to work on a Federation vessel, the USS Pandora. It was here she hoped to find a way to reclaim her reputation or - at the very least- become famous again.