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Lieutenant Commander Mindo

Name Mindo

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Eloi-Fesarian
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 3' 6"
Weight 68 lbs.
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description At 3'6” Mindo is used to being the shortest officer in the room. He looks very much his own age, but snack sized. Though stereotypes cast on the Feserians (through the great Balok) as being bald and creepy, Mindo is from a different continent than Balok, a more northern part of the planet Feseria, “Eloi,” where hair is more common. It should also be noted that Eloi-Feserians do have the pointed ears seen on the other inhabitants on that planet, and also that Eloi-Feserians are almost a foot taller than their neighbors. Like most of his race, Mindo is very androgynous. His young appearance will continue to be present until the day he dies. It is hard to tell a Feserian's age.


Spouse none
Children none
Father deceased
Mother deceased
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mindo was once described by a commanding officer as, "the person who invented the word 'smart-ass,' and then went on to define it." Mindo is eccentric, sometimes a bit impulsive. He is also an out-of-the-box thinker, making him a good choice for any crew. His sense of humor is second to none, and his demeanor is almost always bright, and he takes great pride in his work.

Like most Fesarians, Mindo is a heavy drinker. This is because Fesarians hormones are tempered by alcohol, making them able to concentrate and work. Alcohol has no intoxicating effect on Mindo or any other Fesarian, a well-known fact of the race.

Fesarians are heavy breeders of their own kind, but their physiology prevents them from having children with other races. Fesarians become fertile around their twentieth year. As Mindo left at age eighteen, he does not have any children to leave behind. This doesn't bother Mindo in the slightest. While Mindo is the size of a child, he is not himself childlike. He may occasionally seem immature, but he is still very young for his race and has a lot of youth still in him.

Mindo has had several casual relationships during his time in Starfleet, however only one of them was serious. He once fell in love with his superior on the Tornado, a changeling named Caradan Eunidas. While Mindo's orientation is flexible to all races and genders, his interest in Caradan was partly due to the fact that Caradan technically had no gender. Caradan identified as a human woman, but while her exterior was that of a striking young lady, her real form was a giant glob of gloop. Mindo taught her things about passion and love, while at the same time discovering his own identity in such areas. When he was abruptly assigned to the Pandora, he left without getting a chance to say goodbye. Her memory and love has stayed with him. He one day hopes to be reunited with her. In many ways, he felt, they were much alike.

Mindo has been in several fights, most of them with jealous lovers. He thinks of himself as "a good defensive fighter." What that really means is, he has a high pain tolerance and can take a few punches to the jaw or, if his opponent is strong enough, thrown through a wall.

He's a talented, hard worker and very skilled engineer. When he finally arrived on Earth and enlisted in Starfleet, he entered the Academy with no idea what area he would pursue. It was after acing an introductory engineering course that he realized his interest in spacecraft technology. He earned a science degree in Warp Theory, and has been an enthusiastic Starfleet engineer ever since. His time spent at the Academy was filled with scandal, and he was nearly discharged. But his dedication was clear, and in the end only a few of his professors were surprised that he finished at the top of his major and near the top of his graduating class. Within weeks of graduating, he received his first starship assignment. His career thus far has been a wild ride, and doesn't appear to have any end in sight.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is a dedicated officer and hard worker. A skilled, smart Engineer. While his work professionally is sound, his personal life tends to be rather scandalous, in more ways than one.
Ambitions Mindo has no specific ambitions, but he does strive for new challenges and experiences. He also has no ambitions for a command of his own. He's perfectly happy with his reign of the warp core.
Hobbies & Interests Mindo is a people person, and likes to be where the action is. He also likes old cinema, and sometimes is known to show them in his quarters. He also doesn't quite have a grasp of the concept of monogamy, and his exploits are legend among his peers. Race, color, gender... everyone's beautiful in his eyes. As a Fesarian, his biology is dependent on alcohol, which has an inverse effect on his libido. As a result, Fesarians can't get drunk. Mindo has found alcohol to be a deterrent to a certain anxiety found in Fesarians. He's often been criticized for drinking on the job, but in his recent years has eased back on this habit, as he has come to gain (some) control over his urges.

Personal History Mindo grew up on Fesaria in the northern continent of Eloi. He has some fond memories of the place, but didn't like it enough to stay. It is hinted sometimes that he was not well-liked, which is very odd for Eloi-Fesarians. Mindo's parents died when he was six years old, sending him and his father's land to a legal guardian. According to Mindo, the guardian was neglectful and a gambler. This was bad for Mindo's popularity in school.

His true life began while at the Academy. At first heavily disliked by professors, Mindo managed to dodge being kicked out of the Academy after several incidents involving "disruptive personal relations" with some of his peers, as well as other accidents and goofs.

Mindo is not the most well-behaved being in Starfleet. In fact, he's almost the worst. Many incidents have been documented about Mindo's "unruly" and "inappropriate" conduct at the Academy and on board various ships.

On his fourth assignment in Starfleet, on the USS Rhys, he was entangled in a complicated plot involving a corrupt captain, a lying diplomat, stolen currency, and a mysterious death that led to his demotion from Chief Engineer to Assistant Chief Engineer as well as a transfer to the USS Tornado, where he was later commended for his service and promoted once again.
Service Record USS Tigerclaw - Engineering officer (10 months)

USS Paladin - Assistant Chief Engineer (7 months)

USS Taggert - Assistant Chief Engineer (one year, one month)

USS Rhys - Chief Engineer (one year, eight months)

USS Tornado - Chief Engineer (about eight months)*

USS Pandora - Chief Engineer (present status)*

*actual sims on which character has been played