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Cailus Griffin

Name Cailus Griffin

Position Passenger

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37 (125)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 80kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Pale blue
Physical Description Broad-shouldered and physically fit, but otherwise unimpressive. Cailus has dark hair with an accompanying beard, and always makes an effort to look like a proper officer.

UPDATE: Due to a curious incident involving a razor, cookies and a very stealthy toddler, Cailus has shaved his beard.

Cailus is an amputee, having lost his right hand from the wrist down in the line of duty, and was issued a prosthetic hand in 2291. During an incident on Salvaxe in 2388, this hand became damaged, resulting in Cailus being given a new state-of-the-art prosthetic hand. Unlike his previous hand, Cailus' new prosthetic offers the full range of sensations to mimic real flesh and blood. These sensory sensations (including pain) can be deactivated at will with concentration. Moreover, the prosthetic is rated for crisis situations and as such is much heavier than a normal prosthetic or human hand, as well as far more durable. It has far superior grip strength to a human hand with comparable dexterity.

Furthermore, Cailus has a long, curved scar across his stomach as a result of a severe past injury, although he takes care to conceal the scar from any except those closest to him. Moreover, during the fighting involved in rescuing Eva, Cailus suffered yet more injuries to his left shoulder and right knee. Due to the unique lingering effects of his long cryostasis, current conventional treatments are insufficient to completely heal these wounds, resulting in stiffness and occasional aches. These injuries will likely trouble Cailus for the rest of his life.


Spouse Harriet Suzuki (deceased: 2367)
Kalin ‘Shae’ Brennan-Griffin
Children Victoire Griffin (born: 2292, deceased: 2367)
Aoife Brennan (adopted: 2389, deceased: 2390)
Eva Brennan (adopted: 2390)
Eoin Griffin (born: 2390)
Father Alistair Griffin (deceased: 2349)
Mother Megan Griffin (deceased: 2345)
Other Family While Cailus has distant relatives through his first wife, all of his biological family are now deceased.

Harriet Suzuki: Harriet Suzuki, Cailus’ first wife, was an ambitious, driven and capable Federation politician when she first met Cailus. Married for almost their entire adult lives, Harriet went on to bear Cailus’ daughter, Victoire, while she and Cailus both pursued their respective careers. Long after Cailus’ mysterious disappearance in 2300 aboard the USS Churchill, Harriet continued her life, raising their daughter and eventually remarrying in 2313. After coming in a close second in the race for the presidency of the Federation in 2336, Harriet went on to serve as Secretary of the Interior for nine years. In 2367, while enjoying retirement, she and the rest of the residents of New Providence were assimilated by the Borg. Weeks later, both she and her daughter, who was assimilated at the Battle of Wolf 359, were killed when the Borg Cube was destroyed in orbit over Earth in a battle with the USS Enterprise.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cailus, to a certain extent, can be considered dedicated to his profession beyond even the Starfleet norm. Especially since his recovery from hibernation, Cailus has had little else in his life to strive for. The result is a man who possesses a great deal of focus, as well as an overwhelming faith in the Federation and the principles it stands for. As Cailus' own mentor was Vulcan, a great deal of his mentor's mannerisms have been retained; indeed, many colleagues often compare him to Vulcans. While these comparisons tend to be favourable during crisis situations and in the heat of battle, Cailus' emotionless professionalism has nevertheless drawn criticism on occasion. He is neither friendly nor personable, and has never succeeded in portraying himself as a natural leader. He is a grim, sober man, rarely known to smile or laugh.

Cailus' career has been a hard one, forging a bright and eager young officer into a hardened veteran. He possesses an overwhelming instinct to protect, which intersects with an equally overwhelming belief in justice that often causes him to be overly confident in his own moral certitude. To Cailus, black and white are the only options, his principles sacrosant.

Since the Churchill's destruction and his long hibernation, Cailus has been diagnosed with severe Temporal Displacment Disorder. While Cailus is judged to have recovered sufficiently to return to active duty, several counselors have noted that he has yet to fully confront the deaths of his wife, daughter and shipmates.

UPDATE: During his most recent shoreleave, Cailus experienced two significant events. He was told the full story of what happened to his wife and daughter, and in so doing Cailus finally felt the grief that he had been repressing since his rescue from cryostasis. While Cailus' anger and frustration had been building to potentially dangerous levels, the catharsis of finally beginning to grieve has eased his anger. Furthermore, Cailus engaged in a romantic relationship with a colleague, Kalin Brennan. This relationship, based on mutual support between two broken individuals, had begun to encourage healing in both.

Moreover, Cailus' relationship with Shae has begun to warm his previously frigid personality. Her friendly and compassionate nature serves as a counterpoint to his sternness, even causing Cailus to occasionally joke and smile in her presence. Along with Shae's daughter, Aoife, the three of them are swiftly becoming a family despite Shae and Cailus having been together for only a couple of months.

The death of Aoife, rescue of Eva and unexpected birth of Eva, as well as the bloodsoaked fighting involved in rescuing Eva, have had a serious effect on Cailus that will likely persist for a long time to come.
Ambitions Unlike many officers, Cailus has no intention of ever commanding a starship, owing to a personal belief that he lacks the fundamental instincts and ability to do so. While Cailus had hopes of earning a core system assignment before the Churchill's destruction to be with his family, he has since abandoned all ambition since returning to Starfleet, instead content with his current position on the USS Pandora.
Hobbies & Interests Cailus has a distinct fascination with Japanese martial arts, as well as Japanese literary movements of the early 23rd century. He also has a considerable fondness for various sports as well as some older literature, typically from the late 21st and early 22nd centuries. He was also a collector of seafaring ship models before the Churchill's destruction, but has since discontinued this practice after being recovered.

Personal History Cailus life is one marked with pain and joy in equal measure. Born in 2264 on Mars, his life was originally quite ordinary. At a young age he moved to Paris, joining the ranks of the local law enforcement institution, Le Corps de la Paix. Superb ongoing performance earned him an assignment as a guard at the Palais de la Concorde, protecting the central government of the Federation, where he eventually met his future wife, the political attache to the Martian Councillor. At her urging, he then enlisted in Starfleet. For his time, Cailus was a typical officer; capable and experienced, with more battle experience than most, but not on the command track. Cailus lost his right hand in the line of duty early in his career, as well as surviving the brutal events on Menelax in 2297. A few more years of service likely would have seen him assigned as Chief of Security on a front-line starbase or at Earth itself, where he could enjoy life with his wife and daughter.

Instead, fate intervened. In the year 2300, while exploring a relatively unknown part of space in the Beta Quadrant, Cailus' ship, the USS Churchill, was attacked. Off-duty at the time, Cailus was halfway to the bridge when the order was given to abandon ship. He and two other crewmen made it to an escape pod, and as the pod launched, watched as the the Churchill was pummelled by a far larger alien ship until finally the Churchill was ruthlessly destroyed. For unfathomable reasons the alien ship then began destroying the escape pods and shuttles that had evacuated the Starfleet vessel. Pure chance saved Cailus' escape pod...but tragically, it was the only escape pod to avoid the alien's wrath.

With no warp drive and stuck in a star system with no inhabitable planets, or indeed any terrestrial planets at all, the three survivors were forced to utilise emergency cryostasis technology to survive. It was in this form that they survived for eighty seven years before being discovered by a Romulan science ship on a routine exploration mission. After a few weeks, the three crewmen were returned to the Federation eighty eight years after they had left.

Upon his return and after four months of counseling and self-reflection, Starfleet offered Cailus a choice: return to the Academy for a year to catch up and return at his old rank, or accept a demotion and immediate assignment to an active-duty station. Having been forced to accept the loss of his family and his displacement in time, Cailus requested the latter.

Newly demoted to the rank of Ensign, and now utterly alone in a new time, Cailus requested an assignment on the USS Tornado at the Klingon border as he struggled to force past his grief, never truly addressing it. He threw himself into his duty with renewed vigour, from battles with the Klingons to hunting rogue Starfleet officers, determined not to think about his losses. Ultimately it was one of those rogue Starfleet officers who began to draw him out of his shell: Kalin "Shae" Brennan. Despite arresting her for awful crimes when they first met, the truth of Shae's circumstances succeeded in drawing Cailus out of his self-absorbed coldness, reaching out to the woman to help her reassimilate with a distrustful crew. As the weeks passed and the stress of the Tornado's missions and battles accumulated, their friendship blossomed as both of them began to recover from their pain.

When Shae and Cailus spent their shoreleave together on Earth and Mars, their lives changed once more. Romance sparked to the surprise of both, and moreover, they chose to move away from war and bloodshed to a new, exciting life on the USS Pandora, exploring the Inconnu Expanse far from the Federation's borders. Quite unexpectedly, along with Shae and her daughter, Aoife, Cailus found himself blessed with a second life. As the Pandora explored the Expanse, Cailus and Shae grew closer, eventually marrying in 2390, with Cailus adopting Aoife at the same time. Enjoying their new life, Cailus and Shae even began discussing plans to conceive a child together, despite the radical differences between human, Chameloid and El-Aurian physiology.

Unfortunately, that happy period would not last. Without warning, as Cailus and Shae were away on a mission, Aoife suffered a catastrophic brain aneurysm, dying just a few hours later. Her death would devastate her parents. Worse, Cailus and Shae soon learned from the autopsy that Aoife was, in fact, not the child that Shae had given birth to all those years ago. Aoife was a clone of the original child, created to placate Shae, and indeed it was due to errors in the flash cloning process that ensured Aoife would eventually pass away. Driven by rage and grief at the loss of their daughter, Cailus and Shae set out to find the original Aoife, eventually locating her on a hidden world.

The fighting to rescue the original Aoife was savage. Dozens of Section 31 agents would fall to Cailus and Shae's merciless onslaught, a brutal bloodbath which would result in Cailus being severely injured. Nevertheless, Cailus and Shae successfully rescued the child, eventually renaming her Eva, to differentiate her from her dead clone, who they regarded as Eva's sister. Yet more drama would ensue soon afterwards as Eoin, Cailus and Shae's son, was unexpectedly born, Shae having had no idea that she was pregnant. With their new children, Cailus and Shae could look forward to a new life...but nevertheless the ghost of Aoife, and the consequences of their bloodsoaked mission to rescue Eva, would haunt them for some time.
Service Record 2264: Born in Watney on Mars.

2281: Enlists in the Peace Officer Academy in Paris.

2282: Begins active service as a Peace Officer in Paris.

2284: Superb test scores and ongoing service earns Cailus an assignment as a guard at the Palais de la Concorde, protecting the government of the Federation.

2286: Marries Harriet Suzuki, political attache to the Martian Councillor. Enlists in Starfleet Academy.

2290: Graduates as a security officer. Assigned to USS Churchill.

2291: Loses right hand in line of duty, awarded Purple Heart.

2292: Cailus' daughter, Victoire Griffin, is born.

2293: Promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.) and re-assigned to USS Independence.

2295: Promoted to Lieutenant. Qualified from the Joint Training Initiative. Re-assigned to USS Churchill as Chief of Security.

2297: Fights in the Menelax War against rogue Tholian forces. Promoted to Chief Tactical Officer in addition to Chief of Security.

2300: USS Churchill disappears in deep space.

2303: Starfleet officially declares USS Churchill and all her crew Missing In Action.

2306: Starfleet officially declares USS Churchill and all her crew lost in space with no expectation of recovery.

2367: First Borg Invasion: Cailus' wife, Harriet Suzuki, and his daughter, Captain Victoire Griffin, are assimilated by the Borg. They are both believed to perish during the destruction of the Borg Cube in battle with the USS Enterprise, in orbit of Earth.

2387: Lieutenant Cailus Griffin, Ensign Svarek and Ensign T'Zen are discovered in an escape pod by Romulan science ship Aidoann and returned to the Federation. All other USS Churchill crew confirmed dead.

2388: Re-certified for active service with a voluntary demotion to the rank of Ensign. Assigned to USS Tornado as Deputy Chief of Security. Reassigned to USS Pandora as Chief of Security. Promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.)

2389: Promoted to Lieutenant. Marries Kalin “Shae” Brennan. Adopts Aoife Brennan as his daughter. Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

2390: Aoife Brennan dies. Adopts Eva Brennan as his daughter. Eoin Griffin, Cailus and Shae's son, is born. Following court martial, Cailus is issued a mandatory honourable discharge from Starfleet.