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Ensign John Logann

Name John Logann

Position Security Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 174 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description While being physically fit, John Logann likes to indulge in junk food. His body is seamless, with the excepetion of a scar on his shoulder. When he is probed about the cause of it, he withdraws, and refuses to speak about it. He has even physically lashed out on one recorded occasion.


Father Lucas Logann
Mother Jolene Logann

Personality & Traits

General Overview John Logann is generally in good spirits, however he has been known to have very dark moods. When questioned about the incidents aboard the USS Magellan (see history) he withdraws and clams up. John Logann lashed out physically on one occasion after a psychologist continually kept questioning him about it.
Ambitions Every since losing his last post as Chief of Security, John Logann is out to prove himself again.
Hobbies & Interests John Logann is into self-defense and weapons of all sorts.

Personal History John Lognan was born on the Mars colony Hyperion to Lucas and Jolene Logann. When John was 3, Lucas accepted a position o the USS Magellan, a deep space assignment. By the time he was 8, he had learned most of the ships functions, both interior and exterior. In his off time, he was either in his quarters reading the latest upgrade and ships manuals or when allowed by the ships command staff, in Engineering with his father talking to the engineering staff. Growing on a small starship, he had a lot of energy. His father turned his interests towards self-defense and fighting. Utilizing his friendships with several of the security officers, he quickly grew into an efficient fighter. Building on the base knowledge he had acquired, he studied several forms of martial arts, both from Earth (to include Tae Kwon Do, Jiujitsu, and Karate) and several off-Earth forms (to include Klingon Mak’bara and Angosian Ryadam). He could often be found in the cargo bay, training with various weapons. His favorite weapons include the Bat’leth, an ancient Odachi sword, and several obscure blades from various plantes. When he was 15, while the Magellan was visiting an outlaying Klingon colony, his father convinced him to enter a local Bat’leth competition. He ended up taking second place, and received two broken ribs for his trouble. 2 years later, while in a previously unexplored section of space, a still unidentified ship opened fire on the USS Magellan and quickly overpowered them. The ship began to send over boarding parties to the USS Magellan. Loganns father had been on his way to the bridge when the Magellan was attacked. Logann began making his way from Engineering to the bridge, when he encountered one of the boarding parties in the deckways. Able to get the drop on them, and using a boot knife he had, he was able to kill the two unidentified aliens, and ‘procure’ a pulse rifle. He made his way to bridge unimpeded, but when the doors open, Logann was met with a grisly scene. His father and the Captain of the Magellan lay dead with pulse burns on their chests. The rest of the bridge crew were being lined up and put into anti-grav shackles at the front of the bridge. Logann threw his boot knife at the nearest intruder, killing him, and shot another of the intruders. The remaining guard spun and tried to shoot him, but thanks to a warning from one of the crew members, the shot glanced off, and Logann was able to shoot and kill the remaining intruder. After freeing the remainder of the bridge crew, they were able to drive the species off of the ship and limp back to Federation space. The species took all of their fallen and equipment with them when they beamed off of the ship. Logann helped the engineering crew get the ship back into a good enough condition to get them to the nearest starbase. It was at this point in his life that John Logann knew he would be entering Starfleet. Not as an engineer, which he possessed a high aptitude for, but in Security. After taking some off-world hand to hand training, John Logann entered Starfleet at the age of 21.
Service Record John Logann entered the academy and quickly rose as a natural leader of the class. He majored in Security and Starship Defense, and minored in another, very exhausting course, Engineering. Although a simple class for him, he quickly realized that there were many aspects of engineering that he was not taught on the Magellan. Even with taking two courses that had very heavy workloads, he quickly went to the top of his class. His academy career was mostly unremarkable, with the exception of his senior year. His mother, who was working on the Mars colony, was involved in a transporter accident. Due to the accident happening late in his final year, he fell from the number one spot in the class to number three. Many of his instructors felt that he was dealt an injustice in this respect, but they also noted that John Logann never complained about it. After graduation the academy, he was assigned to the USS Pathfinder, an Intrepid-class starship. He was involved in an away mission that several crew members were killed, and the detail of the mission were classified. Due to quick thinking and action, more life was not lost, and after the mission he was promoted to Lt. and the acting Chief of Security. After holding this position for just over a year, he was granted the position permanently along with a promotion to Lt., and held it for 7 years. During a security mission however, an important VIP was severely injured, and John Logann was removed from his post as Chief of Security from the USS Pathfinder. He also received a demotion to Ensign. This mission, just like his first mission that seemed to be a brilliant start to bright career, was classified to all but the highest ranking personnel.