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Lieutenant Bethany Robinson

Name Bethany Ann Robinson

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3''
Weight '52 kg
Hair Color Sunny Gold
Eye Color Royal Blue
Physical Description Bethany has fine golden hair, which she keeps quite long, and often in a thick single braid. She has an oval face with a large forehead, kewpie-doll eyes and a dimpled smile.

She is petite, and deceptively frail looking, but a closer examination will show she's got an athletic build, from a constant daily workout regime.

Her face, size and overall demeanor presents a youthful visage that belies her true age, which is far more than she appears to be.


Father Cmdr. William Robinson
Mother Rowyna Robinson (nee Lyan)
Brother(s) PO1 Andrew Robinson
Bart Robinson
Gregory Robinson
Dennis Robinson
Sister(s) Olivia Mathers
Other Family Cousin: En. Sarah MacKenzie

Personality & Traits

General Overview Manic and obsessive compulsive might have been words invented to describe Bethany Robinson. From her earliest days, the girl demonstrated her frenetic energy and passions for starships. She enjoys talking about ships and what makes them work, as much as she enjoys building complex or unorthodox machines in her free time.

She loves building in just about every way, including relationships and connections. Her mind was such that she saw the intricate layers and details in every little thing, from the simplest grain of sand to the delicate inner workings of a warp core, her nature is built upon natural curiosity, wonder and a thirst for knowledge, discovery. This has served her well in her position as an engineer aboard starships.

After the incident that involved her being a prisoner of Orion pirates for nearly a month, which saw her returning with blue eyes and a fully shielded mind, she still maintained a great deal of her original personality, but now it was more of an act, or a shield of its own, to hide the trauma, or to deny the truth of what happened.

She remains a sweet, energetic, and thoughtful person, if marred by hidden pain in her eyes, but she tries her best not to involve others in what she considers to be unnecessary negativity, and keeps on a happy facade, using a "fake it till you make it" attitude. In this, she tried to be selfless and considerate to the sufferings of others, applying herself twice as hard to her work.

Hardworking, competitive and robust, she was actually psiophobic after her trauma, and abhorred reading minds, be it intentionally or accidentally, and actively shielded her mind to keep from reading or being read, and she feared her own kind above all.
Ambitions Bethany wants to find a way to safely break the maximum warp barrier. She also wants to find a way to protect subspace from being damaged by ships going faster than warp five. Lastly, she hopes to find a new resource besides dilithium, that can provide a stable source for starships. Her dream goal would be to invent her own class of starship, and command it.
Hobbies & Interests Bethany loves compiling theories and coming up with her own, then comparing it or cross-referencing them with famous theorists to see how closely she came to the mark. She enjoys reading a number of things, from technical journals, fiction holonovels, classic comics, to real life lore of multiple cultures, primarily human, which is diverse and rich. Her taste in music includes an equally broad range, from 21st century classical ambient music, to satirical and modern. She loves dancing, but isn't the greatest at it, still, she's generally enthusiastic.

Her heroes are Charles Tucker and Montgomery Scott, and she has a large collection of their autobiographies and public logs. They inspired her to become an engineer in Starfleet.

She also enjoys practicing with firearms. More so since her traumatic experiences at the hands of Orion pirates. She didn't want to be so helpless or powerless ever again. And she advocates officers being armed at all times for self-defense. She also has an interest in researching portable personal shield technology.

Personal History Bethany was adopted by the human, William Robinson, and his Betazoid wife, Rowyna, when her biological parents, who were close friends of the Robinsons, perished in a starship accident. The cause had been attributed to mechanical failure and damage sustained from battle. Her mother died during birth. Deciding to move back to Earth, they gave her a human name, per the unorthodox request by her dying biological mother.

William and Rowyna raised Bethany as one of their own, though they had five older children, all half-Betazoid, but Rowyna taught the young Bethany how to use her telepathy. The girl had a typical childhood and favoured human culture more than her own, due to the influence of her father, siblings and peers. She never regarded herself as a Betazoid, and jokingly claimed she was a telepathic human. She got along with her siblings despite the telepathic advantage she had over them as a full Betazoid, but she never lorded it over them, and even subconsciously suppressed herself to be on equal ground with them.

Even at a young age, Bethany revealed a keen intellect and a technical mind that worked through an oddball manner that some saw as madness, or pure chaos, but she developed unorthodox solutions to conventional problems, often seeking answers or asking questions few would think to seek or ask. She was diagnosed with a mild case of attention deficit hyperactive disorder and obsessive compulsion, but she was noted for her ability to see beyond the obvious of anything. Where one saw a lamp, Bethany saw the power source, the materials that went into its making, the total energy output, and how to take it apart, tweak it and put it back together, with double or triple the original efficiency and functionality. She was a borderline genius or the next mad inventor.

When she learnt of her biological parents' fate and the cause, it sparked a growing interest in starships, primarily the propulsion systems, which she believed if it had a more innovative shielding or emergency system, might have altered the events that transpired during her birth.

She was thirteen when the Dominion Wars began, and her father was away most of the time. Rowyna, the children and Bethany could only hope and pray for his and the oldest son Andrew's safe return. Two years later, when the war officially ended, both William and Andrew returned as changed men, from the things they had seen, or done. Despite their urging against it, Bethany enlisted early, just two years after the war, and joined the Starfleet Engineering Corps. This put a brief strain on her relation ship with her father and oldest brother, but they quickly reconciled and did their best to be supportive of her choice. Most of her siblings took on professions or jobs away from Starfleet.

Only a few short years later, she began serving on board starships and starbases, her focus on Engineering and innovative development earning her merit and early promotions or lucrative assignments, she even had the chance to work in Utopia Planitia alongside shipwrights and engineers. Content in the security of a post-war Federation, Bethany underestimated the capacity of the criminally inclined and during a rare maintenance mission close to the borders of Federation space, working on a subspace buoy from a shuttle alone, she was attacked and abducted by Orion pirates.

She was reported missing after two days, and could not be found for several months. During this time, the young woman had been subjected to unimaginable horrors and trauma, most of which she had suppressed to protect herself. The severe strain and possible genetic manipulation resulted in her eyes turning blue, instead of the traditional black, and she had somehow managed to escape her captors and returned to Federation space and her family. To her mother's dismay, she had closed her mind off completely, and shielded herself so ferociously, no one could find out what had happened.

A medical examination posited that her telepathy had actually been enhanced, and the deluge of thoughts caused her to shut down. Bethany was now deathly afraid of using her telepathy, and wary of other telepaths like Betazoids, Deltans and even Vulcans. This resulted in her distancing herself from most of her family, except for her father, but even so, she was no longer the same, and she soon returned to Starfleet, seeking refuge in her work on warp cores. Her work continued to impress, and she was eventually given a posting as the assistant chief engineer aboard the exploration and research vessel, USS Pandora.

Having studied the propulsion systems of the Luna-class starships extensively, and having had the opportunity to observe the production of similar starships during her time on Utopia Planitia, Bethany was quite knowledgeable on the ship, and she looked forward to uncovering new possibilities and innovations beyond known space. Now she only wished they would allow her to carry a firearm on her person at all times.
Service Record 2377 to 2381 - Starfleet Academy
2381 - USS Sterling, Cadet 1st Class
2382 - USS Sterling, Ensign
2384 - Earth Space Dock, Ensign
2385 - Utopia Planitia, Lieutenant JG
2387 - USS Wickersham, Lieutenant JG
2388 - Utopia Planitia, Lieutenant JG
2389 - USS Pandora, Lieutenant