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Name Katya

Position Station Chief

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Anh'Iran
Age Unknown

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Orange
Physical Description Tall and voluptuous, Katya strikes an impressive figure and turns heads wherever she goes. As an Anh'iran her skin is ebony black with noticeable ridges across her arms, chest, and face. However, as is customary for Anh'iran females, her skin is also tattooed with a bright neon paint in a tribal pattern across her ridges, which gives her a fantastic iridescence colour that can be seen in light or darkness. Her hair colour changes frequently, however lately she has been sporting a bright orange mane that towers above her already tall frame and gives her an extra foot of height.


Father P'Nau
Mother Bogo-An
Sister(s) Many unknown
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Katya is a strong a dominating business woman, who controls Paradise station with a firm but fair hand. She has overcome tremendous obstacles, both from her homeworld and residence within the Inconnu Expanse, to become a titan of trade and enterprise. She can be both effortlessly charming, inquisitive, and welcoming - while at the same time ruthless in her protection of her business.
Ambitions To become a leader within the Expanse and secure her business empire.
Hobbies & Interests Dance, business, trade, archery.

Personal History There are only a few key facts known about the Anh'iran people. Their home world is located in a dark corner of the Inconnu Expanse, some significant distance away from the nearest star. The biology of the planet therefore survives with very little sunlight, and it can be said to be in a state of constant night. However, the planet appears to have an active magma core, as evidence by multiple volcanoes and hot springs across the surface, which give off a red glow.

The Anh'iran society is deeply patriarchal. Men are the leaders, warriors, and thinkers. Females are subjected to house hold duties, child rearing, or entertainment. Given the uniqueness of the Anh'iran's dark black skin, there exists a prosperous trade of females to other worlds as curiosities and exotic companions. As such, every female Anh'iran's skin is tattooed at the age of 13 with a bright neon paint, which is permanent, across the ridges of their arms, chest, and face. While it is said that this is to pay homage to the sacred "fire spirits" (volcanic activity) which warm the planet, it is often used as a sign the female is ready for "womanhood" and all such "duties" required.

Katya was always different to her family and friends. She often rebelled during her education, spoke back to her male instructors, and was often seen dancing around the edges of a local geyser. It was said that she had a little too much of the fire spirit within her. Katya often said she didn't want to be a partner or entertainer and on the day of her passage into woman hood, when she was supposed to be tattooed, she ran away from home. However, she was soon caught by her father, sedated, and returned back to her home. When she awoke, her face and arms ached with a searing pain - she had been forcibly tattooed with large amounts of the neon paint with incredibly bright colours. She was not to become a housewife, she would be sold.

She spent the next five years being actioned and sold to the highest bidder. Sometimes she was put on display at a museum, sometimes she was a "good luck charm" for an older Ferengi gentleman, Liquidator Grador, who subsequently lost all of his money gambling. After this she was cruelly sold into slavery and escort services. All the while Katya developed a cold mental distance from the activities she had to perform to survive, and in the back of her mind she was plotting her escape. Liberation came when she was 23, as she worked in a dive bar on the Ferengi border. Here she discovered Liquidator Grador again, who had "borrowed" large amounts of latnum in order to win back his fortunes. Katya placed on a disguise and tempted Grador into a room with the intent of robbing him while he slept. However, in a fit of passion, Grador ripped off her clothing and recognised her markings. He attempted to flee so Katya was forced to kill the Ferengi and made off with his money.

Not much is known about Katya's whereabouts over the next decade. She laid low for a long period of time, selling off the stolen latnum wherever she could and whenever it was safe to do so. She had to hide from the Ferengi forces looking for the stolen gold. Eventually she emerged in the Inconnu Expanse, working at a dive bar on some lawless station. Here she set her sights on becoming a business owner with a secured future and began to work her way up the totem pole towards self-reliance. She used the rest of the money to buy the bar and showcased herself as a starring talent. Soon the bar was raking in money and she used this to upgrade security and facilities, quickly turning it into a weapon-free zone and the only safe location to drink on the station.

From here her businesses grew; she began taking over a nearby store, then restaurant. Every time she acquired a business she would upgrade security and make it weapons free. Soon an entire region of the station was under her control and a safe zone. Eventually other merchants - sick of being robbed, attacked, and murdered - begged Katya to help them with their businesses. She formed an Trader's Union and pooled funds to create better security for everybody. It was tested, of course, there was always some pirate or Breen looking to storm the place. Katya developed a no-tolerance attitude towards anyone who laid a hand on a business owner or tried to take what wasn't theirs; and soon even the pirates and the Breen began to fear her wrath.

Overtime she acquired more respect and standing on the station to eventually become it's Chief Operator. She set to work establishing an exclusion zone around the station, weapons check points, surveillance equipment, and electronic funds systems to make the station safe and peaceful. Visitors, who had only known the wild lawlessness of the Expanse, began to refer to the station as a paradise - and soon, that became the official name. Paradise Outpost grew in prosperity, safety, and reputation. It was one of the few truly neutral areas of the region, and a place where everyone knew they could go to for supplies and trade without being ruthlessly shot.

Katya has continued her rule ever since, and while her Business Council manages the day-to-day affairs of station operations, and her Security Council maintains law and order, she is now free to work as an ambassador, tour-guide, and overall manager of the station. She has the freedom, self-sufficiency, and safety that she had always craved.