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Name Qaraq (Deceased)

Position Paradise Resident

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Broot
Age 64

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 8"
Weight 214 lbs
Hair Color no hair, but purple skin
Eye Color gold
Physical Description A very tall, wide man with scaly, dark violet skin. He is very intimidating, with a square jaw and horns on the top of his head and under his chin.


Spouse married three times, divorced three times, currently single
Children twelve altogether. four boys and eight girls. three girls from his first wife, three boys and three girls from a second wife, one girl and two boys from his third wife with whom he also has an adopted daughter.
Father Gorolch (deceased)
Mother Mavendelk (deceased)
Brother(s) two younger brothers
Sister(s) one younger sister
Other Family eighteen cousins, seven uncles, four aunts, seven nephews, three nieces. grandparents are deceased.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Qaraq is best described as a "jolly bartender" and "keeper of secrets."
Hobbies & Interests Qaraq enjoys music and theater of every kind, and plays several instruments as well. He's been known to participate in activities involving singing, as his baritone voice carries a tune like no other.

Personal History A child of the stars, Qaraq received a high education on his home planet Dremadia, a very rich colony of the Broot Alliance. After getting a degree in science, he served in the Groot Paladial Navy until age thirty, when his parents passed in a horrible accident leaving him and his siblings with a substantial fortune that sustains his family to this day. Married three times with eleven biological children and one adopted orphan. Qaraq is a very loving father and is very close to all of his children, much to the delight of his three ex-wives, who would describe being married to him as "difficult." This is the most you'll hear from them on the subject as the topic is kept very private. Upon leaving the Navy, Qaraq opened a business in the Delavi system, where he tends bar. Qaraq's wealth is well-known, and he is a generous person if you are his friend. This can make things difficult for his more shady clients, who have to find another way than monetary to compensate him. He deals in information, mainly, but does not provide any illegal objects or services, but rather the information and connections for people to acquire those services separately. If the Delavi system had a heart, Qaraq would know doubt be the pulse.