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Admiral Audra Milne

Name Audra M Milne

Position Starfleet

Rank Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 1.78m
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Poised and powerful, Audra Milne cuts a sophisticated and commanding presence in any room she occupies. Tall in height and firm in stature, with warm black skin. She is known to hold her face inscrutably still until amused or annoyed; a single raised eyebrow can tell a thousand stories. She often wears her jet back hair smoothed back when in "Admiral" mode, and loose curls when off-duty. Her voice is a lower-octave with a slight raspiness to it. When not in uniform, she prefers comfortable leisure wear. At social occasions, she will wear a chic and simple black dress and heels.


Spouse Christine Milne, m. 2380-Present
Children Selina Milne, b. 2383.
Father Prof. J. Milne
Mother Dr. S. Milne
Brother(s) Captain A. Milne, USS Chicago.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tough, reasonable, determined. Audra has a distinguished careers as a Diplomat and Federation Logistics Specialist. She has reputation for being decisive, smart, and clear-cut. She will gather opinions and listen, but will be laser-focused and direct when it comes to achieving her goals. In her more recent years as she's risen through Starfleet ranks, she has been known as a problem-solver and passionate defender of Starfleet principles and practices.

She has her soft sides of course, reserved for close friends and her tight-knit family. She prefers to seperate work from the personal, though those who know the "real" Audra know she has a sharp wit, loves to sing, and loves nothing more than a relaxed, care-free weekend.
Strengths & Weaknesses Smart, cunning, strong communicator, productive, passionate.
Ambitions To become a Fleet Admiral.
Hobbies & Interests Singing, music, chess.

Personal History Born in Louisiana in 2340 to a Starfleet Doctor and College Professor, Audra had hard-work and close family sewn into her personality from the very beginning. At the time of her birth, her mother was stationed with Starfleet on the moons of Peliar Zel, while her father was teaching at Starfleet Academy. Milne was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, the elder of two children; her young brother, Atlas, now serves in Starfleet in the Beta Quadrant. Her mother, a medical Doctor, went on to publish several medical research studies on the long-term effects of exposure to Peliar Gas, which would later lead to a treatment and vaccination practices.

Milne was given a structured childhood, with playtime strict kept to thirty minute intervals at specially designated times of the day and week. She enjoyed writing and music during her adolescent education. Due to accompanying her mother on some tours of service in Starfleet, she found comfort in meeting new people and new species. This gave her the confidence beyond her years and she spoke several languages before she was 15. She was placed in advanced linguistics classes and Milne relished the opportunities to learn her skills.

She was accepted into Starfleet Academy at 2358 and majored in Linguistics and Diplomacy. She would later intern at the Palais de la Concorde in the Communications department and for a while before graduating, contemplated moving into the Federation side of the diplomacy field. However, she had longed to wear the uniform of her mother and after graduation, took a Crewman position on the USS Mount Franklin in the Comms office. Here she applied her skills and rose through the ranks, eventually becoming Chief Communications Officer.

After a number of tours within Starfleet, where she rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, Milne felt professionally and emotionally burnt out. She took a sabbatical from service in order to return to her original passion of study. She took up a research project from Yale University to examine blended languages within Starfleet, arguing that the Universal Translator required near-daily updates to accomodate the multitude of phrases, new-technologies, and mixed cultures within Starfleet ships. After three years, she submitted her thesis to Yale, who gave her a high distinction for creating an algorithm that allowed the Universal Translator to adapt phonetically to new input phrases based on her research. The thesis was later tested by Starfleet Academy, who certified her work and adopted some of the programming into her systems.

She began to study in the legal field while in civilian tertiary education and graduated with a degree in Federation Law. She looked to specialise in diplomatic laws and internal Federation regulatory legislation, returning to the Palais de la Concorde as a junior associate within the Federation Judiciary Council. After a successful two years in this role, Audra was assigned to the Gamma Quadrant, where she worked as a Federation Legal representative to member and non-member worlds, helping to bridge the gap between the Federation and the Area.

Returning to Starfleet, Audra became the CO for Deep Space 32, on the border of the Federation reach in the Quadrant. Here she became known as the Problem Solver - able to work through local and regional issues, negotiate deals with alien species, and even get the Federation Council to cooperate on aid programs to fledgling colonies and needy worlds. She was eventually promoted to Task Force Executive Officer of the Phoenix TF, and had to step in as Acting Task Force Commanding Officer after the original TFCO was deemed MIA during a ill-fated expedition to find dilithium planets.

After the TFCO was found and rescued, Audra believed she would return to her XO position but instead found herself moved to the Alpha Quadrant's Second Fleet, where she became Assistant Deputy Operations Chief, and later Deputy Operations Chief for the Second Fleet. Here she put her diplomatic knowledge, legal mind, and Starfleet experience to the test to help maintain peace and stability with the Federation's closest neighbours. She was then tasked with finding deficiencies and opportunities within the Second Fleet by heading the Starfleet Operations Improvement program, designed with reviewing and streamlining Starfleet practices.

It was later revealed that due to excessive corruption within the Inconnu Expanse division's leadership and the Second Fleet's leadership, the Expanse division and Fleet CO were arrested and removed from their roles. Audra would go on to take over Second Fleet as Commanding Officer in 2390.
Service Record 2358 - Starfleet Academy (Student)
2362 - USS Mount Franklin (Crewman - Lieutenant Junior Grade)
2367 - USS Gara (Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander)
2375 - Leave Granted
2380 - Graduated Law Degree
2382 - Federation Legal Envoy
2384 - CO of Deep Space 32 (Commander)
2385 - Task Force Executive Officer, Task Force Phoenix (Captain)
2386 - Task Force Acting Commanding Officer, Task Force Phoenix (Commodore)
2387 - Second Fleet, Assistant Deputy Operations Chief (Admiral)
2388 - Second Fleet, Deputy Operations Chief (Admiral)
2389 - Second Fleet, Operations Improvement Program
2390 - Second Fleet, Chief of Operations - Inconnu Expanse