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Lieutenant Hope Ross

Name Hope Ross

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 121 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Hope is a tall and physically fit woman. She works out almost everyday as she believes a physician should be in good physical condition and set an example for their patients. She is a very beautiful young woman with long blonde hair that she usually wears pulled up while on duty and captivating hazel eyes. Doctor Ross always starts the day with a fresh uniform, usually her lab jacket on and her hair either pulled back or in some updo.


Children Cadet 3rd Year Jessica Ross - Starfleet Academy, Earth
Father Captain J. Michael Ross - Commanding Officer - USS Vesta - Starfleet Intelligence Vessel
Mother Captain Shelly Ross, MD - Chief Medical Officer - USS Vesta - Starfleet Intelligence Vessel
Brother(s) Lieutenant Commander James Michael Ross, Jr - Executive Officer - USS Sentinel - Saber Class
Sister(s) Lieutenant (JG) Renee Ross - Biologist/Assistant Chief Science Officer - USS Carrington - Galaxy Class

Personality & Traits

General Overview A well rounded and dedicated Starfleet Medical Officer, Hope has been serving in the fleet since she first stepped out of the Academy. One of the best Medical Officers in Starfleet the Doctor says she owes it all to her training and experience. Hope considered her bedside manner and the life of her patients top priority when on duty. Doctor Ross worries about her family in their duties in Starfleet and her child at Starfleet Academy.
Strengths & Weaknesses Expert trauma surgeon and Emergency Medicine Physician, trained in close quarters combat by her father at a young age, experience as a field medic, dedicated and experienced Starfleet Officer. Doctor Ross seems to have a strong sense of leadership when the time calls for it.

Weak in Engineering and Flight Control matters, it’s one thing to fly a shuttle, but a starship. Also weak in star ship tactics and very over protective of her patients and follow officers.
Ambitions Hope would like to continue working as a Starfleet Medical Officer, perhaps teaching at the Academy one day. She enjoys continuing her education and usually earns far more then what is required by Starfleet in continuing education credits.
Hobbies & Interests Hope is a pretty good cook when she gets the chance and has the ingredients. She enjoys music and can play violin and guitar. She also enjoys working out to stay in shape and continuing her training in martial arts, her new assignment might require her to keep these skills fresh.

Personal History Lieutenant J. Michael Ross a newly assigned Starfleet Intelligence Officer going through special, classified training on Starbase 88 as he would be running a few missions with a special team. Meanwhile on Earth, Ensign Shelly Calhoun, gave birth to the couple's second child. Shelley's mother was the one in the birthing room at the hospital who saw the child's face and without thinking smiled and said “Hope”. That’s what her mother chose and the following day sent a long range communication to her husband, at least she thought she sent it. Starfleet intelligence couldn’t risk anyone finding out where they were training their new operatives and the messages would be delivered once they were granted a leave after their training, just before their first assignment.

Several months later Lieutenant Ross got to spend a few weeks with his family while he worked as an ‘instructor’ at one of the Academy campuses. Not long after Hope and Junior’s little sister was born, this time Lieutenant Ross was lucky enough to be on Earth during the birth and got to name the baby Renee. The children would grow used to only seeing their father once or twice a year after that visit. Doctor Ross had returned to duty and she and the kids were sent to the USS Stargazer, a Galaxy class ship assigned to a diplomatic role. The Captain, a close personal friend of her fathers, chose to place Shelly as Assistant Chief Medical Officer. He thought it would help her get back in the swing of things and ease her in on their current assignments.

A year later and several run-ins with enemy forces, Doctor Ross had been promoted to Lieutenant and Chief Medical Officer. The former CMO of the USS Churchill had been severely injured and transferred to a medical facility for treatment. The children and Shelly would be reunited with their father and husband, at least for a few months. He joined the crew as Chief Intelligence Officer when Churchill was sent on several diplomatic and tactical missions.

Lieutenant Commander J. Michael Ross would have to part with his family once more when he was assigned a classified mission. All he could tell his wife was that it was classified and he would be going into deep space. He also told her that she and the children would be assigned to Starbase 118, which was well inside Federation space and highly protected. Lieutenant Shelly Ross would serve as the Chief Medical Officer, until Command called her away to serve aboard the USS Dragon under the command of her husband and Captain Jessica Sellers.

The children were being taken care of on Earth by Michaels parents. So the two knew their children were being well cared for, but that didn’t keep Shelly from worrying every time they were assigned a mission.

After years of different assignments and time away from their children, the Federation seemed to be at a time of calm. So the Ross family took some time off and sent their oldest to the Academy and started preparing Hope. She already knew she wanted to be a doctor, so she studied hard in her general studies and when it was time for her to join her older brother who was almost finished with the Academy, she worked hard on basics and focused on math and science. The young woman had a few ups and downs with grades when she started liking a guy. He was a pilot and super cute, Hope’s older brother told her to stay away from him. Which of course made her want to hang out with him more.

He ended up cheating on Hope when she wouldn’t ‘give it up’ and her older brother got in trouble when he knocked out his front tooth, but he said it was worth it. Junior went on to graduate and was given his first assignment. He was assigned as a damage control specialist and given the rank of Ensign. Hope was entering Starfleet Medical and loving every second of what she learned, she didn’t let any guy or anything else get in her way and graduated top ten in her class.

A month after graduating, her internship on Earth was cut short. She had already shown great skill in surgery and had a very nice bedside manner. Hope was surprisingly assigned Medical Officer and Lieutenant T’mar, MD took her under his wing. He was Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Drake, a sort of aged constitution class starship. However the crew would see their share of struggles and undergo a refit and upgrade to their ship just months after their first mission. Hope got to spend a little time with her younger sister who had just graduated the academy and was being sent to serve aboard the USS Florida a newly commissioned Nebula Class starship. Hope was proud of Renee, as she was biologist and Science Officer with a bridge duty shift and everything.

Back in action the newly refit USS Drake was reassigned most of the same crew. This time Lieutenant Junior Grade Hope Ross was the Assistant Chief Medical Officer and she couldn’t have been more proud. She felt like she learned something new from Doctor T’mar everyday. He was so brilliant, but was helping Hope rapidly learn to be a better surgeon and after a few years he told her she had learned all she could from him. Which she didn’t understand completely until one day she walked into the sick bay for her duty shift and was surprisingly greeted by Lieutenant Commander T’mar and the Captain of the Drake. The Captain congratulated her and pinned a new pip to her collar, she was now a full Lieutenant and T’mar informed her she was being transferred to the USS Hornet on the recommendation of her father. The Hornet was being sent on a classified mission deep into enemy territory and using experimental upgraded cloaking technology as well as holographic emitters on the hull and technology to change or confuse some standard sensor technology.

Doctor Ross and the crew of the Hornet would face many challenges together. Hope would fall in love with the Intelligence Officer, who was a former Science Officer. Lieutenant Vincent, an expert in cloaking technology also designed the holo emitters they were using. Although after a year of testing and trying to perfect the technology Starfleet decided they had other uses for the ship and crew and they were allowed to use their technology. But the saber class starship was pushed to the front lines, using their technology and continuing to make improvements. Although Sean Vincent was now the ship's Executive Officer and served the Captain faithfully.

The ship was disabled and later destroyed, but not before a fellow Federation ship rescued eighty percent of the crew before it was destroyed. After a week of shore leave the crew were reassigned and Doctor Hope Ross took the position of Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Valhalla where she would have to leave her love behind. He told her to do what was best for her career and she did, she was heartbroken but decided to put her mind on her work. The Valhalla took damage from an ion storm just four months into her journey and the ship was docked for repairs.

However Starfleet couldn’t afford to have experienced officers sitting idle on a starbase and Doctor Hope Ross was once again reassigned, this time to the USS Pandora a Luna Class Starship with a very nice sickbay for the Doctor to oversee.