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Player Awards!

Posted on Sat Jan 16th, 2021 @ 10:25am by Captain Nycolas Temple
Edited on Sat Jan 16th, 2021 @ 10:25am

Hey gang!

The good folks at Theta Fleet have just announced the award winners for December, the last quarter of 2020, and their Yearly Awards.

You can view the announcement here!

Even better news - members of the Pandora crew and the sim itself have received some awards as well. Here are our winners:

Unit of Distinction: Bronze - the USS Pandora

Monthly award given by the Theta Fleet Command to the sim in a Task Force that shows the third highest level of activity and participation in a given month.

December 2020 Player of the Month, Area 51 - Janet/Kaleri

Janet, aka Lieutenant Kaleri, has consistently been a generous, active, invested player for almost three years now. She's one of those players that always has a post or two going, always up for a joint post at any time, and will react realistically to anything happening in-character. Kaleri has had a very interesting journey during her time on the Pandora and Janet has given her a strong voice in the sim. She's a kind and dedicated member of this family and I always look forward to seeing what comes next.

Executive Officer of the Quarter - Commander Nash

Nash is a big part of why the Pandora has been around so long. He is an excellent first officer in and out of character, always there to tag or talk with someone. He is involved with the sim and the players. Since joining Theta Fleet, he’s taken an active role in online discussions and in helping build the Theta Fleet community.

Congratulations to our winners and to the USS Pandora for continuing to thrive and have fun.


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