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Posted on Wed Mar 24th, 2021 @ 1:09pm by Captain Nycolas Temple

It's Awards time once again and the Pandora has received some amazing honours this month.

Tournament of Simulations - Outstanding Star Trek

A wonderful panel of judges from OngoingWorlds has chosen the Pandora to receive one of their Outstanding Star Trek Award for 2020. The panel is made up of a prolific group of highly respected and experienced RPG writers, who looked at many, many sims from several different groups. We share this honour with the USS Wolff of Theta Fleet, and Memory Theta of 22nd Fleet. The award is given to sims on a points systems judged on a fresh concept, interesting plot developments, original characters, and the readability of the sim. It is a high privilege to be recognised by our peers and a reflection of the incredible work you all have done to build the USS Pandora into a remarkable, fun, and creative sim.

Congratulations to each and every one of you for making the Pandora such a great place to write.

Theta Fleet: Post of the Month Feb 2021

"Paradise Or Bust" - Aenardha and Qaraq

This is an interesting post because of the gentle conversation between a Starfleet Ensign and her new-found friend Qaraq and the two having a discussion of deep understanding. I think the post is very Star Trek, in that it's an exploration of cultures and different people coming together; two strangers connecting in the name of a larger goal. Both characters are very well thought-out and realised, so there's a reality and authenticity to the scene that is sweet and genuine. Also, the ending where Katya sees the Pandora safe and sound at Paradise is nice.

Theta Fleet: Unit of Distinction, Bronze - Feb 2021

We have once again received the Unit of Distinction for Area 51. Congratulations everyone!


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