2021 - Our Fifth Year

Posted on Wed Dec 29th, 2021 @ 1:22pm by Captain Nycolas Temple

Greetings Crew!

As 2021 draws to a close, I want to thank each and every one of you for being onboard the Pandora and for continuing to make this one of the best Star Trek sims around. This was our fifth year flying on our beloved Luna Class star ship, on our unique and interesting mission into the Inconnu Expanse, and I can't imagine doing this with any other ship or crew.

As usual, I have made a birthday message for the sim. Normally, I like to do something fun and silly, but given the year that 2021 was, I've gone for a more reflective and thankful tone. This year, we lost our dear friend and absolute superstar player in Kim. A loss I know that his hit us - and indeed all of the ships she was part of - incredibly hard. Kim was a talented, amazing writer and a generous, dedicated friend to many. This ship will simply not be the same without her voice here.

In addition, I wanted to thank all of you for continuing to write for the Pandora and for staying on board in 2021, despite the loss and the challenges that we have faced. The real world has been a nasty, unforgiving place the past two years, and I know that simming has sometimes been hard to find the time (or passion) to do. But we have continued trucking along, continued to tell our stories, and given our characters their lives. We have spent more time on The Gauntlet mission than any others, and I think we've had some absolutely stellar posts this year as a result.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Here is the Birthday Video!

On a positive note, this is also the year we found our home in Theta Fleet. Theta has taken us in after the BF nonsense of the past and given us the space (pun intended?) and freedom to write for ourselves. It is a measure of a great Fleet when the sims within it can enjoy the safety, respect, and support of their Fleet to continue their sim in peace and harmony, without all the drama and negativity. Theta has given us that and more, and I am so thankful for them.

AND this is also the year where the Pandora received some galactic recognition. We have gotten so many awards, I stopped mentioning them one by one each month (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.) We have had some incredible recognition from Theta Fleet this year and I wanted to take a moment to list everything you guys have achieved:

Unit of Distinction
January - Bronze
February - Bronze
March - Bronze
April - Silver
May - Bronze
July - Bronze
August - Silver
September - Bronze
October - Bronze
November - Bronze

TGCO - Award of Merit

Player / Writer of the Month
February - Shae and Cailus Griffin (Mon and Suliac)
April - Aenardha (Brad)
May - Vecon Fick (Kim)
August - Nyx Temple (AJ)

Player of the Quarter
2nd Quarter 2021 - Kim

Executive Officer of the Quarter
Commander Owen Nash (Phil)

Post of the Month
October - "Under Fire"
July - "A Fiery Idea "
February - "Paradise Or Bust"

Admiral's Choice Award
From the words of the Admiral: "Kim was an excellent player who wrote with everyone. She was a vibrant and vital part of her sims. She was frequently nominated for awards, and deserved them all. She was also a good friend to many. She passed away recently and will be sorely missed by those who care about her, respect her, and write with her. We honor her memory, and her contributions."

Tournament of Sims Awards
USS Pandora - Outstanding Trek Award

Once again, thank you to everyone who was part of the Pandora in 2021. Let's make 2022 a fabulous year.




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