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Under Fire

Posted on Mon Oct 4th, 2021 @ 1:11pm by Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri-Smith & Emilie Temple

Mission: The Gauntlet
Location: Deck 2: Senior Crew Quarters
Timeline: During "The Final Push"


The ship shook once more as it was hit again from the battle outside. Emilie had William in her arms, gently trying to sooth his whimpering face, the baby threatening to break into a full-on wail any moment now. Katrine was sitting on the floor nearby, covered by a blanket as she tried to read a book and ignore the chaos around her. Every time the ship rocked, Emilie held her breath for a few moments afterwards; waiting in scared anticipation to find out how much damage it had done. Would they need to evacuate? Was Nyx alright? Was anyone injured? Every hit sent her into a moment of panic that would calm down just enough before the next one came.

Next to her was a bag; a pre-packed carry-on luggage with some basic supplies for herself and the kids. If required, she could grab the bag and head to the nearby escape pod. As the battle continued, she moved closer and closer to the door, ready for it to happen.

Krysia wasn’t on the bridge, with having newborn’s onboard she was with her twins trying to keep them safe during this difficult time. Knowing Emilie was alone Krys had made her way to the Temple’s Quarters hoping Emilie wouldn’t mind some company. She had Emily in one arm and Joseph in the other, a bag slung over her shoulder. Pressing the chime she waited until she heard Emilie’s voice from inside calling her to enter, walking in the door she offered a friendly smile. “Hi Emilie, would you care for some company?”

"Oh!" Emilie was surprised as she saw Krysia and her kids enter, "I thought you were an officer telling me to evacuate." She gave a short, relieved laugh. "Please, come in. We're trying the best we can to not get upset here."

“Then it’s a good job I came” Krysia smiled as she cautiously walked in trying to avoid being swayed off her feet with the twins. “I’m used to being on the bridge at times like these, but I’m not leaving my babies on their own.”

Emilie bounced William in her arms, feeling him starting to fuss. "Hm, it's been going on so long, though." She sighed, looking out the window as the sounds of phaser fire came screaming past once more. "Do you know what's going on at least? I thought we weren't involved with the Resistance fight."

“We’re not but I think the fight came to us!” Krysia took a seat beside Emilie trying to keep Emily and Joseph calm as well. “I never thought I’d ever find a fire fight this scary! I mean... they’re always scary but having the twins aboard has brought it to a whole new level of scary!”

"Ooh, I know what you mean." Emilie sighed. "Do you want anything at all? I've been trying tea to calm the nerves but it's not working."

“Then perhaps just having company will help” Krysia smiled warmly. “Don’t worry about me I’ll get myself something when I need it. As much as I hate not being on the bridge doing my duties, I know my place with Emily and Joseph.” She smiled at the twins who were remarkably calm given the situation. “It helps that I share a mental bond with them.”

"So, you can calm them with... your empathic abilities?" Emilie asked, raising her eyebrows. She took a seat on the family couch, still cradling William in her arms. Katrine shuffled to sit by her legs on the floor, still covered by her blanket.

“Kind of” Krys nodded. “Drax parents share a unique bond with their children, due to the fact that Drax young ones are born with a low level of telepathic ability. As children grow they’re tested to see just what level of ability they have, and how strong they’re likely to be. Higher level telepaths are trained for the military and law enforcement, those who use their abilities to harm others are severely punished. I’m a higher level telepath but luckily for me my mother is an Ambassador, as such she has rights others don’t. I’m one of very few Drax outside our system.”

"Ah I see." Emilie nodded, "Still better than me trying to sing nursery rhymes and distract them with chocolate, I imagine."

“At this age it is, I’m not sure how well it’ll work when they’re older though!” Krys grinned. She could feel how worried, scared and downright afraid Emilie was.

The peaceful moment was interrupted by the sound of a sudden explosion somewhere in the distance. A bright, orange light streamed through the closed window shades. Emilie whipped her head to see, a new sense of fear running through her. Unbeknownst to them, Katya's Fire Birds had just destroyed Thot Syn's Breen cruiser. To her, it was just another large explosion far too close for comfort.

"My god, what is happening out there?" She whispered.

“Hey” Krys placed her hand gently on Emilie’s. “It’ll be alright, neither your husband, my brother, or my husband will let anything happen to any of us!” Truth be known Krys was just as afraid but having someone else to comfort was giving her the strength she needed to hold her nerve.

Emilie nodded, trying to swallow her fears. "Let's talk about other things. Tell me more about the Drax. I don't know anything about them, to be honest."

Krysia nodded. “That I can do. Let’s see....the Drax are a Telepathic and Empathic race, there used to be those who were Telekinetic but the gene for Telekinesis was lost in most Drax families millennia ago. From what my mother told me the gene may lay dormant in the current members of the families who possessed it millennia ago.”

“Being a race of telepaths the children on Drax are assessed at a young age as to where they will be educated, and what their roles in society will be when they are older. Those of the highest ability are usually required to become part of Drax law enforcement, they police the criminal element of Drax. Military forces are also made up of those with higher ability as are the Ambassadorial core of Drax."

"You're assigned roles in society?" Emilie picked up on something the Counsellor had mentioned. She had to hide her judgement but it sounded so foreign to her, coming from a place where people chose their place in the universe. "What kind of say do you have on the matter?"

Krysia sighed. “To be honest, not much. My given career path would have been law enforcement, but given my mother is an Ambassador I was given the leeway to follow in her footsteps. Instead I ended up becoming something of a non-official Ambassador to the Federation.” She shrugged her shoulders. “To be honest I’m glad the rules here aren’t as strict as the rules on Drax.”

"A police officer?" Emilie said as she regarded the Counsellor with a skeptical glance. "Don't take this the wrong way, but whoever assessed you was having an off-day or something. They got the files mixed up somewhere. Thank goodness you were able to chose for yourself. Was Starfleet even an option?"

Krysia grinned. “Law enforcement on our world works differently to here, it wouldn’t have been a police officer as you know it. As for Starfleet, I’m one of only....” She paused to think. “Two Drax outside our system besides the Ambassadors. I think the reason I was allowed this role was because my people are curious about Starfleet.”

The ship shook once more, causing Emilie to smile sarcastically, "And look how well that's worked out!" She joked.

Krysia grinned a wry grin hugging her young ones trying not to worry.

A noticeable hum began to build throughout the Pandora, a feeling that those used to living on a starship would immediately recognise. It was the powering up of the warp drives. A much welcomed feeling as it indicated the Pandora was about to leave this battle, in a hurry no less. No sooner had the group identified the feeling, the computer came over with a verbal message. "Warning. Warp drive initiating. Brace for warp travel." She said.

"Thank goodness!" Emilie breathed as she pulled Katrine closer to her on the couch.

“I second that!” Krys grinned. “I don’t like being out of action not knowing what’s going on. I don’t know how you do it.”

"Sometimes it's better not to know," Emilie shrugged a little. The Pandora blasted off into warp drive, and the battle field quickly disappeared, replaced by the familiar blue streaks flying past the windows. A sense of calm fell upon them.

Krysia hadn’t noticed the calm, instead she was feeling something was wrong, not with herself but someone she cared for. She took a few moments to concentrate on what she was feeling whispering a name to herself. “Owen...”

Emilie was about to suggest they head to the Play Centre on Deck 5, assuming it was open, to give Katrine some time on the equipment, when the door chimed. Assuming it would be someone coming to check up on them, Emilie stood from the couch and walked over to the door with William. When she opened it, however, there was no one there.

"What?" She wondered out loud, looking back to Krysia. "No one." She took a step forward to look into the corridor and felt something hard under her foot. Lifting up her shoe, Emilie saw a brightly coloured plastic cube on the floor. Balancing William on her shoulder, she leaned down and picked it up.

She turned back to show Kaleri, "It's a data chip."

Krysia gazed at Emilie, this was all very peculiar. “A data chip? We should call the Captain, for all we know this could contain a computer virus or something.”

Emilie turned back and looked down the corridor, it was empty. "Right. So strange." She looked back to Krysia and frowned, "Are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost."

There was a few moments pause before Krysia nodded. “Yes’s not me, something is wrong with Owen.” She gave Emilie a concerned look.

Emilie's worries only intensified, but she tried to remain calm for her friend. "I'm sure they'll tell us soon." She hoped she was being reassuring, "Nyx will be in contact any minute."

Krys nodded and offered a brief smile. “I’m sure he will.”

=/\= Lieutenant Kaleri, =/\= Came Nyx's not-at-all-reassuring tone over the comm badge. =/\= Can you contact the Bridge as soon as possible? =/\=

Krysia smiled at Emilie, then tapped her comm badge. =/\= I’ll go one better, I’m on my way Captain =/\= she nodded to Emilie and headed for the door. “Emilie....Thank you” she smiled warmly then headed on her way.



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