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A Year Ago

Posted on Thu Jun 24th, 2021 @ 1:04pm by Captain Nycolas Temple
Edited on Thu Jun 24th, 2021 @ 1:07pm

Hey gang!

The milestones page tells me it's been just over one year since we came to this new site, which means it's been a year since we left the old fleet and chose to take control of our sim.

I am still immensely thankful for all of you for putting our history and community first; for choosing to keep us together as a family rather than allow the old fleet to tear us apart; and for remembering the true purpose of simming - to write and have fun! When others so clearly lost their values, we held true to ours. When an ultimatum was forced upon us, we chose to stay together. Anyway, I won't harp on too much about the old Fleet; I'm sure you all know my thoughts on those people by now. But I will say that I could not have asked for a better group of people to sim with. The only good thing that has ever come from being in that fleet is meeting all of you.

ALSO, we cannot forget the ginormous efforts of those behind the scenes who painstakingly saved all of our posts and bios, then transferred it to the new site. Post by freaking post. We would not be standing here today if it were not for you guys putting in that ridiculous effort to save our history and work. And for Mon in particular for hosting the new Pandora site and keeping us alive.


In the past year we have seen some people leave, one sadly pass away, and other bright new faces join us, too. Through it all, the Pandora has survived and thrived. After a few months of independence, we are now in the stable, welcoming Theta Fleet - who actually recognises our writing and, especially, your amazing talents! It is such a thrill to see the sim and individual players being awarded for your work. Plus, Theta just lets us do what we do best - writing Trek RP! I'm grateful to them for giving us a soft place to land and letting us sim how we want to sim.

Speaking of Awards...

I have been absolutely terrible in posting the awards announcements here, but for those who don't know, we have received some wonderful recognition in the past few months:

Writer of the Month - March 2021

Lance joined us several months ago as Aenardha Sh'vastarth, and has been a bright addition to the crew. Aenardha is a unique, established character with a well-considered personality and unique traits that are fascinating to read. Lance is also a generous and courteous co-writer, and an eager participant in mission posts. His posts recently with another character, Qaraq, are detailed and genuine, they have a lovely rhythm and sense of character. Lance is an incredibly talented writer and a brilliant asset to the Pandora.

Writer of the Month - May 2021

Kim - aka Ensign Fick. Kim was an incredibly gifted, gracious writer. She was a close friend of so many on board the ship and part of our crew for four wonderful years. She hadn't been able to write much in the previous few months but she has typically been a force of energy, ideas, and enthusiasm onboard the Pandora. Her characters were a joy to write with because Kim was such an amazing writer and player. I would like to nominate her in honour of her many years of hard work and contributions to not only the Pandora but to so many sims across Theta Fleet and others.

Admiral's Choice Award

Kim was an excellent player who wrote with everyone. She was a vibrant and vital part of her sims. She was frequently nominated for awards, and deserved them all. She was also a good friend to many. She passed away recently and will be sorely missed by those who care about her, respect her, and write with her. We honor her memory, and her contributions.

Executive Officer of the Quarter

The best XOs are good team players, writers, and go above and beyond to help the CO with missions. A good part of the Nash success is due to Pendragon.

Unit of Distinction - Bronze

Unit of Distinction - Silver


Task Group CO Award of Merit

WOW! What an amazing few months we've had. Congratulations to Lance/Aneardha for the Writer of the Month Away and to Nash for XO of the Quarter!!! It was also so nice to see Kim being honoured and recognised for her years of contributions to not only the Pandora, but to the simming community as well. Finally, congrats to EVERYONE for the multiple Unit of Distinction Awards and the Award of Merit!

Let's keep up the amazing work and keep doing what we do best!



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