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Luna Class vessels are adorned with an attached Sensor Pod, which are oval in shape, about 45 metres in length, and contain 3 standard decks. The Pods can be interchanged to a Weapons Pod with torpedoes if required. Due to her mission of scientific discovery and exploration, the USS Pandora is currently fitted with the Sensor Pod configuration, giving her advanced sensor attributes. The Sensor Pod is located above and aft of the top deck of the ship in order to avoid any electronic interference or sound disturbance from the vessel. The Sensor Pod contains three decks, which are considered Annex to the main ship's decks.

Additional Information

Location Above Deck 1, Annex to Main Ship
Description The Sensor Pod contains three decks, which are considered Annex to the main ship's decks.

- Command Room: Includes Science station, Operations station, CSO console, CEO console, COO console, Command station.
- Operations Room: Includes Transporter Room
- Lifeboat facilities: Includes seating, bathroom facilities, replicators, storage, living space.
- Meeting Room, Captain's Room
- Probe storage for a large amount and range of probes
- Probe launchers at the front and rear of the Sensor Pod

- Sensor Arrays at the front and rear of the Sensor Pod
- Isolinear Processing systems which can operate independently from the main ship's computer systems
- Emergency Life Support: Includes Medical facilities, escape pods, survival equipment, bunks, storage.

- Impulse Engines
- Additional computing systems, Life support systems, Shield Generators
- Reserve power storage
- Cargo Storage
- Jeffries tube access to main vessel

The Pod can be manned however it is typically controlled by the Main Bridge Science Station, Engineering, Operations, or Astrometrics, meaning it does not require officers present to operate. Access to the Sensor Pod is typically gained through site to site transport, as there is no direct thoroughfare from the ship to the Sensor Pod. However, jeffries tubes are present in the connecting struts, meaning physical access can be attained from jeffries tube entry points in the aft of Deck 1 of the main vessel, through to Annex Deck 3 of the Sensor Pod.

The Pod can operate as an Emergency Lifeboat if required, with storage, seating, life support, medical equipment, food replicators, and independent power reserves. The Pod can seperate from the main vessel and be manoeuvred through small impulse engines. The Pod is typically designed to take up to 50 passengers comfortably or up to 100 passengers if filled to capacity.

During conflict, the Sensor Pod can be used as an anti-missile defence system, able to rapidly launch a high volume of probes to deflect or intercept incoming enemy fire.