The Only Thing Left Was Hope

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The Pandora and her crew are stood down while the ship receives extensive repairs and so that the Federation can verify the explosive information that they have delivered about Section 31 and the Pithos disaster. The crew becomes scattered and distant, with the Pandora seemingly mothballed.

Until one day, a mysterious Watcher appears to each of the crew, bringing them back together again to continue the Pandora's mission.

Part of Phase Two: Dark Side

Shore Leave

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For all non-story posts in between missions.

Part of Phase Two: Dark Side

New Moon Rising

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The USS Pandora has been refurbished, renewed and we're about to be relaunched. The crew arrives at the Task Force Fleet Yards as they meet, unpack, and get to know their new home. After launching from Earth, the Pandora makes the four week journey across the Alpha Quadrant to Carnwennan Station at the opening of the Carnwennan Corridor that will take us into the Expanse.

Part of Phase One: Rise

Into the Wild

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The USS Pandora has managed to find a way through the Carnwennan Corridor and into the Inconnu Expanse. However, as the first Starfleet ship to enter the region in over a year, we find it has since become dangerous territory - as the deadly Ravagers have annexed a previously safe zone and the Pandora flies right into the middle of their debris field! After making a quick escape, the crew comes across an isolated planet, technologically advanced and peaceful but strangely protected from the dangers around them. That is until the crew discovers they have been detected by the Ravagers and the vicious raiders strike against the innocent world, forcing the Pandora to engage but at the same time risk violating the Prime Directive.

A mysterious planet, a dangerous looming threat, and a long way from home. The Pandora is definitely now into the wild.

Part of Phase One: Rise

Divided We Fall

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While traveling further into the Inconnu Expanse, the Pandora begins to explore a dense patch of gravitic storms. After sending a probe to find out more information, they unknowingly cause a large explosion and from within the storm, an unstoppable particle wave rushes towards the Pandora! The ship tries to manoeuvre out the way but the Bridge and first two decks make contact.

In the aftermath, the Pandora is disabled and the crew discovers everyone that was caught in the particle wave has disappeared. It's up to the remaining officers to find out where they went and hopefully, bring them back safely.

Part of Phase One: Rise

Death in Paradise

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The Alrakis Pact has declared the Inconnu Expanse as their sovereign territory and ordered all Federation vessels to leave the area within three months. Taking a lead from the information they gained from the Ravagers, the Pandora arrives at the famous Paradise Outpost, the Expanse’s favorite trading station. Not long after, the station is rocked by the cold blooded murder of a security officer and the blame is clearly placed on the Pandora crew! As the Pandora investigates the murder, it becomes apparent the culprit was betraying the crew and working for the Alrakis Pact.

The hunt is on to find the traitor before they can succeed in their plans and the Pandora is left exposed to their powerful new enemy.

Part of Phase One: Rise

The Evils Within

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The Pandora is sent to rescue a top-secret team of scientists, but discover their experiments have possibly been destroying the planet they have been working on.

Part of Phase Two: Dark Side

The Gauntlet

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Armed with Intelligence regarding corruption within Starfleet, and the traitor Admiral Thac under our arrest, the USS Pandora must travel back through the treacherous Inconnu Expanse and make it to Earth. Complicating the journey is a mysterious sub-space message that is broadcast throughout the Expanse:

"Stop the Pandora!"

A target is painted directly upon the ship and the message is clear - the Pandora is alone and vulnerable, and cannot be allowed to return to Federation territory. From here the gauntlet is thrown. All of the Pandora's enemies and friends from her past missions will convene upon the Luna Class vessel - to either help or hinder her path to safety. Those with a grudge to settle will come looking for blood - those who owe the Pandora for their assistance will try to help. And amongst all of this chaos, a revolution grows. The people of the Expanse start to rally against the Alrakis Pact, and divisions start to form within their alliances - with the Pandora acting as the lightning rod for one hell of a storm.

Part of Phase Two: Dark Side