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Crew Quarters are divided into multiple decks of the USS Pandora:

Deck 2 - Command Staff (CO, XO, 2nd Officer)
Deck 3 - Senior Officers (Chief Officers, Guest Suites)
Deck 4 - Middle Officers (Assistant Chief Officers)
Deck 5 - Holosuites (temporary usage)
Deck 8 - Junior Officers (Department officers)
Deck 9 - Civilians (Service staff and passengers)
Deck 15 - Starfighter Crew
Sensor Pod - Lifeboat mode (emergency usage)

Additional Information

Location Multiple Decks
Description Crew living quarters on the USS Pandora are typically 30% larger in size than most Starfleet vessels, including multiple-room configurations for families. Due to the Pandora's long-term exploration mission, more space was given to the ship's livery to enhance the comfort, liveability, and performance of the crew.

Bedroom - bed, side tables, closet, personal storage units
Living Area - Lounge with chairs (sizes vary), large LCARS screen on wall, coffee table, personal storage units
Dining Area - Counters and cupboards, wall replicators, dining table with chairs (sizes vary)
Kitchenette - Wall Replicators, some storage, small dining table with chairs
Bathroom - large sonic shower, sink and mirror, personal storage units
Ensuite Bathroom - sonic shower. small sink and mirror, small storage
Work Area - desk with terminal, two chairs, personal storage units

Large quarters are comprised of a bedroom, a living area, a dining area, a work area, and a bathroom. These quarters are reserved for Command Staff and Senior Officers.

Medium quarters are comprised of a bedroom with ensuite bathroom, combined living and dining area, and a work area. These quarters are available for Middle Officers and Guest Quarters.

Small quarters are comprised of combined bedroom, living, and kitchenette area, with an ensuite bathroom. These quarters are available for Junior Officers.

Civilian quarters are comprised of a bedroom with ensuite bathroom, and kitchenette. These quarters are only available to civilians and passengers.

Starfighter quarters are comprised of a series of bunks, bathroom, and work area. These quarters are only used by Starfighter Pilots.

Family quarters consist of multiple bedrooms (up to 3 seperate rooms), a living area, a dining area, a work area, and multiple bathrooms (if required). These quarters are reserved for officer/s with a child over the age of 3. Officer/s with additional children over the age of 8 may request an additional room. Bathrooms may include a sonic bath.

Quarters will be initially decorated in a style accomodating the modern, contemporary feel of the Pandora itself. However, officers are able to bring in items from their personal belongings to decorate their quarters as they wish. Crew must speak with Operations should they wish to alter the furniture in the room, however walls and other fixed fittings (carpets, replicators, terminals, etc) are permanent installations and cannot be changed. Additional equipment or work stations can be installed into a crew quarters with permission from the Executive Officer of the ship.

Crew, guests, and civilians are required to maintain the cleanliness and liveability of their assigned quarters at all times, and inspections are conducted weekly to ensure proper maintenance of quarters will be upheld. Officers may face disciplinary action should they fail to maintain their quarters, while guests and civilians may be asked to disembark the ship for the same reason. For safety reasons, all quarters must have a designated walkway to and from the main entrance that is accessible at all times. Crew cannot make any alterations to the corridor or doorways exterior to their quarters for any reason.