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Posted on Mon Jun 22nd, 2020 @ 12:30am by Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri-Smith
Edited on Sat Jul 11th, 2020 @ 7:29am

I gave up trying to sleep, my head aches again and it doesn't seem to want to go away for very long these days. Maybe it's the stress of settling into a role of responsibility or whether it's me losing control of my abilities I'm not really sure. There are times in the lives of the Drax when abilities grow stronger and I think that was what my mother was worried about, I have no wish to head home to get myself sorted out I want... No I NEED to be able to control this myself.

There are so many minds aboard the ship and with everyone's emotions running high even here aboard the Palatine how am I going to cope when I get aboard the Pandora?. I could speak to one of the doctors but the last thing I want is to be taken off active duty I'd definitely go insane if I had nothing to do but sit around my quarters I need to be concentrating on work it's the only thing that keeps my mind off my own worries.

Anyway no use sitting around here I'm going to go and explore the Palatine, perhaps I'll get to meet others who maybe transferring to the Pandora as well.


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