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Family and duty

Posted on Wed Sep 14th, 2022 @ 12:44pm by Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri-Smith

Mission: The Gauntlet
Location: Smith Quarters

Krysia was enjoying her off time, with the twins asleep she had the chance to rest as well as finish a book she’d been trying to read for a while. She was just about finished the book when she was alerted to an incoming call. Curious as to who it might be she got up to answer it, settling on a chair as she opened the channel.

~ Krysia... ~ The woman on the other end smiled as she spoke telepathically.

~ Mum? ~ Krysia sank into the chair, surprised to see her mother. ~ It’s been so long! ~

~ I know Krys, I’m sorry! ~ She offered an apologetic glance. ~ I received the wonderful news about the birth of my grandchildren, Congratulations!! I wish I could have been there for you. ~

Krysia nodded. “We can talk aloud mum, I’m not used to using my telepathy here aboard ship. It’s not considered polite amongst non-telepaths.”

“Very well” Her mother nodded. “This Federation is so....backwards in comparison to our people.”

“They most certainly are not!” Krysia gave her mother a disapproving look. “The Federation are anything but backwards. Granted they don’t use telepathy, but most humanoids don’t possess the ability. Besides you fell for a Human, that’s what brought me into this universe! I remember the council saying that I wouldn’t amount to much due to my Human side.” She shook her head in annoyance.

“Little was known about hybrids when you were born Krysia, we didn’t know if you’d have the capacity for abilities. I’m proud of you, you know that.” Marina smiled.

“So is this a social call, or is there more to it?” Krysia gazed at her mother curiously.

“Actually there’s more.” Marina paused. “The council have decided to extend the time period of diplomatic ties with the Federation. They are considering applying for membership of the Federation, but further time is required to study just what that would mean for us, and the Federation. You know how guarded we are agains outsiders.”

Krysia nodded. “Drax is a system where being totally honest and open minded is part of daily life. Humanoids , and other races aren’t used to having their minds open to being read. It’s considered a violation of their rights. One that is punishable. If the council want to join the Federation they’d have to be willing to accommodate non-telepaths, is that something they’re willing to do?”

Marina sighed. “To be honest my daughter, I don’t know. Both you, and I have become used to communicating amongst non-telepaths. It would be a major undertaking for our people.” She motioned to Krysia. “I see you aren’t required to wear your gloves, or emblem of our people aboard your ship.”

“I’m a Starfleet Officer mum, I wear what Starfleet personnel wear. Gloves aren’t required wear for telepaths here. Plus I’m used to keeping myself under control.”

“Good!” Marina grinned as she recalled. “I remember the last time you lost your temper! You surprised the assessment panel with just how strong you truly were.”

“Yeah” Krys nodded. “Good job I was already heading off world, otherwise I’d be pulling shifts with the corps right now. Law enforcement seriously isn’t a job that interests me.”

“So I saw when you argued your point with the council.” Marina grinned a wry grin. “I wasn’t sure I’d ever see anyone argue with the council, but you did, and they respected you for it. Just consider yourself lucky that you’re the daughter of a Ambassador, otherwise you’d be on the wrong side of a cell right now.”

Krys grinned. “To be honest I’m happier onboard a starship, out amongst the stars away from the council and their ideals.”

“I’ve noticed” Marina paused. “Are you going to follow our people’s ways, and have your children tested when they’re older?”

“To be honest I...” Krysia paused. “I don’t know mum, I can’t say I like the idea. I want my children to grow up free, not under the boot of Drax law.”

Marina nodded. “Of course. Anyway I have to go, I have a meeting to attend shortly. Please extend my best Wishes to James, and give my grandson, and granddaughter a hug and kiss for me.”

“I will Mum, that’s a promise!” Krysia smiled warmly.

As the channel closed Krysia couldn’t help but feel a pit in her stomach. She never thought she’d see the day when Drax would join the Federation, it made her wonder just what they might have to gain from it? Up until now she’d had a lot of freedom, she didn’t want that freedom to come to a screeching halt.

Right now though not much was changing, with that she picked up her PADD and went back to the last few lines of her book.



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