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  • The Inconnu Expanse »
    An area of disputed space far west of Federation border, circled by the Breen, Cardassians, Ferengi, Talarians, and Tzenkethi states. The region is notable for…
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Pithos Research Facility

Created by Captain Nycolas Temple on Fri Dec 11th, 2020 @ 6:30am

Facility Overview
Designation: Pithos Research Facility
Location: Hesiod Green, in the Hesiod Region
Category: Scientific Exploration
Size: Classified.
Capacity: Classified.
Function: Classified.

During initial explorations of the Expanse, Starfleet vessels noted twin Class-L Planets in a region between the Athegan Rift and the border of the Tzenkethi Coalition's territory. The region consisted of a small yellow dwarf star and two planets. Initial scans of the planets found one contained a thin but liveable nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere, with stable gravity, water, fauna, and temperate climates. It was remarkable for an aqua-blue coloured ocean. However, the second planet contained high levels of nitrogen and argon in the upper atmosphere, and dense tri-nimbic interference prevented further analysis of the surface. This planet's volatile, cloudy atmosphere had a dark green hue. Both planets were thought to be uninhabited. There were no signs of trans-warp capabilities in the region, nor technology present that would indicate space exploration.

Notably, the system is located near a wide band of geometric storms, which line the border of Tzenkethi space. It was noted that the violent spacial anomalies may be effected by the gravitational pull of the dwarf star and orbit of the two planets, though long-term analysis would be required for any possible consequences. It is also theorised that the storms may be deterring space-faring races from exploring the region further, and instead using the Athegan Rift as the more viable traffic route.

Hesiod Blue:
Hesoid Blue
Hesiod Green:
Hesiod Green

Pithos Research Facility
Following further exploration of the region, the small system was given the designation Hesiod, with the planets being Hesiod Blue and Hesiod Green, in favour of the prominent colours each planet displayed. Hesiod Blue was deemed favourable for potential colonisation, with an advance team being sent in mid-2388 to establish a survey-mission.

Soon after, Starfleet Intelligence and Starfleet Science divisions applied for a joint-operation on Hesiod Blue, with the contents and purpose of the mission being classified. The application was quickly approved and all previous plans to colonise the planet were suspended until the joint mission was concluded. However, no time frame was given for this. In addition, the names of the scientists and staff that would be performing the mission were redacted from official record.

Deep Space 11 noted the passage of Starfleet Facilities crew in November 2388, with their intended destination being "Pithos Research Facility" in the Hesiod Region. This is the first acknowledgement, publicly, of the base being established and its designation.

Upon the rise of the Alrakis Pact throughout 2389, the Pithos facility was not included in a list of Federation assets that required evacuation. No official reason was given for excluding the planetary base, despite the Pact's insistence that all Federation personnel, ships, and stations be removed from the Inconnu Area. However, this could be due to the Hesiod system being located outside of the Alrakis force's reach at the time, due to the isolated region and lack of previous exploration. Upon the signing of the Inconnu Access Agreement, Federation assets were once again granted access to the Expanse, thus mooting the issue.


In October 2389, Starfleet received a distress signal on long-range subspace communications from the Pithos Research Facility in Hesiod. The USS Pandora was sent to investigate and evacuate the Federation personnel if required.

The Pandora discovered that Pithos had been actually built on Hesiod Green, not Hesiod Blue as originally thought. Green was chosen for the purpose of conducting illegal experiments using dark matter and the planet's volatile chemical elements to create superior ship shielding. However, Pithos was having a detrimental effect on the planet's structural core and the facility's operations were violating the Prime Directive as they were destroying the settlements of native people on the planet.

Pithos' safety protocols failed in its entirety after the Pandora's arrival, forcing the complete evacuation of the station and the removal of the Hesians from the planet's surface. Pithos collapsed and self-destructed, sinking into the ground. The Hesians were transplanted to the safer Hesiod Blue to rebuild their society.

Those responsible for the Pithos disaster were then arrested.

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