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    An area of disputed space far west of Federation border, circled by the Breen, Cardassians, Ferengi, Talarians, and Tzenkethi states. The region is notable for…
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  • The Inconnu Expanse »
    An area of disputed space far west of Federation border, circled by the Breen, Cardassians, Ferengi, Talarians, and Tzenkethi states. The region is notable for…
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The Inconnu Expanse

Created by Captain Nycolas Temple on Fri Dec 11th, 2020 @ 9:34am

The Inconnu Expanse

The Inconnu Expanse is located in the enclave created by the borders of the Breen Confederacy, Cardassian Union, Ferengi Alliance, Talarian Republic, and Tzenkethi Coalition. Access to the region from Federation space is granted by two narrow corridors of neutral territory between the Talarian and Tzenkethi borders (the Southern Corridor), and between the Ferengi and Cardassian borders (the Northern Corridor).

The area is notable for a dense series of gravitational, dark matter storms that encircle the region. The dangerous and volatile storms are incredibly difficult to navigate and traverse, limiting access to the Expanse to only a few noted entry points. Early space farers believed the region to be one, impenetrable storm, however developments in warp and shielding technology in the 24th century by surrounding species found accessible pathways into the Expanse. However, it was also discovered that the storms transpierce throughout the region within as well.

Inside the Expanse, there are an estimated forty-five different systems and planetary clusters, however not all of these have been formally identified and explored. The environmental effects of the dark matter makes correct mapping of the region unreliable.

For centuries, the Expanse was considered unclaimed territory, with the size and environmental conditions meaning it was difficult for any one power to claim control of the region. As such, the area was often dominated by localised politics and individual governments. Some areas held peace and trade agreements in place, enforced by self-policing, however the majority of the Expanse is considered lawless and unruled. Factions would fight for a piece of power, only to be overthrown and removed by others. The history of the Expanse is littered with the rise and fall of local warlords, wannabe rulers, and failed empires. Inconnu would always return to the status quo.

The lawlessness saw the rise of the deadly Ravagers; a particularly violent and aggressive group of pirates and warriors who would often brutally claim territory for themselves. They were feared within the Expanse for their glorification of violence and destruction, giving little concern for life or peace in the pursuit of their own resources and power. The Ravagers had originated from a system nearer to the centre of the Expanse, but would often attempt to annex areas well outside of their borders.

This situation changed during the Federation year of 2388, when the intergalactic powers which surround the Expanse, came together in an alliance to claim the region for themselves. The Breen Confederacy, Talarian Republic, Tzenkethi Coalition, and The Ravagers formed the Alrakis Pact between themselves and immediately declared complete sovereignty over the Expanse. This was despite not having the physical presence in all of the region, but it was instead an assumption of "Terra nullius" (no man's land) which they believe gave them the right to claim it all anyway.

The Alrakis Pact's first act was to ban all Federation presence in the Expanse. The Federation had been sending ships to explore and make contact within the Inconnu Region since 2376, with several ships making deep-space missions into the area for mapping, scientific exploration, and diplomatic purposes. After a long negotiation, the Alrakis Pact allowed the Federation to retain access to the Expanse, however it was only under severe conditions.

Systems and species within the Expanse began to rebel against the Alrakis Pact almost immediately, with battles sparking in several locations. There was a general consensus that the Pact was using the Expanse as a battleground in which to declare war on the Federation, and that they would allow the aggressive Ravagers to raid their resources completely unrestrained. Soon, small groups were forming into large bands of resistance in an effort to prevent the Pact from controlling their worlds.

The first major act of resistance came in 2389 when the Breen Confederacy covertly took over Paradise Outpost. This was once considered a completely "neutral" haven for the region, an agreed-upon safe place for people to trade, rest, and relax in peace. Seeing it overtaken by the Breen became a battle cry for many independent states within the Expanse to fight back, and Paradise became a beacon of rebellion. The station was freed from Breen occupation very swiftly, and the push back against the Pact continued to grow from here.

Soon, a secret underground resistance had formed within the Expanse, with systems and planets banding together to form a network of support, helping to fend off Alrakis Forces, create holes within the Pact's border patrols, and continue the transport of supplies throughout the region. The Alrakis Pact attempted to thwart the growing rebellion, but were hampered by their lack of knowledge of the internal geography and inability to completely control such a vast area of space.

Notable Species
Ahn'Irani (character profile)
Breen Confederacy (external link)
Broot (character profile)
Cardassian Union (external link)
Ferengi Alliance (external link)
Mendazians of Salvaxe
Talarian Republic (external link)
Tzenkethi Coalition (external link)

Notable Locations
Paradise Outpost - a neutral trading post that has become the centre point for resistance against the Alrakis Pact.
Hesiod Blue and Green - an isolated region inhabited by a pre-warp, pre-Industrial species, formerly the location of Pithos Science Facility.
Delavi System - a sprawling city of trade and relaxation, housed across several moons and one planet; known for it's black-market fare, niche supplies, and unrestrained entertainment options.
The Indigo Sky - a spectacular environmental phenomena where multiple gases and elements create a vibrant, neon-purple glow, located on the outskirts of the Mendazian region.

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