Phase Two: Dark Side

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- The Pandora is sent to rescue a top-secret team of scientists, but discover their experiments have been destroying the planet - and inhabitants - they have been working on. (Mission 5: "The Evils Within")

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Included Missions

The Gauntlet

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Armed with Intelligence regarding corruption within Starfleet, and the traitor Admiral Thac under our arrest, the USS Pandora must travel back through the treacherous Inconnu Expanse and make it to Earth. Complicating the journey is a mysterious sub-space message that is broadcast throughout the Expanse:

"Stop the Pandora!"

A target is painted directly upon the ship and the message is clear - the Pandora is alone and vulnerable, and cannot be allowed to return to Federation territory. From here the gauntlet is thrown. All of the Pandora's enemies and friends from her past missions will convene upon the Luna Class vessel - to either help or hinder her path to safety. Those with a grudge to settle will come looking for blood - those who owe the Pandora for their assistance will try to help. And amongst all of this chaos, a revolution grows. The people of the Expanse start to rally against the Alrakis Pact, and divisions start to form within their alliances - with the Pandora acting as the lightning rod for one hell of a storm.

Shore Leave

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For all non-story posts in between missions.

The Evils Within

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The Pandora is sent to rescue a top-secret team of scientists, but discover their experiments have possibly been destroying the planet they have been working on.

The Only Thing Left Was Hope

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"The Pandora returns to Earth with evidence of Section 31 crimes in the Inconnu Expanse. However, Captain Temple finds it difficult to gain any traction with a wary and possibly compromised Starfleet Command. As a result, the Pandora takes their claims directly to the Federation Council. The Federation is rocked by the allegations and immediately convenes a special trial into Hesiod, the Expanse, and all of the Pandora's actions.

Fearing that Section 31 will interfere and potentially harm the Pandora team, Admiral Milne sends some of the crew on a top secret mission to take out one of the key operatives of Section 31, hoping to pre-emptively strike against any attempts by 31 to shut down the investigation. However, the mission uncovers more than they anticipated.

Meanwhile, for the first time in two years, the crew are back in the Sol system. Reunions, catch-ups, and family business that has long-been delayed can now finally happen - though the shadow of the Federation's investigation continues to loom over the crew."