The Captain

Posted on Wed Jun 24th, 2020 @ 3:12am by Lieutenant Yasmin Cortez
Edited on Sat Jul 11th, 2020 @ 7:48am

[Personal Log - Lieutenant Yasmin Cortez]
[Location - Quarters, USS Pandora]
[Date - After "Nouveau Roman"]

I met the Captain today. He wasn't exactly what I expected but I feel perhaps that I am being biased by my past experiences with Captain's. If I put aside the formality of the meeting, Captain Temple is actually a surprising figure. He seems remarkably calm given the recent events this ship and crew have been through. A murder. An assault on the ship. These are things that would shake the foundations of anyone and yet the Captain seemed casual in his summarisation of these events; to say the ship had been through a lot seemed to me to be inaccurate and gross understatement. However I am neither qualified or have the right to analyse the ships events or the Captain's brief. What would my father say in this situation? I however would stay for the record that I am excited at getting up to speed with this crew and courtesy of the Captain I now have my immediate duties for me.

On a side note; I need to drop by sickbay for the usual medical assessment, another one of those formalities I just love.