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Part Four: Arrival

Posted on Wed Jun 24th, 2020 @ 3:20am by Lieutenant JG Vecon Fick
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Mission: Death in Paradise
Location: Vecon home, Risa
Timeline: After "Part Three"

The house was two levels, but they weren’t tall levels. It was spread out. If one were to compare it to Earth architecture, one would call it subtropical modernism. In layman’s terms, the Jetsons might live there. It was curvy with lots of windows. The elements of the house that were not made of glass were mostly a range of medium to dark colored, greyish, stones. The yard was well kept and landscaped beautifully, with a wide variety of brightly colored flowers, trees and shrubs. There was a tall fence that ran from the back of the house to an unknown area. It was also made of stone. A winding pathway led from the street to the house made of terracotta paving stones lined with small lamps that illuminated the way.

The door opened before they had even made it to the house, the light inside was warm and inviting. A woman appeared in the open doorway. She wasn’t very tall, which might explain why Fick wasn’t very tall. She was amazingly blonde, her hair just a little longer than shoulder length was neatly feathered back away from her face. She was pretty in that small, pixie sort of way. “My Fick!” She was grinning and her arms were outstretched to hug Fick before they were even to her. When they did meet she grabbed him tightly and hugged him, much like cheerful, touchy parents do.

Fick returned the hug with one arm, since he was carrying a bag in the other. “Hey mom. It’s great to see you.”

Over Fick’s shoulder, Jeslia Vecon was eyeing K’Laus. “Oh my,” she said softly to her son as she released the hug, one hand still on Fick’s shoulder, but her eyes on K’Laus. “Who have you brought? Is this… this is him? He’s gorgeous…” She looked at Fick for a moment and then back at K’Laus. “You’re gorgeous… Welcome. I’m Jeslia.”

Fick turned when his mother turned. He shifted his weight to one leg and huffed a little. “Mom… come on. Don’t start yet. We just got here.”

K’Laus stood still and allowed the woman to just approach him. He felt it best to just let the woman shower him with affection and whatever she felt. He was nervous. It was important that Fick’s parent’s liked him, but the amount of ‘like’ that Fick’s mother was showing made the Klingon feel as though he had walked into a Klingon brothel minus the growling, biting, and scratching.

“It is an honor to meet you, Jeslia,” said the Klingon uncertain if he should salute her, shake her hand, or challenge her to a fight for custody of her son. However, he felt the later was the least appropriate action. “You have a… lovely home,” he added.

Jeslia blushed. “Well aren’t you just the sweetest. Thank you.” She saw Fick eyeing her. “You hush,” Jeslia said to Fick. “I’m just telling your sweet boyfriend that he’s handsome, because he is. I hope you boys are hungry too. There’s plenty of food.”

“I am still learning about my Klingon heritage. I was raised on a non-Klingon world by my mother’s second mate. However, from what I know about my people...they are proud warriors and eaters,” he said with a deep gut laugh. “High Chancellor K’mpec was known to enjoy feasts for hours in celebration of great victories.”

Jeslia looked surprised. “They are indeed both proud warriors and eaters.” She chuckled and grinned at K’Laus. “Come on and we’ll get you something that would make High Chancellor K’mpec proud. Quite a few of your people come here. They have told me that we have excellent food and drink. They enjoy a party and like to drink.” She started to lead the way into the house, her arm linked with one of Fick’s. “I’d love to hear about your family. Where did you grow up?”

K’Laus was intrigued to not only share more about himself, but also to hear more from Jeslia about his people and their relationship to the planet. “Klingons come here?” he inquired with his interest evidentially peaked. “I would very much like to know more about the Klingons who come to the planet. I did not think Klingons to be very social,” he stated.

The Lieutenant kindly provided more about his life. “My mother taught me some about Klingons. She herself, is fully Klingon. However, she has…” K’Laus made a facial expression of discomfort. “She decided long ago to only tell me what she thought I needed to know about Klingon culture and customs. I spent my life being raised Talarian by my mother and her Talarian mate, the only father that I have ever known,” explained K’Laus.

“Oh! You poor dear. I hope that those Talarians were good to you. I have to admit that I don’t know much about the species,” Jeslia replied. She let go of Fick long enough to open the door for them and usher them inside. “Quite a few Klingons come here. I would not describe them as lacking in the social department. Although, they do tend to enjoy our hospitality, but they tend to stick together.” She reached out and patted Fick. “Say hello to your father.”

The inside of the house was much like the outside of the house, neat, colorful and that same sort of spaceship modern decorations and furniture. Fick’s father greeted them just inside the doorway. He was a tall, unassuming man with a hawk-like nose, dark hair, dark eyes and a serious face. He did not smile, but bowed deeply to K’Laus when they entered. “Welcome to Risa and welcome to our home,” he said softly.

The Klingon grunted and nodded. A man of few words and little expression, thought K’Laus. Fick is his mother’s son, the Klingon continued, keeping his thoughts to himself. “It is a good day to be on Risa,” he replied simply. “It’s a nice planet,” added the Klingon though he did personally find the planet to be too populated with people, plagued with tourists, and far too prided on pleasure.

“Thank you,” the tall, lean Bajoran said to K’Laus. “I am Milos. It is a pleasure to meet you.” His tone matched his face, sort of expressionless.

Fick went to his father and sort of hugged him, Fick’s father returning the awkward embrace. “I think you’re thinner…” he said to Milos. “So this is K’Laus. My boyfriend.”

Milos nodded and bowed to K’Laus again. “It is a pleasure to meet you. I’m sure that Jeslia will see to your needs. I’m afraid that I am needed elsewhere. It is good to see you again, son.” He nodded to them both and then turned and left the room.

Fick sighed and then sort of shook it off and turned back to K’Laus and his mother. “So what’cha got to eat, mom?” he asked with a grin. He held a hand out for K’Laus’ hand.

K’Laus took Fick’s hand and looked at his boyfriend. “Have I offended your father?” asked the Klingon. “He did not seem to be pleased to see me, and he did not make conversation like I was anticipating.”

Fick leaned against the bigger Klingon and squeezed his hand tightly. “It’s just the way he is. I seriously doubt it has anything to do with you. My father has social anxiety and he never has seemed to know what to do with me.” Fick chuckled. “It’s okay, mom’s fun and there’s lots to see here.”

“Now, Fick… you know how your father is.” Jeslia had been busy in the kitchen. She set two plates down on the bartop that were piled high with all sorts of meats, cheeses, little bits of bread and vegetables. “Sit. Please don’t let Milos get you down. He just got a promotion at work.” She smiled.

Fick frowned. “Yeah, sure, Mom,” he responded in a less than enthusiastic tone.

“What does he do for work?” asked K’Laus trying to make conversation. “Promotions do come with the extra stress in most cases,” he added.

Jeslia opened her mouth to speak, but Fick did the talking, with his mouth full of food. “He’s a gardner for the city. He does all the planting and planning and trimming and such.”

Jeslia cleared her throat. “He is the head gardner now.”

Fick grinned. “Well, that’s good. I’m sure that makes him really happy. I’ve always kinda felt like he liked plants more than people.”

“Botany is very serious,” K’Laus said abruptly. He looked at Fick. “Whether or not your father likes plants more than people, his occupation is important, and one that should be respected. I have never had much luck with plants, but I have had more luck with them than I have with people. Plants don’t judge you on your ridges or the color of your skin. They do not tell you that you are a dishonor to your people for serving in Starfleet,” said K’Laus.

Jeslia gasped. “Other Klingons really said that to you? Or are you talking about the Talarians?” she asked K’Laus before turning her “mom” gaze at Fick. “And Botany is very serious. Your father works hard.”

Fick threw his hands up and continued to grin. “Well, I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was such a big deal for you guys. I know he works hard. He’s always worked hard. I didn’t say he didn’t. I just said he likes plants more than people… I should have said he likes plants more than he likes me.”

“FICK!” Jeslia yelled at him. “Your father loves you, very much.”

K’Laus looked at Jesila and nodded agreeing with her. “I apologize. Fick has been under a lot of stress aboard the Pandora lately. I did not know he had such deeply rooted issues with his father,” added the Klingon, glaring at his boyfriend. “I was afraid of offending your parents. I did not expect it from their own son.”

Jeslia crossed her arms and nodded in agreement with K’Laus.

Fick shook his head and put his hands up in surrender. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I guess it’s possible I’ve misjudged him. It just always seemed like he was too busy. When I stopped caring if he cared he never even noticed and don’t look at me with those “why haven’t you talked to him” eyes because I have talked to him. I tried for years. I’m not trying to be rude, just honest.” He looked at his mother. “And you know what I mean. I talked to you about it, but I got “that’s just your father”. Don’t deny it because we have company. You know it hurt my feelings.”

Jeslia snorted and looked away for a moment. “Your father works very hard and has always done so.”

“I’m not in any way denying that he works hard, but so do you!” Fick protested. “Both of you work all the time. You always made time. It’s not like I don’t love him. I do! He’s my father, but the man does frustrate me and I’m not going to pretend he doesn’t.” He looked at K’Laus. “I’m sorry. You came into this and didn’t really know how we talk to each other. It wasn’t really fair for me not to tell you.”

Jeslia shook her head. “I’m not going to win this argument.” She chuckled a little and reached over and patted K’Laus’ arm. “It’s alright, it’s just Fick,” she said soothingly.

To be continued…


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