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The Pandora mystery

Posted on Tue Jun 4th, 2024 @ 9:38am by Lieutenant JG Olivia Keith & Lieutenant Daniel Keith

Mission: The Only Thing Left Was Hope
Location: Risa
Timeline: Current

The golden sands and blue seas of Risa were a draw for all who wanted to enjoy the pleasure planet to its fullest. In a quiet alcove further along the beach Olivia lay on a beach towel underneath the shade of an umbrella enjoying her reunion holiday time with her husband.

A shadow fell across her attractive features and a voice spoke. "I have your drink my lady." As her husband Daniel offered her the tall glass of exotic concoctions. "However, I am sorry to say your drink comes with a price." Hie eyes twinkling devilishly in delight as he spoke.

“Oh does it now?” Olivia grinned as she looked up into the eyes of her beloved husband, taking the glass and sipping it before putting it on the little picnic table she’d brought with. “What price would that be I wonder?”

Daniel nodded, his smile blossoming across his face. "Indeed, it does my lady. The price is a kiss or kisses if you feel so obligated." Daniel replied while trying very hard not to laugh.

“Is that all?” Olivia grinned as she motioned for Daniel to join her. “Then you’d best come down here where I can reach you.”

Daniel nodded as he placed his glass on the picnic table and slowly laid down next to Olivia. "I'm afraid I wasn't completely honest. Your kiss is just the opening act. With more to come as the day goes and cultivating tonight when we are alone."

“In that case I’ll look forward to it!” Olivia grinned as she leant in cuddling up close giving Daniel a long slow kiss. When their lips finally parted she smiled. “I’ve missed you so much! I can’t believe we’re finally together.”

"As do I my love." Daniel said softly. "It promises to be stupendous. You will have a front row seat." He smiled again as Olivia, his wife, his life. "I know! It has been a long time coming. It is a dream come true,"

“You bet it is!” Olivia grinned. She was about to lean in when a dark shadow blocked out the sun. Looking up she couldn’t help but wonder why there was a dark figure standing watching Daniel and herself. “Can we help you?”

“Your destiny awaits you both Olivia” The dark figure seemed ominous seeing as he was standing in full sun, he still remained shrouded in darkness. “You must find the Pandora...”

“The Pandora? I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She looked at Daniel with a frown.

Daniel looked at the dark figure. "Want to start at the beginning friend? Like what are you talking about?"

“Your stories have only just begun Daniel, your destiny’s await you. You must help find the Pandora...” with that the dark figure simply vanished as fast as he came.

“The Pandora? He did actually say to find the Pandora?” Olivia looked at her husband as she held up the small PADD she’d brought along incase she needed to check messages. “This is going to sound crazy, but look at our assignments...I might be crazy but we were planned to join the USS Pandora, but according to this our assignments are on hold.”

"What? Let me see Olivia." Daniel asked as he looked at the PaDD Olivia held in her hand. "I don't understand. We were assigned to the Pandora but as you said, it shows our assignments on hold. What's going on Olivia?" Daniel asked his wife. His confusion growing by the second.

“I have absolutely no idea!” Olivia put the PADD back away. “Right now I’m not that worried about it, I intend to make as much of our time together as I can right now. Once we get back we can do a little digging into the Pandora and see what shows up.”

Daniel nodded his agreement at Olvia's statement. "Sounds like a plan to me. I have much more important things to concentrate on. The Pandora can wait...for now." He said as he kissed Olivia.

Olivia returned his kiss with enthusiasm, they’d been apart for a long time and she was planning on enjoying every moment they had together on Risa.

Daniel enjoyed the taste of Olivia's lips against his own. A line from an old, old song ran through his head, *She had kisses sweeter than wine* and in Olivia's case it was certainly true.

Olivia smiled as their lips parted. “You know if you keep this up we’ll have to return to our room early.” She gave him a wry smile.

"Hmm hm." Wyatt agreed and then expanded his answer. "And that is a problem how exactly?" The smile on his face matched the smile in his eyes.

Olivia couldn’t help but grin. “How’s about we pack up and head back then?” She didn’t wait for a response instead she was up on her feet gathering what few things they’d brought down to the beach.

"No, wait Olivia. One quick swim and then back to the room." Daniel countered.

Olivia grinned. “I can never say no to you handsome!” She motioned towards the sea. “I’ll beat you there!”

Daniel grinned broadly, "You're on beautiful! Want a head start?" He teased her.

“No way!” Olivia grinned. “I don’t need a head start, I can beat you.” She giggled and started running.

Olivia's laughter was like the tinkling of bells. It always made him smile and today was no exception. "Mighty confident, aren't we?" Daniel replied with a laugh and then started to run after her.

Olivia ran faster eventually slowing down as she got into the water, looking around to see where Daniel went.

Daniel had entered the water and instantly went underwater and swam the short distance to Eve, coming up behind her. As he rose out of the water he took her in his arms. "Surprise! I love you!"

Olivia grinned as she wrapped her arms around him. “I love you too!” She kissed him letting it linger.

Daniel held Olivia as the waves lapped at their legs and their kiss continued. It was a moment he wanted to freeze in his memory, Being here with Olivia was a dream he never wanted to end.

Olivia was letting herself enjoy every single moment, they rarely had time like this when they were onboard ships.

Daniel continued to kiss and hold Olivia. "I love you Olivia Keith. Now and until the end of time." He whispered in her ear.

“Forever And ever” Olivia whispered in his ear in return.

"Amen my love. Amen." Daniel replied, realizing being with Olivia was heaven and nothing would ever change that.


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