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Posted on Sun Jun 2nd, 2024 @ 4:09pm by Captain Nycolas Temple

Mission: The Only Thing Left Was Hope
Location: Earth - Paris
Timeline: After "Unfinished - Part Three"


Nyx and his brother Magnus were standing at the window of Magnus' Palais de la Concorde office, staring out at the afternoon Parisian skyline. Nyx had just delivered the unexpected news of his impending departure to his brother, and Magnus had many questions.

"So you've found your new cause then?" He said with a wry smile, "Something new to chase after?"

"Not just something," Nyx replied, "My ship. And, my crew with it."

"And Emilie is really okay with this?" Magnus was incredulous, "With you just leaving?"

Nyx sighed, "Not at first, no, but we have an understanding that I will only do what I can to figure out what happened to the Pandora. If I cannot find her, I come back home. But if I do find her, I guess we'll reunite on the ship."

"And so you'll take the family back out there again?" Magnus frowned, "Amongst the stars and all the danger."

"Ems wants to," Nyx shrugged, "It's what it means for us to stay together, and she isn't exactly feeling fulfilled here on Earth. She liked serving on the ship, too. I can't decide it's too dangerous for her but not for me."

Magnus nodded a little, before turning to view his brother's face. He frowned once more. "What if it's a trap?"

Nyx was taken aback by the question, and he tilted his head a little, considering the possibility. "I'm already trapped, stuck here on Earth. I'm easy to find apparently. Whoever visited me clearly has the ability to just drop in whenever he feels like it. I'd feel less exposed on the Pandora."

"Yeesh." Magnus grimaced, "You just described living here as being trapped."

Nyx could only shrug, "I did."

"So... then what?" Magnus kept pressing. He was trying to figure out if his brother had considered all the possibilities, knowing Nyx had a tendency to get an idea stuck in his head and stubbornly refuse to change his mind. Magnus didn't want Nyx to charge headfirst into this unknown situation without having a clear view of what he was doing. "After you find the Pandora? You just take up where you left off?"

"Magnus," Nyx sighed, knowing exactly what his brother was doing, "I don't have all the answers just yet. What happens after I find her depends entirely on how and *if* I find her at all. Hopefully we'll have some idea of why she went missing and who orchestrated the disappearance. I guess I would investigate that next."

Magnus turned away from the window and leaned on his desk. It was times like this he wished he was a drinker with a chest of whiskey at his easy reach. He saw so many other people with offices and their fancy drinks cabinets, but never felt like having one of his own. All he had was a replicator and this conversation caused for the real stuff. Instead, he sighed deeply and took a glancing view of his console. Another meeting appointment had been scheduled - a reminder that Magnus had his own cause to pursue.

"Okay," Magnus surrendered, "I get it. I won't keep asking questions. As long as you're sure this is the best thing to do."

"It... feels right." Nyx said as he also turned around, "I think that person who visited me might have actually been right. My time on the Pandora doesn't feel finished. I think we have more to do. Finding her is the first step to continuing that purpose."

"Then I will wish you luck." Magnus gave a smile, "And the very clear caveat that you will return to us, safely, whatever happens."

"Always the negotiator." Nyx laughed in response, "I agree to your terms Ambassador."

Magnus chuckled as he looked to his appointments, "Glad someone does." He said distractedly, shaking his head at the screen, "More advanced talks required? Great."

"Who's that with?" Nyx asked, peering over his brother's shoulder.

"The Drax." Magnus replied, "We've been negotiating their provisional membership to the Federation but negotiations have stalled. Again. We start to get traction but then they pull away."

"Drax?" Nyx asked, "My Chief Counsellor was a Drax. In fact, I believe her mother was one of their diplomats."

At this news, Magnus turned to his brother with a concerningly wide smile. "Come again?"

Nyx went wide eyed, "I don't like that look, Magnus!"

"But how perfect!" Magnus beamed, "A Drax officer in the Federation who can help negotiate on our side, *with* a personal connection to their representatives?!"

"She's also the wife of one of my closest friends." Nyx continued, then held up his hands, "BUT! There is a catch."

Magnus deflated a little, "What is it?"

"Well she's part of the crew that I have to locate... and convince to come find the Pandora." Nyx said, "I don't know if she'd be interested, or available."

Magnus grabbed Nyx's shoulders, "You must! Okay I was skeptical of your purpose before but now - oh boy now - I am one hundred percent down for your new mission. Find the Pandora, find your crew, and get me in contact with your Counsellor!"

Nyx burst into laughter at Magnus' sudden change in attitude. "Det er uventet!" He giggled.

"Unexpected?" Magnus scoffed, "A re-alignment of goals given new information. Nyx, please, this could be exactly what I need to push the negotiations into completion!"

"Alright, alright!" It was Nyx's turn to surrender, "I will do so, but I can't order her to help you. She may wish to remain neutral."

"There is one good thing our mother passed onto her sons," Magnus said seriously, "And it's the ability to convince people to do things. I believe in you, brother."

"You're scary when you're like this." Nyx replied.

"Come," Magnus put his hand on Nyx's shoulder, "This calls for a departure drink in the Palais lounge. Then, you've got some packing to do."

Nyx couldn't help but laugh again at his brother's eagerness and he allowed himself to be guided out of the office all the same. It would probably be the last time in a while in which they would be able to talk like this and spend quality time together. After almost a year of their regular catch ups and strolls around Paris, that was all about to change. Nyx would enjoy this drink with his brother, hoping it wouldn't be their last.



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