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  • The Inconnu Expanse »
    An area of disputed space far west of Federation border, circled by the Breen, Cardassians, Ferengi, Talarians, and Tzenkethi states. The region is notable for…
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Paradise Outpost

Created by Captain Nycolas Temple on Fri Dec 11th, 2020 @ 6:08am

With the Expanse previously being neutral and unclaimed territory, it was a fortuitous but potentially deadly business to run a space port within the area. With many hostile and lawless groups using the Inconnu Region for travel and other activities, it was near to impossible to safely run a station without being raided or attacked every other week. One of the few ports in the Expanse that has managed to avoid such a fate is "Paradise Outpost" - so called in local dialects because of the tight security and general peacefulness of the station.

Paradise is run by an Anh'iran business tycoon simply known as Katya. It is unclear exactly when Katya arrived in the region but it is local legend that the Outpost was once a lawless hive of murder and black markets until around the mid 24th Century. Over the proceeding years, security and armaments on the station steadily increased and all violence was soon stamped out; it became known as the only safe place this side of the Expanse. Katya had risen as the powerful leader behind the changes to the station, which she now ran with impressive control.

All business owners, merchants, or visitors are closely checked and vetted before entering and the majority of the station was fitted with high-tech surveillance systems. Security forces were said to be ruthless in their "No Crime" policy and breaking this rule, even for petty theft, would mean banishment or worse. There is now an exclusion zone around Paradise, where ships must await approval to dock with the station. Anyone attempting to force their way in usually meet a fiery death. Of course some will still try, though none have succeeded. Weapons are strictly banned on the station, and every person undergoes a thorough scan before boarding. Weapons are sold, however, in a secured area of the shopping district, under close guard from station security. Any weapons purchased are delivered to the buyer's ship at least 24 hours after purchase, under strict security.

Business boomed under the new management and Paradise's reputation for being a safe haven within the Expanse meant that the station grew in size and popularity. Now the station has a dedicated refuelling ring, 2.5 kilometres of market places, high-end tech centre, trading hub, entertainment district, and hotel. Paradise has even imported trees and shrubbery from local planets to create a living garden in the centre of the station. It is impossible to rob the place as all trade and commerce is conducted electronically, with funds transferred after before the visitor has left the exclusion zone only.


The USS Pandora was sent to visit Paradise Outpost to gather information on the newly-formed Alrakis Pact. Upon their arrival, the crew discovered that the station had been covertly taken over by the Breen Confederacy, with Katya remaining as a mere figurehead. The Breen attempted to use the Pandora to stage a terrorist act and blame it on the Federation, however this plan was thwarted by the crew.

Katya was able to regain control of Paradise thanks to the Pandora's intervention, and gathered local forces to help repel the Breen from the area. From here, Paradise became a beacon of rebellion against the Alrakis Pact and Katya was deigned a leader of the independence movement.

Though she had reclaimed Paradise, Katya still feared for it's safety and travelled into Federation territory to meet with representatives regarding a protectorate agreement.

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