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A Toast to Tyson

Posted on Mon Jun 22nd, 2020 @ 11:28pm by Huyo & Lieutenant Commander Mindo & Lieutenant Tyson Brookes
Edited on on Fri Jul 10th, 2020 @ 5:11pm

Mission: Divided We Fall
Location: The Pandora's Box
Timeline: Current

A Mission Post by Lieutenant Mindo & Lieutenant JG Tyson Brookes & Huyo
Mission: Divided We Fall
Location: The Pandora's Box
Timeline: Current
Tue Sep 25th, 2018 @ 8:32pm

-- Pandora's Box --

Tyson sat in one of the comfortable lounge chairs in Pandora’s Box. The black and white décor and professional designer who had created it, mimicking a resort or conference center back on Earth.

He worked on one of the various PADD’s strewn about in front of him. His face was tired, and he didn’t feel all that well at the moment. His eyes darted across the data screens of updates and requests from Starfleet medical.

“Talk about big brother…” Tyson muttered to his self and shook his head. “I cant keep up with this amount of digital homework.”

The sound waves were bliss to his ears on either side of his head. The encompassing device seemed almost alien itself. The Sony over-ear headphones were archaic, yet produced the same symphonic beats Tyson had craved growing up in the 1980s. It was a fact, a sort of scar left on his mental psyche.

After taking them off, he went back up to get another drink from friendly Huyo. The Female Deltan was hard to read for Brookes. He smiled.

“Thank you Huyo. I will be back for another.” He winked. Turning and taking another few drinks of the beer in one nice classic cold beer mugs.

The room was quiet as Tyson continued to work on the Medical Bay rosters. Another crewman entered, the faint sound in the room. Glancing upward from his work, Tyson noticed it was Mindo.

Tyson watched Mindo approach the bar and get a drink (something purple). Huyo smiled and laughed at something he had said to her. It was clear they were familiar with each other the way they were talking... flirting even.

Eventually Huyo went to help another thirsty customer and Mindo was left sipping his drink. He noticed the good doctor sitting at a table strewn about with various PADDs just a few feet from him.

He approached the table and picked up one of the PADDs, giving it a small glance.

"Those are, were private records." He mumbled flipping through the last of his PADD. Tyson thinking aloud as he had to "turn it off to save the battery." He looked around the device for an off switch. This was a different version of PADD he was not used to. "Mindo, good afternoon!"

Mindo examined the PADD in his hand for a second. "Hmm... Crewman Zo is having cramps again..."

"The Gastrointestinal System, complex and sometimes Evil. For Crewman Zo. How is Zo doing, something he ate?" Tyson crossed his arms and leaned back relaxing, now that Mindo was here to talk to.

Mindo checked the PADD again. "It doesn't say. He did just discover what a nacho supreme is. Says I should try it. What do you think?" Mindo set the PADD containing Zo's info back into the pile.

"Try it go ahead Mindo." He grinned big. "Try them ordered from the replicator on authentic recipe mode." He chuckled. "Better try the chili n cheese n beef burritos at Taco Bell." He had meant the replicator.

"Burritos are a little big for me," said Mindo. "I'm more of a taquito person. Where is Taco Bell? Is that in Mexico?"

"Little big for you?" He pulled up a medical PADD with some of Mindo's medical statistics. "I'm not sure, on here your enzyme results show your getting calories from a much more... liquid source?" He smugly handed Mindo his medical health results.

Mindo examined the PADD for a few seconds. "My alcohol and blood sugar levels are perfectly normal for a Fesarian," he replied. "I will say my blood pressure looks a little low. Anything to worry about?"

"Transitory ambient blood pressure. For your age in Fesarian, you have quite healthy numbers." He admitted.

Tyson smiled as he then punched in an order on his PADD and turned his gaze over at Huyo. Huyo turned back and then winked. Huyo began to work on the order.

"Burritos are not bad. I'm a bit more into Double Big Macs. They had them for a while, think it was the 1988 Summer Olympics promotion."

"I have two combo orders from a Mac Donald." Huyo gently with grace laid down the plastic trays and boxed regalia of the ancient caloric laden fast food giant.

"What is this?" said Mindo, looking at the large, quadruple-decker sandwich in front of him. It came with French Fries, which Mindo was more than familiar with, and it had beef patties in it, but this was unlike any burger Mindo had ever seen.

"Just shut it and eat up Mindo! Not everything is all salads and Vodka." He opened the square box of delight. On the inside lettuice falling and four ground beef patties, topped with processed cheese and special sauce. "Feel free to smell it. Feel free to feel the hot grease. This is the original order with frys and cola. I always order without ice." He then let his jaw unhinge and Tyson took one of the largest mouth gluttoning bites he could, just to show Mindo the pleasure.

Mindo just stared at the sandwich.

"Eat yourrrs!" He muffled out. Mindo's Double Big Mac combo order in front of him on the classic brown plastic tray and paper lining.

Mindo picked up the large sandwich. It hardly fit in his two small hands. Cautiously, he took a bite. His eyebrows went up and he looked back at the doctor.

"My god, man, this is amazing!" Mindo said, and took another bite. "What did you say this was called?"

Tyson watched at Mindo and chuckled at his reaction. Everyone in the 24th century has had some form of hamburger, as an Earth delicacy. Introducing the Double Big Mac was one small step for 20th-century humanity.

“Big Mac. Over 11 Billion served worldwide!” He boasted of his favorite glutton meal.

Tyson then punched in another small order to Huyo who was interested in the two wolfing down these meals.

“Trust me! This is great food for post hangs over shindigs.” He talked in his laid-back hint of Californian accent underneath. “No No NO! Your eating wrong, you have to eat it WITH the bun, not just mash the patty into your mouth.”

Taking a drink and then swallowing, clearing his throat.

“What do you do for recreation on the Pandora other than Little Caesars?”

"I watch films," said Mindo. "I have a library of a few million various films from several different cultures and various time periods, from the early Cardassian operas to the latter-day Ferengi romantic comedies. I have a ton of Earth films as well. You humans have a very interesting cinematic style. I consider myself a big fan!"

"That is fantastic. I have only a banal earth view of film. I would really like to see some other kinds. Maybe not the Ferengi romancing!"

Huyo then comes back to the table. Hugo watched as the two were attacking the burgers. “I have your deserts Gentleman.” Huyo then set down on the table with tall, long cups, with large red long plastic spoons.

“Now these Mindo.” He smiled at Huyo. “Thank you Huyo.”

“Ok. Well, Mindo. This is called the Oreo Blizzard, from a place called Dairy Queen. Another fast food restaurant from my time.”

Mindo grinned big. "Oh, I know ice cream with cookies when I see it! Fesarian desserts are quite similar to humans'. I'm especially fond of your apple pie a la mode. Fesarians love desserts. It was the first kind of human food I tried when I arrived on Earth. The second was the alcohol, of course."

"Hahaha." Tyson laughed at the alcohol comment. "From deserts to alcohol. Sounds like you would like some chocolate liquors. Heck you'd need octane for Fesarian kind." He ate and was about half finished his Big Mac.

"I do like Irish Creme in coffee," said Mindo. "And rum on ice cream is also a very good treat." He ate a little more of the gigantic sandwich. "What is the sauce on this called? I don't think I've ever encountered it before. It's like... mayonnaise, but tangy. It's really good!"

"Secret sauce! Total market gimmick but it worked. Everyone was used to regular offerings till 'The Big Mac' with 'Special Sauce' was added. I bet your right, a lot of mayo. Yeah, I think mayonnaise was added probably with some sweet relish added into it." Tyson, then literally wolfed down the last ruminants of the beef patties, grease soaked bun, and pouting process cheese slices.

"'Secret sauce,'" Mindo repeated. "That sounds suspiciously like mystery meat."

"It is for this reason that I only have one or two Big Macs a month." He patted his usually rock hard, tall muscular body, and his six pack chest. Mindo looked to be in bliss. Between the frozen deserts Huyo had brought, and the French fries that Mindo self acclaimed as his favourite.

"What deserts of the Fesarian kind can you indulge this cardiac specialist Lieutenant?"

Mindo set down the large sandwich. He'd only half-finished it, but he was already beginning to feel full. "Well... Fesarian desserts, as I have said, taste very similar to human ones. However, all of them are potent aphrodisiacs and are usually consumed before coupling. If you want, we can go back to my quarters and indulge..."

“Not that that doesn’t sound,” he looked upward with his eyes emphasizing the word “Awesome!” He laughed. “I would end up probably injuring you in the process Mindo.”

He was with Aeryn, and he didn’t want to have to reveal that. They were still discovering each other as it was.

“You could have asked me, oh, say earlier. I am technically not even seeing a person right now.” He felt confused even saying it.

"I understand," said Mindo. "Though typically that's usually not an issue. Maybe I'm slipping..." Out of instinct, he looked up at Huyo. Her smile and wink reminded him he most definitely was not slipping, but the scuttlebutt of their rather lengthy encounter at Mindo's own establishment had yet to spread to the rest of the ship.

"Slipping?" He eased back into the comfortable chair, and took a drink. Tyson knew exactly what Mindo was about just then.

"Just an expression," said Mindo. "Never mind."

"Cheers." He extended his drink, and nodded in salute to Mindo.

Tyson raised his glass and let a comfortable smile cross his face. He had ordered a glass of Rye and Ice. He slowly swirled around the ice cubes in the glass. He clinked it with Huyo. "I think tonight is a good time to get sloshed!"

Huyo laughed at the shameless toast as Tyson’s glass clinked comically off the silver tray she used for serving as she cleaned up the table. “Oh, you do know the way to a bartender’s heart, Tyson,” she teased. “If you want to have that kind of night, dears, then you’re quite welcome to it. It has been so quiet in here since the incident with the Bridge crew.”

Tyson paused for a moment and then his spirits fell a bit. He didn't know all of the people who had went missing. It was a horror movie. He looked at Mindo, and then back at Huyo. "How about another. A double. I need to feel some warmth!"

"Make mine a triple," said Mindo. "It's been pretty chilly around here lately."


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