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Til death do us part

Posted on Wed Jun 24th, 2020 @ 3:07am by Captain Nycolas Temple & Commander Owen Nash & Lieutenant John Sandoval & Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri-Smith & Lieutenant Alexandra Alves MD & Lieutenant James Smith & Lieutenant JG Aeryn Jameson & Emilie Temple & Veronica Kiley
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Mission: New Moon Rising
Location: Various
Timeline: Current Day

Aeryn’s Quarters

Krysia stood looking at herself in the mirror, she had butterflies in her stomach like never before but at least her morning sickness was finally permanently gone. She’d asked Aeryn to be her bridesmaid and in turn she’d spent the eve of her wedding sharing Aeryn’s Quarters. Now here she stood in a white, lace bodice, flowing dress that was just short of the floor more for safety with her pregnancy as she didn’t want to be catching her shoes in the dress.

“You look absolutely stunning!” Aeryn smiled as she appeared from the bedroom in her lilac bridesmaids dress complete with a coordinating bouquet of flowers. “I’m have no doubt James’ eyes will pop out of his head at the sight of you!”

“Are you sure it doesn’t show up my bump too much?” Krysia looked at Aeryn. She knew she was being picky but she was pretty nervous and wanted everything just right for her big day.

“It’s not like your bump is that big yet!” Aeryn smiled. “I won’t lie, yes it does show your bump but your dress complements it beautifully, so stop worrying and just enjoy your big day! Give it another five to five and a half months, based on your Human half and you’ll have two little bundles of joy to keep you both busy.”

“I guess you’re right there!” Krysia grinned. “I guess now we wait for Owen and John to get here.

Owen's Quarters

Having prepared himself in his best dress uniform, whilst nursing a hangover from the night before, Owen was impressed with himself. It wasn't often that he got to wear it and there a sense of pride in him as he looked in the mirror.

With one final tug on his collar, Owen left his quarters and made his way to Aeryn's to see how she & Krys were doing as they prepared for the ceremony.

James & Krysia's Quarters

James looked in the mirror as he waited for Nyx and Emilie to arrive at his quarters, he was happy that Nyx had agreed to preform the ceremony. Adjusted his dress jacket he looked over at the picture of his former wife and his daughter. Their deaths still haunted him to this day and he missed them both so much, and occasionally the nightmares came but they were getting better.

Since meeting Krys he had been more himself and a lot happier and he had been able to perform his duties with ease. He never thought that he would ever marry again, or that anyone could replace those that he had lost but he was wrong. He hoped that he could keep her and the new twins safe and vowed that nothing would happen to them. James sat down and smiled, she had spent last night at Aeryn’s quarters and James couldn’t wait to see his bride.

The Temple family weren't much longer, though slowed down by the heavily pregnant Emilie - who could only walk at a waddling place - and their wayward five year old Katrine - who was wearing a long dress for the first time, a fact she found insurmountably fascinating. "This way." Nyx called out patiently, as he tried to direct Katrine with one hand, while patiently steadying Emilie with the other. They were quite the sight walking down the corridors of the Pandora.

"Thank goodness Ignatius was able to adjust this dress." Emilie complained, looking down at her ivy-green velvet gown, which billowed over her burgeoning stomach. She was carrying her shoes in one hand, though they were only ballet flats she couldn't bear to wear them for too long.

"I just hope the little one doesn't decide to come early." Nyx replied in a low tone, as if speaking it any louder would make this come true. Emilie scrunched up her nose and gave Nyx a gentle whack with her shoes.

"I do!" Katrine called out, as she continued to twirl and dance in her lace dress, so much so that her flowered headband continued to fall down. "Daddy!" She complained when it fell across her face again.

"Well I told you to stop dancing around." Nyx replied, his voice edging on 'parental' but still light in order to not to ruin the day. "We're here now, dance time is over."

Thankfully they had made it to Smith and Kaleri's quarters without further incident, and Katrine helpfully chimed on the door.

James was still fussing with his uniform when he heard the door. “Come in”. He watched as Nyx, Emilie and Katrine came in. He smiled at his friends before saying , “I haven’t been this nervous since I married Emily or even when Maria was born.” Smith looked over at their picture again and smiled. “I want to thank both of you for always being their for me, especially after Emily and Maria died. I don’t know what I would have done or where I would have gone with my life.”

James reaches over to grab Nyx’s hand, “Thank you for performing the ceremony for us it means a lot to both of us. Krys has made me so happy, and I hope to give her and the twins whatever they need.”

“Of course, old friend.” Nyx smiled in reply. Emilie lowered herself into a chair and sighed. Nyx looked to her with raised eyebrows, “You need anything?”

“I’m good.” She smiled in reply, waving her hand.

“How long will it be?” Katrine asked as she hovered around Nyx’s legs.

“It’ll be a while, darling.” Nyx answered gently.

Katrine sighed loudly, though didn’t say any more.

Aeryn's Quarters

Krysia was just getting a drink to calm her nerves when the door chime rang, she smiled as Aeryn answered the door letting Owen inside. "Owen!" She smiled excitedly at her brother. "You look so handsome!!" She sipped her drink as she settled into a seat trying to keep herself calm and composed. "I don't think I've ever been so nervous!!"

Owen smiled as he looked Krys up and down, marvelling at her outfit. "You're nervous? I'm already a bag of nerves and I'm not even getting married!" he explained. "You look, great sis," he finished as he walked over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "James is a very lucky man indeed!"

Owen moved over to Aeryn and gave her a small kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for helping Krys get ready, she looks stunning," he said.

“It’s my pleasure!” Aeryn smiled warmly.

Wearing his own dress uniform and sporting his fancier cane, John poked his head into the open door and looked at the beautiful bride and her entourage.

“You look amazing, Krysia,” he observed, stepping into Aeryn’s quarters. “Thank you for inviting me. It means a lot that you consider me enough of a friend to have me be part of your day.” He stepped towards Aeryn and gave her a wide smile. “Hey, you.”

Aeryn beamed a smile at John, she was glad she had him to be with once she’d fulfilled her duty as one of Krysia’s bridesmaids alongside Alexandra. “Hey yourself, you’re looking very handsome.”

Owen coughed as he saw how close both Aeryn and John were. "So, would you two like a room as well? Or are we planning your wedding next?" he jokingly asked them both. It was clear how close they were and Owen was happy for them both.

Krysia smiled. “You know the two of you make a lovely couple.” She looked at John. “It’s my pleasure to have you here John.

John smiled and looked at the ground a bit awkwardly. Surely Owen knew that John was married, and that while polyamory was an acceptable if rare practice among humans, multiple marriages were not. Still, he appreciated the positive feelings from both.

“I hope Alexandra gets here soon, I take it she was meeting us here and not at the holodeck?”

The doctor felt somewhat mixed feelings when she thought about the wedding ceremony. First of all, she was truly happy to see her colleague and friend, Krysia finding love and happiness. On the other hand, however, it reminded her too much of her own wedding ceremony nine years ago. Though she was absolutely sure Krysia and James won't end up the way she and her ex-husband did, it still brought back bittersweet memories of that certain day so long ago. Neverthless, she felt truly honored that Krysia invited her and Veronica to the private ceremony, which included the couple and a handful of close friends. Her daughter was also excited about the 'party', as she called it, and very curious to see an actual wedding in first person.

Wearing an elegant, light-coloured dress, high heels, and allowing her hair to fall on her shoulders (a rare occasion), and carrying a small gift box, Alexandra stepped into Aeryn's quarers, closely followed by Veronica, who was also wearing a pretty dress.

"Hello!", she waved to the people present, then turned to Krysia, eyeing her bridal dress, "You look absolutely stunning!", she smiled.

"Thank you Alexandra!" Krysia smiled. "You look lovely yourself and I like Veronica's dress!"

"Thank you!", Alex smiled.

Veronica looked up at Krysia with a shy-ish smile, not sure how to phrase what she wanted to say. "Congratulations!", she finally spoke up, "This is... truly... awesome!"

Krysia grinned. "Trust me, it gets a whole lot more awesome from here!!"

"You can bet on that.", the doctor looked at her daughter with a grin.

"Well I guess it's nearing the time to go!" Krys looked at Aeryn.

Aeryn nodded "Alexandra, Veronica, John and I will carry on. As your bridesmaids, we'll meet you outside the Holodeck." Aeryn took John's arm giving him a romantic smile as she did so, if only he knew how much she wished he wasn't married right now!

John returned Aeryn’s smile. “Shall we, milady?” he said, gesturing out the door.

"Alright.", Alexandra nodded gently, "After you, darling.", she said, as Veronica headed for the door.

John and Aeryn followed immediately behind the CMO and her daughter.

Krysia watched them all go before looking at Owen. "You ready for this Owen?"

Owen offerd his arm to Krys without hesitation. "Of course, shall we?" he asked, ready to escort his sister to the next step in her life with her chosen one.

Taking her brother’s arm Krysia took a deep breath and nodded. “Let’s go!”

Holodeck - A few minutes later

Arriving at the holodeck with Owen, Krysia paused outside as they were joined by Aeryn and Alexandra. “Is Veronica settled okay inside without you Alexandra?” She looked at Alexandra wanting to make sure everything was okay.

"Ah, surely!", Alexandra replied with a smile, and glanced at her daughter with a suggestive grin, "Afterall, you know how to behave perfectly well."

“In that case...” Krysia took a deep breath as the holodeck doors opened and the music began.

The scene was beautifully set by the Holodeck, a rolling green hillside set overlooking a breathtakingly blue sea that seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see. The hillside was ablaze with wild flowers and trees and amongst it all in the shade of two large trees stood the altar adorned with beautiful multicoloured flowers. The sky was blue as blue could be and the sun shone down on the guests. The Holodeck being what it was the temperature was set to comfortably warm but not overly so.

Krysia could see her husband to get waiting at the altar and she couldn't wait to get there to him.

Owen took in the sight before him and was impressed with how beautiful it looked. He patted Krys' hand. "Ready when you are," he said to her, with a supporting smile.

Krysia nodded. As the music started she walked proudly down the aisle with Alexandra and Aeryn behind her.

James smiled as he saw Krys as she appeared at the top of the aisle. He could wait to finally have her as his wife he had waited a long time for this. Even still he stomach was in knots and he was just as nervous as the first time he got married. James looked over at Nyx and smiled and continue to watch as Krysia soon was at his side.

It didn't take long before Krysia was standing beside her husband to be. She took a moment to give him a loving cuddle before taking his hand and turning to look at Nyx.

Owen stepped to one side as he gave Krysia over to James. He nodded with a smile to the two of them before taking his position with the rest of the group.

Taking Krysia’s hand he smiled at Owen, before looking back to her. She was beautiful standing her next to him. James turned to look at Nyx and nodded.

Meanwhile, John stood off to the side, ostensibly on the half of the beautiful verdant hillside associated with Krysia, whom he knew much better than he knew James. Next to him stood Veronica. He smiled at Krysia and leaned in to whisper to Veronica. “Beautiful, right?”

The little girl watched through the whole ceremony. She knew it held real importance to everyone present. Everyone looked so elegant and pretty. "It is..." she shyly whispered to Mr. Sandoval, when she heard the man addressing her. "Everyone is looking so pretty."

Nyx performed the ceremony with a few light hearted touches and anecdotes thrown in for good measure. He stayed away from mentioning too much about his time with Smith at the Academy, and focused on the joy Lieutenant Kaleri had obviously brought to his life. He talked about the power of love to change people’s live, and it’s ability to heal old wounds. Nyx was not a religious man, he wasn’t much for spirituality, but he believed above all that free, unabashed, uplifting love was one of humanity’s highest achievements. He talked about how it would continue to guide them as Starfleet officers and explorers, as it would undoubtedly propel Smith and Kaleri to becoming their best selves.

In the end, he finished by quoting the old classic song by the infamous Beatles. “Love is all you need.” Nyx said, and repeated with emphasis. “Love is all you need.”

Smith looked into Krysia eyes, he was so happy that tears filled his eyes, he couldn’t wait to start their lives together, as he looked around at those that were gathered he smiled he was happy to see all their dearest friends and happy they could share in this moment with them.”

Krysia could hardly believe she was finally Mrs Smith, it made it all the more special with her friends and brother there. Looking James in the eyes she gave him a romantic kiss before they made their way back up the aisle.

James held her close as they walked down the aisle, he was so happy that Krysia was now his wife. Looking at all the smiling faces he turned to look at his new bride and smiled, life was turning out really good.


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