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Oh No

Posted on Wed Jun 24th, 2020 @ 3:37am by Lieutenant Mindo & Emilie Temple
Edited on on Fri Jul 10th, 2020 @ 5:55pm

Mission: The Evils Within
Location: Deck 6 - Turbolift


Despite the pain relief that Doctor Alves had given her, Emilie Temple was still feeling intense pressure in her body as she slowly made her way towards the turbo lifts. She wondered if she should turn around and head back to Sickbay, but she also didn't want to disturb Alves and her team any more than she already had. Emilie's mood hadn't been entirely pleasant due to her well-overdue pregnancy, and she worried about annoying the Chief Doctor with her concerns. As she waddled down the corridor, she became convinced she could lie down in bed, allow the hypospray to start working fully, and she'd feel better again soon. At least she hoped so.

Pressing the lift's control panel, Emilie leaned against the wall for a moment, sucking in a deep breath of air and she tried to forget about the discomfort in her belly. The lifts were taking an abnormally long time, which only added to her frustration, causing Emilie to pound the panel with her finger several more times in the vain hope that it would cause the machinery to hurry up. Finally, when one did arrive, she hurried in so quickly that she almost knocked over the other occupant inside, Lieutenant Mindo, in her mad rush.

"Mrs. Temple!" said Mindo, moving out of her way. Mindo had been in the lift trying to diagnose the sudden problems with the lift that had been reported a number of times throughout the morning. "Is everything OK?" Upon Emilie's entrance, Mindo put his tricorder back on his belt.

"Deck two." Emilie impatiently commanded the computer, as she leaned against the far wall. "I'm sorry Lieutenant, I just really want to get home and rest." The lift hadn't yet complied with Emilie's request, so she said it again, this time more forcefully. "Deck TWO!"

Mindo bit his lip. "Er, um... I'm currently fixing the turbolift. It's been malfunctioning like this. I should have it fixed in a few, maybe ten minutes?"

Emilie groaned, "Ugh. Maybe I should head back to Sickbay. I seem to keep feeling worse. Especially if this bloody turbo lift won't be able to take me to Deck 2."

Without warning, there came a friendly chime of acknowledgement from the computer and the lift doors slid closed. There was a lurch as the lift suddenly accelerated upwards, taking them to the Bridge. Emilie gripped hard onto the railing as the movement caused her stomach to turn over. The lift remained where it was for a moment, the doors staying ominously closed, before they were dropped down once more to Deck 6.

Mindo reached out to the panel with his tricorder with his right hand, trying to steady the very pregnant Emilie with the other to little avail. At least he was trying.

"Just a sec..." he said, making a small adjustment with one hand.

This time, more slowly, the lift started to rise again. As they were between Decks 4 and 3, it suddenly stopped. The computer chimed, believing it had reached its destination, then promptly announced an "Emergency shut down" of the lift had occurred. Emilie meanwhile started breathing heavily, the ups and downs playing havoc on her already ill condition, but she was also acutely aware of a strong cramp in her abdomen.

Mindo breathed a sigh of relief. "OK, the good news is we're safe now. The lift can't move on emergency shut down. I should be able to fix it in about ten, maybe fifteen minutes if you can just... um, Mrs. Temple? Are you alright?"

Emilie gripped onto the Lieutenant’s jacket with surprising force. “Mr. Mindo... I need to get to sickbay.”

"I can transport you there," said Mindo. "But it may be harmful to your pregnancy. How far away is it until birth?"

Looking across to Mindo, a look of confusion and alarm on her face, Emilie was aware of an unmistakable feeling. One she had felt once before and could never forget. "I think it's too late for that, Mr. Mindo. My waters just broke."

Mindo's eyes widened. "Oh shit." He set down his kit and put his hand on her shoulder. "Uh, what do I do?" he asked, trying not to panic. He couldn't transport the doctor to their location. The turbolift would be too crowded. Mindo looked at his tools, trying to think of some creative, crazy thing he could do with them, though he ultimately knew there was nothing.

Emilie groaned as she lowered herself down to the floor. She wasn't sure if that was the best idea but her body was telling her to get comfortable. She glanced over to the Chief Engineer as she began breathing loudly, "I'm not sure how familiar you are with human births, Lieutenant Mindo, but this baby is coming and it is coming fast!" Short sharp breaths, in and out, "I need you to alert the Doctor...." In and out "And get this damn lift moving or...." Another moan as another contraction hit, "Or... I'll be having this baby right here!"

"OK," Mindo said, then added another "OK" as he tried to clear his mind and concentrate on the open panel.

"And Mindo?!" Emilie growled, her voice lowering into a near-demonic tone as the contraction pain wore on. "Get... Nyx... Here NOW!"



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