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Costume Party Extravaganza

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 7:59am by Captain Nycolas Temple & Commander Owen Nash & Lieutenant Commander Mindo & Lieutenant Ziara Rrareth & Lieutenant Declan Roderick & Lieutenant Riaan Rrareth & Lieutenant James Smith & Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri-Smith & Lieutenant JG Vecon Fick & Lieutenant JG Aeryn Jameson

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Deck 5 - Eclipse Bar


Walking into the Eclipse Bar, Nyx marvelled at the decorations that the Recreation Team had managed to put up so quickly. The room was filled with coloured balloons, streamers, neon lights, and a fireworks projection display across the roof. The brief had been "COLOUR! COLOUR! COLOUR!" and they had delivered in abundance. Even looking outside from the venue's large bay windows, the Pandora was orbiting Hesiod Blue on a slight angle so that the planet's bright, shimmering turquoise splendour would be fully on display the whole evening. Considering the Rec team were not given much notice about the impromptu celebration, a typical Temple manoeuvre, they had been able to liven up the bar considerably well for tonight's festivities. The Captain had decided while sitting quietly on the Bridge one afternoon, that the Pandora would host her very first costume party, as a way of blowing off some steam and celebrating the end of the previous assignment.

"Attention all hands!" Nyx had suddenly announced over ship-wide comms, "We will be holding a costume party in the Eclipse Bar this Friday evening ship-time, starting at twenty-hundred. All are welcome, as long as you are in costume. That is all."

It was only about two minutes afterwards that Nyx realised some might have been spooked by his sudden call to "all hands", but he hoped everyone would be happy about the party nonetheless. Now the time was nearing 8 PM and guests started to arrive. Nyx began to greet them as they did, and he stood proudly in his Norse God Thor costume, giving his replica Mjölnir a twirl as he did.

Krysia walked along the corridor with James, she'd taken a little while to decide on a costume given her bump but had finally gone with a Star Wars Padme Amidala dress from when Padme's character had been pregnant in the film. "Are you sure I look alright in this?" she looked at James.

James smiled, "you are beautiful." He adjusted his robe as he tried to look comfortable. He had decided to dress as a Jedi knight.

Declan Roderick walked into the Costume Party Extravaganza with Aeryn Jameson. Both entered the room. Noticing how busy it was, the colours of the party was overwhelmingly cheerful. Declan had then walked to the refreshment table as GI Joe. He smiled at the party help and gave a tip of his green metal helmet at them. “Thank you kindly.” Roderick had received two tall tumbler glasses of something very bright red with ice.

Returning to Aeryn, he smiled, handing Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman, a drink. “Is the Captain and Commander here?” He spoke, “I don’t recognize them?” He smiled, looking the room over.

“Oh I’m sure they’re here somewhere” Aeryn smiled as she held onto her glass. “It’s all the fun of a costume party.”

Mindo made his appearance a few minutes later. He wore an ancient Starfleet uniform with a red T-shirt and classic gold insignia on the left side. To make the intended person recognizable - and also just for the flair - he wore a kilt.

John Sandoval was the next to arrive. He thought long and hard about his costume, and at one point considered a character that used a walking stick or fought with a staff, so he could incorporate a walking aid. But instead, he stopped in sickbay an hour before getting changed and Nurse Jassim gave him a localized painkiller and a leg massage. It wouldn't be perfect, and his pain might return before the evening was out, but he would be able to walk cane free for a couple of hours.

Removing the need to incorporate a cane, he looked through his books and holodeck programs and found what he wanted. He replicated a blonde wig, the outfit, and obscenely large Buster Sword of the lead character of his favourite holodeck game. The sword was thankfully very light and was held onto his back with a magnet. He found a drink and wandered the party looking for someone to talk to.

Aeryn walked over to where John was and offered a smile. “Hello John, you’re looking as handsome as ever.”

"Thank you," he said, smiling back. "You look great too. You really look the part of the Amazonian Warrior Princess Diana." He had played enough holodeck superhero fiction programs to recognize her right away.

"Thank you" Aeryn smiled warmly. She wasn't quite sure what else to say, their last encounter was left at a pretty awkward point. Instead she simply sipped her drink and looked around.

The world of costuming was a world Emmanuelle Larose was unfamiliar with. But she was a fan of holodeck programs and her boss had introduced her to many new holo novels. In one of those new novels, Emmanuelle was instantly drawn to the female protagonist. In the "real world", she was a scared and bullied teenager, but in the "virtual world" where so much of the story was set, she had electric blue hair and wielded the sniper rifle named Hecate. Her costume was impractical for a soldier but for a character in a holo novel of this type, it was on point.

She found her way next to Mindo. "Good evening, Commander Scott."

"Well lass! I do think the blue hair suits ya!" Mindo said in an awful Scottish brogue. "You do look really cool," he added in his regular voice.

"Thank you," she said. "I should show you the program she's from. I'll need someone to play Kirito, the man who, in a world dominated by guns, fights with a sword."

"Oooh! Sounds intriguing!" Mindo replied. He hovered closer to Larose and held out his arm. "Wanna join me at the snack bar? I wonder if anyone's spiked the punch yet..."

Having received the invite for the Costume Party Extravaganza, Owen had already decided on who he wanted to turn up as and was hoping that his idea was just original enough to get away with. Having spent the last few days catching up on reports and getting up to speed on events on board the Pandora and not having been able to take full advantage of a good shave whilst he was away, he was pretty certain he was going to have the right look.

Straightening his Fedora before he entered the Eclipse Bar, Owen felt quite comfortable in the supposed getup that was used in some late-twentieth-century action films that his Uncle Hank always enjoyed and often showed Owen as a child where the main character was an archaeologist from the period of Earth's Second world War, who ended up adventuring around the globe looking for ancient artefacts whilst avoiding the likes of the Nazi's and the Russians and other such groups.

As he walked in, he looked around and saw that quite a few people had already turned up and that their costumes were looking rather elegant and detailed. Owen smiled, knowing that when a good time was deserved to be had by the crew, they went to town to make sure it happened and after recent events, a break was needed by all.

"Commander." Declan had decided to greet Owen. He had smiled. "Or should I say Indy?" He asked. "I take it you are not afraid of snakes, like the character? Awesome get-up!"

"Well, let's just say, I haven't had the chance to find that one out yet," Owen answered. "Its good to see you settling in, Lieutenant, and mingling with the crew. I see you came in with Aeryn... I wasn't aware that you two knew each other..."

Roderick had nodded. "Aeryn and me, we used to serve together back a few years. She is an upstanding officer and friend, Sir." He nodded.

“Owen always wears great costumes for parties.” Krysia smiled as she walked over to her brother and Declan. “I don’t believe we’ve actually properly been introduced. I’m Krysia Kaleri-Smith, Chief Counsellor and this wonderful man’s half-sister!” She nodded to Owen.

"Lieutenant Declan Roderick. New to the Pandora, Chief of Ops. Ma'am." He nodded with a smile.

"Thanks, Krys, I'm glad you remembered one of my all-time secret abilities," Owen said with a smile as he grabbed a small drink and took a sip. "Although, I must say that both you and the good Lieutenant here look great in your costumes. The gown suits you too."

Looking at Declan's outfit, Owen tried to guess who he had come to the party as, being slightly unsure. "So, Army man?" he asked.

He got a bit embarrassed. "Uh Yeah. Well. An old Earth Comic Book, GI Joe." He beamed. "And costumes is your thing is it Sir?" He chuckled.

Owen smiled as he responded. "I have a penchant for them of an occasion and I always manage to find a way to find one that suits the occasion. I guess its just a habit." He took a sip of his drink before carrying on.

"Its good to see you joining in, Lieutenant, and mingling with the crowd. You'll find that parties on board the Pandora are often a fun time and a way to wind down after a difficult mission," he said.

Raven walked through the growing crowd of guests, hoping to find people she knew and something to drink. Her costume was a long, flowing purple silk gown, with a dark black wig, and fabric tiara. She was the essence of Princess Jasmine from the 'Aladdin' movies, a look she had created for her old Risian club show, 'A Ho's New World'. Raven was sashaying towards the bar when she bumped into a large, round hat.

"Oh!" She cried in surprise.

The hat turned around and Raven saw it was actually a turban. Ignatius was wearing his 'Aladdin' Sultan look, as the two had previously agreed to have matching costumes. Ignatius, of course, was wearing a more debonair, tailored Sultan look - with a gold and turquoise jacket, sparkly gold harem pants, and a large blue peacock feather in his crown. The two friends shared an awkward greeting towards each other. Their friendship had not yet been repaired after a fractious few interactions, where Ignatius became jealous over Raven's other burgeoning friendships, and Raven was insulted by a gift he had given her. Neither had been able to speak about the situation as yet, both having avoided much contact over the previous few days.

"Ah, Raven." Ignatius granted a slight smile. "You still came as Jasmine?"

"Yes." Raven replied, giving a slight turn of her body to show off the voluptuous silhouette. "I hadn't worn her yet on the Pandora, and it was the only thing I had prepared."

"Right." Ignatius nodded. "It was convenient. For me, too. I couldn't be bothered making something else."

"Of course." Raven shrugged. "It looks good, though."

"As do you." Ignatius added quickly.

An awakward silence passed over them.

"Well, I should really go mingle." Raven finally spoke. "I'm hoping to get mucho kudos from the Cap'n for helping pull this event together."

"Right." Ignatius said flatly. "Go, mingle. I'm only stopping in for a bit anyway."

"Fair enough." Raven replied, making a step away, "So... see you."

"Maybe." Ignatius shrugged before turning around and disappearing into the crowd.

Meanwhile, across the other side of the room, the God of Thunder found Indiana Jones talking to GI Joe and Padme Amidala.

"Behold! I see humans!" Nyx cried as he approached, raising up Mjölnir.

Krysia grinned. “Heavens I do believe I see Thor!”

"Captain." Roderick grinned, not noticing the Man.

John, having finished his conversation with Aeryn, and noting that Declan was talking with Owen, Krysia, and now Thor, joined the party. He pointed to the Captain's large hammer. "I think our First Officer might tell you that that artifact belongs in a museum," he quipped.

"Oddly enough, I'm sure it does," Owen said before chuckling as he realised John had picked up on who he was dressed as. Looking at Nyx's costume, Owen smiled. "Thats a fine effort, sir, well done. I never would have expected you to turn up as the God of Thunder."

"A Norse hero? Right up my alley." Nyx replied with a cheeky wink.

The music in the place faded, and the sound of someone tapping on a microphone filled the air.

"Good evening, Pandora crew!" said a voice over the speaker. Standing center stage was Zo, holding an electric guitar. He wore a blue jumpsuit with black belt and clean white gloves and boots. In the center of his chest was a white circle with the digit 4 in the center.

"Tonight, I am not Crewman Zo, and this is not his band Sauce Bucket... In fact, they've been kidnapped by a Pandora party paraquat named Victor Von Doom," Zo said as the lights came up on the band. "But do not fear, true believers. We've come to save the day!

The crowd gave a raucous and supportive cheer.

"The gorgeous blond standing to my right holding a bass guitar so clear it may be invisible, Ensign Sue Storm, The Invisible Girl! To my left at keyboard, with sideburns so extreme they've been turned white, the man with the longest fingers in the room, Chief Petty Officer Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic! Behind me, sitting at the drums is a man so stoned he literally turned into a pile of them, Yeoman Ben Grimm, The Thing!"

"It's clobberin' time!" someone yelled. The percussionist in the orange foam suit did a rimshot. Everyone laughed.

Zo grinned and gripped the guitar neck. "And I am here to keep this party pyre burning bright, cuz that's my specialty, I'm Admiral Johnny Storm, The Human Torch, and we are the Fantastic Four, and I say it's time for the festivities to flame on!"

Foom! Zo's electric guitar appeared to burst into flames as the band jumped right in to a lively rendition of The Beatles' "Revolution," no doubt in honor of the Hesians. A disco ball materialized and party poppers went off, spreading a rain of confetti down onto the party!

"That was awesome!" Roderick gawked at the display.

"See, what did I say. We know how to throw a party here on the Pandora," Owen said, before taking a sip of his drink and dancing along to the music.

Roderick feeling some of the drink, along with the great rhythm of the music, let his head nod and dance to the beat, as well. "Just awesome, Sir!" He grinned, raising his hand giving the Commander a much approved high-five. As well as the Captain would receive one too!

Mindo grinned as Zo rocked out on stage. "The Captain came dressed as Thor, but Zo just stole his thunder!"

"A fine display." Nyx declared, raising up his hammer just as the party lights passed over it, giving Mjölnir a momentary glow. "Asgard approves!"

The music continued for a while, and the crowds swelled. It felt like everyone not on duty had made it down to the Eclipse - the festivities spilling into the promenade outside. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, and Nyx looked around with a quiet smile upon his face. He didn't want to break up the fun, but he wanted to say something to the crew.

Standing on stage with a mic, he waited for a song to end before speaking, "Everyone! I won't take up too much time, I just want to say some thank you's. First, my thanks to the Rec team for pulling together such a wonderful atmosphere and experience, in a very short period of time. You guys have achieved an epic feat. Probably the best we've ever had. Next, my deepest appreciation also to Zo and the Fantastic Four as well - you guys have been killing it."

There was a loud round of applause and Nyx waited for it die down before continuing, "To the Eclipse Bar staff for their dutiful service and allowing us to overtake the space. Champions! And finally - to all of you guys. For showing up, in your costumes, that look amazing. You're the best crew a Captain could hope for and... what else can I say? I just love you guys." Nyx was clearly getting emotional and he decided to leave it there. "Now let's keep it going!" He shouted as he left the stage.

Owen clapped as he listened to Nyx's message to the crew and smiled as he looked around him. With everyone gathered there, having fun and enjoying themselves after such recent hard times, he was once again reminded of the resilience of the crew and how they all pulled together in good times and bad. Owen felt that he'd returned home again and was happy to be back amongst his family.

As the music started up again, he finished his drink and had a small chuckle to himself as he began showing off his terrible dancing skills once more, pretty certain that someone would remind him of this soon.

Roderick had laughed. "This groove is sick!!" He danced on with the fellow crew mates. He had enjoyed, feeling the welcome of the crew and seeing how close they all were. The Captain's speech was rousing and uplifting.

The night continued and the band played on. After another half an hour, Raven teetered up to the stage and the music died down.

"Alright, everyone!" She called out into the mic, "You may have seen there's a PADD set up over by the bar. While you're getting your next drink, I want everyone to submit their votes for Favourite Costumes! There are three prizes to be won. Third prize is a private dinner for yourself and five guests in Pandora's Box. Three courses, drinks included, private room. Second prize is an extended three-hour session for yourself and up to ten guests on the Holodeck. And finally... the Grand Prize is a three-night stay in the very special Ambassador stateroom on Deck Three, for yourself and one guest. This gorgeous suite is usually only seen by the highest of dignitaries, but it will be yours with full privileges and includes a private dinner with the Captain. Three amazing prizes, thank you to everyone who made them possible. So... get voting!"

Upon hearing this, Owen decided to take a few minutes off the dance floor to go and cast his vote and also to get another drink. He made his choices on the PADD before heading over to the bar for a refill.

After a few drinks and mingling with meeting new faces, having a chance to see the various costumes, Roderick had taken his time to neatly fill out the form and placed in an entry. He smiled, as far as he was concerned, everyone was a winner. It was an incredible party, and something he needed to be a part of, having enjoyed it all.

Mindo finished his drink and took a PADD. He noticed Zo and the band making their selections as well. He knew his old red Starfleet shirt and kilt probably wasn't enough to win, but he didn't care about such things. He thought for a moment and then, with a small smile, typed it in.

Both Krysia and Aeryn arrived to place their votes at the same time. Aeryn motioned for Krys to do hers first, she paused to look around before grinning and choosing her selection. Stepping away she nodded politely to Aeryn before walking back over to James.

Aeryn had an idea already which outfit was her favourite so she tapped in her choice before moving aside to let others vote.

Ignatius moved towards the PADD, a drink in hand. He hadn't mingled much with the crowd, finding it far too rowdy for his liking. But he wanted to stay long enough for the voting potion. He managed to get to the PADD just as Raven was approaching.

Raven saw him and awkwardly stood back, "After you."

"No, no, you were first." Ignatius stammered, nodding to the PADD.

"Nonsense, you were." Raven insisted, picking up the PADD and holding it out.

"Ladies first." Ignatius replied, holding back his hands in an emphatic gesture that almost spilled his drink.

Patience wearing, Raven's lips were a straight line as she said. "Fine." She quickly tapped in her chosen name and handed over the PADD without saying anything.

Ignatius took it with a nod, "Thank you." He replied, before entering his vote and placing the device back on its stand. He disappeared into the crowd without a word, leaving Raven to return to her hosting duties.

After another half an hour and all the votes were all placed, Raven sauntered over to the PADD and collected it. Heading back on stage, the music died down as she tapped the mic to grab everyone's attention.

"Voting is finished!" She cried out, to everyone's supportive cheers. "Okay, without further ado. Third Prize of a private dinner in Pandora's Box goes to..." She stopped, blinked a few times. Gulped. "Well, uh it appears we have a tie for third place. It goes to Ignatius and myself."

There was a rumble of a few laughs as well as cheers. Ignatius was found in the crowd and reluctantly approached the stage. Raven had the votes verified by a crew member, who confirmed the duo had indeed tied for third.

An award silence hung in the air as Raven and Ignatius stood side by side. A crew member came up and took a photo of them together, and they both plastered on fake smiles for the moment.

"I guess... we can organise a time together?" Raven mumbled to Ignatius.

He shrugged, "Oh... yeah. Look, you just take the prize. You've done all the work tonight, it's only fair."

Raven was a little hurt but she smiled, "Thank you. I mean, I'll invite you, of course."

"Sure." Ignatius nodded nonchalantly, before walking off. Raven sighed deeply.

"GET ON WITH IT!" Someone near the bar shouted, sounding a little like Captain Temple.

Roderick had turned his head from the voice that was similar to the Captains. He had laughed in his drink, noting the extreme excitement, not having had witnessed the crew this personal before.

Raven hopped back up on stage and put on her show face again. "Alrighty, second prize - which is the three-hour holodeck session for up to ten people goes to... Crewman Zo!"

The crowd erupted into roaring cheers for Zo and his band.

Crewman Zo smiled big. "Wow! Thanks, everyone! I probably should take this time to announce our new band name, Warp Nine!"

A chant began from somewhere near the bar, "Warp Nine! Warp Nine! Warp Nine!" It soon spread throughout the room. Meanwhile, more photos were taken of Zo standing with the PADD showing his prize position.

Raven returned to the mic, "And finally. Our grand prize. The three-night stay in the Ambassador Suite and private dinner with the Captain." There was a "Woo" from somewhere near the bar, sounding a lot like Captain Temple, "And the winner is... Commander Nash!"

"Wait...What? me?" Owen said as he was caught off guard by being selected as the winner of the first prize. He made his way up to the stage to collect this prize.

The crowd cheered once more as Nash received his prize. Owen showed his trophy off to everyone as they all cheered and clapped before he made his way back down to join the others. As he joined the others, Owen realised that he had no one to invite to the dinner with him and Nyx and also he was looking at staying for three-night stay in the Ambassador Suite without any company...

Owen smiled as he weighed the benefits and hassles of being single and also being attached.

"And that concludes tonight's events!" Raven called out. "Last drinks are in an hour so make the most of it folks. Make sure you get back to quarters safely. Thank you all for coming!"

The party revelled for a while longer, the crew enjoying this moment of celebration and fun.



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