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Ready Set Go

Posted on Mon Nov 30th, 2020 @ 8:33am by Captain Nycolas Temple & Commander Owen Nash & Lieutenant Commander Mindo & Lieutenant Ziara Rrareth & Lieutenant Declan Roderick & Lieutenant Riaan Rrareth & Lieutenant James Smith & Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri-Smith & Lieutenant JG Vecon Fick & Admiral Gordon Francis

Mission: The Gauntlet
Location: Deck 1 - Bridge


The Pandora had been monitoring the situation on Hesiod Blue for several weeks now, ensuring that the Hesians were adapting and surviving to their new home. More recent reports showed the newfound colony was stable, the people were recovering from the tragic events that had bestowed Hesiod Green, and that contamination with their development had been minimal. There was still concern, of course, that there would be long-term effects from the Pithos disaster, so a small select team would stay behind to continue to monitor the Hesian's progress in secret. The temporary quarantine placed on the system was being enforced by a fleet of star fighters, to ensure the Hesians remained undisturbed. Now, the Pandora had been given the all-clear to return home.

Wasting no time, Nyx entered the Bridge and made a quick headway towards the command chair. Everyone was in position for the Pandora's exit from the Hesiod System; they were just waiting on the order. The Captain opened a hail to the whole ship.

"Attention all hands." He began, "Our mission on Hesiod Blue is now complete. We will be departing the system in a moment and making our way back home." He paused, allowing himself and the crew a fleeting moment to think of home. "I know this tour of duty has been tough. The Expanse has thrown everything she can at us. And I know there are many of us who are keen to see our families and friends again, but... we still have a job to do. We must first get home safely and we must deliver the truth about corruption in Starfleet to the Federation. I don't imagine for a moment that this will be easy."

'Stop The Pandora' had been broadcast across every local network in the Quadrant. Someone didn't want the Pandora returning to Earth. Another challenge in their way, but another opportunity for the ship to overcome it.

With resolve, Temple looked around the Bridge, a tight but hopeful smile on his lips. "But if I have learned anything from our years together, I know we can do it... I believe in us."

Krysia offered her Captain a smile as she sat in her seat beside him, she had just started her maternity leave but she wanted to be on the bridge for the ship’s departure. Counselling appointments would still be done but only for a few hours a day instead of being available all day. She just hoped they’d get home okay.

Within a few seconds, the turbolift doors parted and in walked Admiral Gordon Francis, the real one. Everyone seemed surprised by his appearance, and everyone stood as he approached the Command chair.

Owen stood up from his XO position and stood to attention as he saw the Admiral enter the bridge. "Admiral on Deck!!" he called, hearing everyone on the Bridge snap to attention also. It had been quite some time since the crew had visiting dignitaries on board.

"At ease, everyone," Francis said and after everyone was seated, he said, "Captain, I hope you don't mind my being here as we disembark. Before you give the word, I would also like to address your crew."

Without hesitation, Nyx gave a bow of his head, "The airwaves are all yours, Admiral."

Admiral Francis cleared his throat and spoke loudly. "This is Admiral Gordon Francis. I just want to say that looking over your records and logs, I've never seen a crew more dedicated to their ship and more devoted to each other. In the last week, we've all heard the Expanse's new mantra: 'Stop the Pandora.' But that's a bunch of hooey. Let's show these jack-wagons that when you open Pandora's Box all you get is a screw you sandwich with the taste of whoop-ass! Now let's go home! That's an order!"

Roderick focused on the Operations console on the bridge to the Admiral and Captain's statements. He knew this was a home for him. While Declan hadn't met everyone yet, he was proud to be among them, serving with the Pandora crew now. He chuckled inside at the forthwith of the Admiral.

Nyx smiled broadly; he'd heard some choice words coming from top brass before but never quite so passionately. "You all heard the Admiral. Prepare to disembark. Bridge out."

Owen looked around the Bridge, seeing everyone at their posts and ready to make the journey home. Even with the Captains warning regarding the message that was put out regarding the Pandora and to stop her, he had every confidence that they would make it back to Earth.

Pressing the comm button on his chair, Owen called Engineering. "Bridge to Engineering, stand by for impulse power as we'll be breaking orbit, also bring the Warp engines to standby, its time we made our way home," he said, looking up at Nyx who smiled. Seeing Krys on the Bridge also gave Owen a comfort.

He knew that she was on leave now, but seeing her back on the Bridge with the rest of the Bridge crew made his feeling of home that little bit more complete.

Nyx turned to the Helm position. "Lieutenant Fick, disengage from Hesiod Blue's orbit and set in a course for the Sol system, heading to sector zero-zero-one. Earth."

Fick's fingers had been hovering over his console for the last five minutes, waiting for the command to go. Now that he had it, he didn't waste any time. His fingers flew into action and the Pandora started to move forward, seemingly slowly at first, but it was only an appearance. The ship actually shot forward and began their long trek home. "Speed, Captain?"

"Warp Nine." He said with resolution. "No time to waste, Lieutenant. We have a ten-hour head start and I don't want to waste another second."

"You got it, Sir! Warp nine it is!" Fick tapped the console and the ship responded in kind.

In the silent space around the glowing turquoise planet, the Luna Class vessel hummed into life - the nacelles emitting a strong glow as she turned away from Hesiod Blue. After making a short turn to get into the right trajectory, the warp engines burred into action. There was that familiar sound of the Pandora's warp drive rapidly building up and then - VOOOSH! In a flash of two blue streaks, she disappeared into the distance.

Back on the Bridge, Nyx watched ahead as the tunnel of lights spiralled ahead of them. He felt a sense of relief now that the Hesiod System was behind them. It closed the chapter on a tumultuous and difficult mission - though he knew there was a long road to go before they were back in the safety of Federation territory. The crew around him were all focused diligently on their tasks, ensuring the Pandora made it home.

"And so we begin," Temple said softly.

"Sir, I would like to take this time to do a computer synchronizing check up on the ODN LCARS interface lateral structure within the main computer core. Would now be an opportune time?" Declan asked.

He had checked the last time the data sets and LCARs had been manually checked, which was a while ago. One of his main responsibilities was to oversee the Main Computer Core maintenance along with a Computer Specialist onboard.

Temple thought about it for a moment. "We need to remain on alert for possible attacks," he explained. "So, only check non-essential systems for now. The rest we can do when we're back in Federation territory."

"Aye, Sir. Of course." Declan had given an understanding nod. There was many other aspects of his position that required oversight right now.

James finished looking over the Intel files from the previous mission and filed his final report with Starfleet Intelligence. He was happy that they were moving again, because sitting in one spot for to long never felt right to him. However, he was also concerned about his wife but he was glad that she was now on leave, so he needed to make sure that everything was in order just in case his assistant needed to take over. James walked to his office door and looked around. His whole department was busy and he enjoyed seeing a hive of activity. He would be happy once they were back in Federation space, but knew the dangers always came with the job.

Fick kept an eye on his console for a long time as they headed back to Federation space. He had a lot of other things on his mind and the minute he could allow distraction to enter into his mind, he was thinking about food. Not just any food either, food for a wedding reception. He wondered if K'Laus would want to be married on the ship or if he had something else in mind. They were headed back into Federation territory, it wouldn't be hard to plan a ceremony anywhere once they were back. He also briefly wondered what his parents would think. He knew his mother would be happy for him, but he wasn't so sure about his more stoic and traditional father. He hadn't told them yet. Once they were closer to home he would send a message.

The Pandora started her journey back to Earth - the first step had been taken and thankfully they had made it out of the Hesiod Region without any enemies finding them first. The head-start may just be enough time to make it to safety before the hoards of hunters come looking for them. At this stage, they could only hope so.



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