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Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Posted on Tue Jun 23rd, 2020 @ 1:19am by Captain Nycolas Temple & Commander Owen Nash & Lieutenant Commander Mindo & Lieutenant JG Vecon Fick & Lieutenant JG Aeryn Jameson & Sasha Vieers (Deceased)
Edited on on Fri Jul 10th, 2020 @ 5:23pm

Mission: Death in Paradise
Location: USS Pandora, Bridge
Timeline: Current

A Mission Post by Captain Nycolas Temple & Ensign Sasha Vieers & Commander Owen Nash & Lieutenant Mindo & Lieutenant JG Vecon Fick & Lieutenant JG Aeryn Jameson
Mission: Death in Paradise
Location: USS Pandora, Bridge
Timeline: Current
Tue Nov 27th, 2018 @ 10:53am


With the Captain's Yacht having made its way from the Pandora over to Paradise Station, Owen was now in thinking mode as he knew that once again he was sat in the Captain's chair.

The last time this happened, most of the Senior Officers and the other normal Bridge Officers were missing in a Bubble Universe. This time he didn't have the same concern as the ship had almost a full crew complement once again... however his concerns were with the fact that once again Nyx was throwing himself into the mix as he met with the Station Commander over on Paradise.

Although, knowing that Cailus, Krys and Sandoval were there with him along with several security officers, the feeling of unease still stood with Owen. He looked around the Bridge seeing everyone attending to their duties as normal and decided that it was a good time for a check on things.

Knowing that Ensign Vieers was manning the Ops Station currently, Owen looked over. "Ensign Vieers, systems report please," he ordered. "Let's make sure that everything is running in good order whilst we're waiting in this parking lot..."

"I've been fending off incoming hails from almost every ship in orbit of the station," Vieers replied with an exasperated sigh. "It's a good thing I know how to say 'Go Away' in twenty languages. Other than that, all departments remain at the ready, Sir."

Owen wandered over to the Ops Station to join her. "How many hails have we received and what's making us so popular?" he asked Vieers as they looked at the various logs of hails to the Pandora on the Ops console.

"They want to know how we got priority entrance to Paradise," Sasha answered. "Apparently some have been waiting up to two weeks to get docking approval and they're not happy we've arrived and skipped the queue. I responded to the first couple of dozen that we are on an urgent humanitarian aid mission, but a lot them don't seem to care about that. Now I'm just telling them to direct their concerns to Paradise."

"That seems to be the best option for now," Owen agreed. "However it does also show the sudden paramount of importance that Paradsie Station now holds as everyone withdraws from the Expanse...."

Looking over the panel one more time, Owen looked at Vieers as he gave his next order. "Keep an eye on the comm traffic back and forth, however keep re-routed any queries back to the station.... we don't want to make any unexpected enemies because we were allowed the VIP treatment."

After she had given her report, Owen could see a spot of confidence returning to the young officer. Despite the issues she had been involved in back in the Bubble universe, he was sure that she would make an excellent Operations Officer in the meantime. Serving on the Bridge would also help to sharpen some skills as he could attest to.

He stood up and walked over to Lieutenant Fick at the Helm to see how things were progressing. "How are we doing Lieutenant?" Owen asked. He was happy to see Fick back at the helm again... something seemed right about having this talented officer in control of this vast Luna Class Vessel.

Fick snorted derisively. "Just mostly twiddling my thumbs and trying to stay out of the way. Some of these ships are massive."

Owen smiled at his reply. "Well, you do seem to be making thumb twiddling a professional art," he joked. Looking at the charts of the surrounding area, Owen could see that there were several ships that were indeed larger than the Pandora and he didn't want to have any attention attracted to them if possible.

"Do what you can, but remember you're already the best helmsperson onboard, I have faith you won't go wrecking the paintwork whilst we're here," he reassured Fick.

Fick snorted again, this time in humor. "Gotcha, no paint scraping... check."

With Fick's report completed, Owen moved over to the comm panel on the Conn and selected Engineering. Contacting Mindo, the man who had formerly been his XO recently had a knack for pulling miracles out when needed and Owen knew he had a firm friend in Mindo.

"Bridge to Engineering," Owen called.

=/\= "Mindo here." =/\=

"How are we looking in Engineering, Mindo?" he asked.

=/\= "Repairs are going well," =/\= said Mindo through the comm. =/\= "I'm planning on getting to the station soon for some R and R, as long as Captain Temple doesn't... =/\=

=/\= “Temple to Mindo,” =/\= came the Captain’s voice over the comm badge.

=/\= that," =/\= said Mindo. He tapped his badge. =/\= "Mindo here."=/\=

=/\= “Lieutenant, we’re on Paradise Outpost and we’ve discovered the station requires significant updates to their database of Federation standard languages, cuisines, and cultural knowledge,” Nyx stated. “I would like you to prepare some data chips and head across to the station as soon as you can. You will need to bring a small team as well to help integrate our translation algorithms into Paradise’s automated interface.” =/\=

=/\= I'm on it, Captain. Mindo out," =/\=Mindo replied, tapping his badge and sighing. Immediately composing himself, he set down the PADD in his hands and made his way out of his office.

"Zo," Mindo said as he entered the small lift that took him down to the main floor.

The blond Ba'ku looked up from a control console on the "pool table" and went toward the Chief Engineer. "Yes sir?"

"Ready for some downtime?" said Mindo.

Zo smiled. "You bet, Chief."

Mindo shook his head. "Too bad. We've got business on the station to tend to." He pulled up the official order on one of the consoles and explained to Zo what the Captain had said.

"Sure thing, Chief," said Zo after Mindo finished relaying the Captain's orders and issuing his own for Zo.

He needed one more team member, and he knew exactly who he wanted. He tapped his badge and said, "Mindo to Greep." Things were quickly being set in motion.

Owen smiled as Nyx re-assigned Mindo to helping update the station's database. As always he was covering the bases and Owen knew that whilst there was work to be done, Mindo would enjoy himself as well.

==== Sickbay ====

Sickbay was pretty quiet. knowing Owen didn’t have Krysia on the bridge to keep an empathic ‘eye’ on things Aeryn decided to head to the bridge and see if she could be any help.

Eiri was putting the last of the supplies he'd been trying to replace back in their places. He felt a lot more at ease now that sickbay was once again fully stocked. There were still a few things that he could use, but they weren't items that he couldn't do without.

==== Bridge ====

As she arrived on the bridge Aeryn looked across to Owen. “Commander, could you use an ‘empathic’ hand for a little while so-to-speak?” She smiled warmly. "I do plan on heading to the station once my shift finishes though."

Owen looked around as Jameson entered the Bridge. With Krys on the station and Dr. Ashshy attending to duties, he walked over to her.

"Welcome back on the Bridge, Lieutenant," he said as he joined her by the turbolift. "There is one thing you could do for me if that's possible?" Owen asked.

“Of course.” Aeryn nodded. “What would you like me to do?”

"Ideally, what I have in mind is to have a way to keep an eye on our good and strong leader," Owen began. "As we know, Paradise seems to be far from it... so far. Ideally, if there is a way that both you and Dr. Eiri Ashshy can keep a weathered eye over on the away team so we have some sort of warning that they are in danger or if they require a sudden pickup that would make me happier."

Owen knew of Aeryn's abilities and along with Eiri's. They had come along quite well in the previous mission. Having an early warning system wouldn't hurt and he was happier knowing that had something in place.

“Perhaps a... telepathic relay of sorts?” Aeryn looked at Owen. “I can pick up on Krysia, being as strong a telepath as she is she sticks out somewhat on a psi level. If I go to the station I can keep a telepathic ‘eye’ on Krysia and the Captain. We Betazoids tend to be on a level with one another, we know when another Betazoid is present. However... the Captain is the exception to that rule, unfortunately.” She shrugged her shoulders. “I think having the doctor there too would be a great advantage.”

"I agree on that note," Owen said. "Let me know of any unusual activity, there are too many ships and potential unfriendlies around that could cause us trouble if we need to leave suddenly.

“I’ll do my best, Sir.” Aeryn smiled. “I’ll go and join one of the away parties and transfer down with them. If the doctor and I go separately it might generate less suspicion. Besides, I need to find a present for the eventual arrival of your sister’s baby!” She grinned. “I know it’s a way off yet but who knows when we’ll get the shoreleave option again.”

"Sir, it appears Paradise has given us a berth to dock," Sasha interrupted, having received a priority message from the outpost.

On screen, one of the large freighter ships attached to the station slowly disembarked from Paradise and quietly taxied out of the exclusion zone, before heading into warp. There was a sudden hive of activity from the waiting ships, as each clearly wanted the new open docking space. But it was only the Pandora that was allowed to proceed.

"Whatever happened with the boarding party, they've appeared to have won Katya's favour," Sasha added with a slight shrug.

Owen headed back down to the Centre seat and sat down again. Knowing the Pandora was granted a docking space after what seemed a short wait was an ease on his concerned frame, however Owen would also take every positive as a win.

"Well, score one for the home side," Owen said with some relief. "Lieutenant, would you kindly use your expertise and skill to dock the Pandora at Paradise Station," he said, knowing Fick was already on to it.

"That's more like it," Fick said softly. "That's right guys... get out of my way..." Fick eased the USS Pandora carefully into the docking space, his fingers tapping away at his console and his eyes on the viewscreen. Not that he really needed the viewscreen for navigation, all of that was done mathematically, but it was at least fun to watch.



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