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Run To Paradise

Posted on Sun Feb 21st, 2021 @ 6:21am by Captain Nycolas Temple & Commander Owen Nash & Lieutenant K'Laus & Lieutenant Mindo & Lieutenant Declan Roderick & Lieutenant James Smith & Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri-Smith & Lieutenant Hope Ross & Lieutenant JG Joza Bralix

Mission: The Gauntlet
Location: Pandora


The passage that Sevros had provided the ship had granted the Pandora a peaceful pathway through this area of the Expanse. It had taken a little longer for the Luna Class vessel to travel the distance but at no point had they come across any unfriendly ships looking to "Stop the Pandora". The whole Expanse was still searching for them and yet they had managed to slip through the region without being detected so far. It was as if the ship had disappeared - exactly what needed to happen if they were going to make it safely back to Federation territory. The Captain found himself wondering many times what would have happened if they didn't assist the Talarian ambassador all those years ago; the passage to Paradise Outpost would certainly have been incredibly difficult if they had not.

However, now it was time to reveal themselves again. One more turn around the Althea system and they would find themselves in direct line of the trading post, and exposed to any hunters potentially lying in wait. On the positive side, it was likely that Paradise would provide sanctuary for the Pandora, another favour from the past to be repaid in their time of need. Paradise was well-armed and could help shelter the Pandora from would-be ambushers. The plan was for the Pandora to drop out of high-warp in safe proximity to the trading post, hopefully reducing the amount of time they were left exposed.

Sitting on the Bridge, Nyx drummed his fingers on the arm rest of his chair. "How much longer?" He asked, trying not to show is impatience.

"Ten minutes." Ensign Milkovich replied, sitting in the helms seat.

Nyx nodded, "Go to Yellow Alert." He ordered, as the Bridge lights switched to a bright yellow glow. He pressed his comms badge to open a ship-wide hail, =/\= All hands. We are about to arrive at Paradise Outpost. Be at the ready. =/\=

Krysia was with the twins in her quarters when the announcement came over the comms. Somehow having the twins onboard under the current circumstances made her feel considerably nervous and highly protective. She could only wait and see what happened next.

Having freshened up after the issue with the Holodeck, Owen made his way to the Bridge after hearing that the Luna Class starship was about to arrive at Paradise station once more. He was impressed with the time that had been taken with the new route that had been supplied to them and the relative quiet they enjoyed on en route.

Once arrived on the Bridge, Owen made his way over to the XO position where could already see Nyx was stiffened and straight as he watched all things on the Bridge.

"So, are we there yet?" Owen asked in a comical manner as he stood beside his Captain. Knowing full well that they were about to arrive, Owen was also conscious that the crew were under great pressure and was trying to add in levity where possible when he was on duty. It was a difficult task but one that he kept at.

Nyx gave a wry smile, "Almost." He said to the XO.

As yellow Alert Sounded, Roderick began a Level 4 diagnostic run on all Pandora’s primary, tactical computer systems keeping tabs on current readiness status. As well, communicating with Chief of Engineering, Lieutenant Mindo in the engineering department, concentrating on the warp core and engine computers systems.

Roderick and Mindo had worked together on a new data rendering algorithm that would allow faster and more efficient Bridge-to-Engineering communications. They both had been discouraged with the system in their last battle with the Talarians. Their combined effort seemed to be paying off.

As the various Bridge officers and Personnel were working them around, Owen wondered aloud. "I wonder how Katya has been getting on since we were last in the area...and for that matter Mauricio as well..."

Nyx shrugged, "Feels like ages since we last saw her, even though it's only been - "

Suddenly the computer chimed in with a loud warning; "Collision Alert! Collision Alert! Alter course now."

"Oh! Oh!" Ian was flummoxed as his hands nervously stabbed at his screen. He didn't have the speed and natural ability of Lieutenant Fick and he stumbled around his console to find the right buttons.

"All stop!" Nyx called out. Finally, Ensign Milkovich found the engine commands that he needed and the Pandora dropped out of warp.

As the blue warp lights snapped away, the Bridge could see why the alert was sounded. Ahead of the ship was a fleet of vessels, engaged in a phaser battle with another group. If the Pandora had kept going, they would have ploughed right through them all, likely causing mass destruction. Nyx stood as he saw the scene before them.

"Magnify." He commanded.

"Sensors indicate two highly weaponized Breen cruisers, Chel Grett class, each consisting 2 photon cannons, standard phasers," Roderick reported. Checking the sensors once more. "Eight fighter class vessels in ambush." He turned his head up from his console.

"What the hell?" Owen almost asked as he looked at the viewscreen showing the ensuing battle before them. The last thing the Pandora and her crew needed was another firefight where they would be outnumbered regardless of which side recognised them first. As he steadied himself, Owen looked on to try and see which way the battle was going.

"Just to be cautious, if any of those ships pick us up on sensors, we may have made a very long out of the way trip for nothing," he added, looking at Nyx and wondering how they were going to get through this next challenge that the Expanse had decided to throw at them.

Nyx frowned, "The Breen are being ambushed? That seems... unlikely."

"The fighters are all disparate races." Milkovich confirmed, "We've got Anh'Iran, Irokari, Ferengi... people from everywhere in the Expanse. They appear to be swarming the Breen."

"The resistance." The Captain commented out loud, returning to his seat, "The Breen must have returned to attack Paradise and they're being repelled."

"If that's the case," Owen began, "Then we're already seeing what potential allies are capable of and evidence that the Breen are trying to take back territory in the Expanse. It would seem the ambassador was correct in his...musings." Owen said this quietly to Nyx, knowing that not everyone had been privy to the conversation held with the Ambassador previously.

“But why would the Breen only bring two ships to take back Paradise?” Temple turned to the XO and asked.

"A Preemtive strike maybe? Or a scout group? Sent out to find out what the state of play with Paradise station, its current defences and the defences of the force currently stationed at the station perhaps," Owen surmised.

"Perhaps," Nyx nodded in reply.

"Sir, we're getting a message from the fighters." Ensign Milkovich called out, "Text only. It says they've been holding off the Breen ships for days now; they're not pushing to Paradise, but patrolling the region. They say they cannot take the ships but have stopped them from progressing."

Nyx frowned, "That doesn't sound like they're trying to take Paradise." He commented.

“Uh, sir, the Breen are changing course.” Milkovich stammered as he looked at the screen. “They’re coming this way.”

In the view screen, the two Breen cruisers made an abrupt turn, still being chased by the smaller fighters as they did. Now the battle was heading directly towards the Pandora.

“Raise shields, red alert.” Nyx ordered. “Arm phasers and photon torpedoes. We are not messing around today.”

"Or they could decide to try and take on a target that's more to their liking, like us," Owen said as he braced himself. Knowing that the Pandora was public enemy number one, wasn't surprised that the Breen would try and take on the Luna Class starship, even in limited numbers.

"Aye, Captain. Raising shields." Roderick replied to the Captain's command raising the shields around the Pandora. He also ensured that various departmental workings were on stand-by in doing so. Reducing energy in non-essential areas at this time would help to shore up the shields in case of a severe bombardment.

Nyx steeled his gaze at the approaching ships, knowing they wouldn't be able to negotiate their way out of this battle. "We need to help our allies, but we also need to get to Paradise." He said, straightening out his shirt. "Combat manoeuvres, Omega three. Let's exploit their weakness."

Sitting in the helm, Ian's screen lit up with a list of commands to execute, thankfully helped by the computer to employ the manoeuvre. He tapped at his screen hurriedly, trying to move as quickly as he could.

The Pandora pushed forwards, immediately moving into a banked turn. This caused everyone on the Bridge to grip onto their seats until the inertial dampeners compensated for the pull of g-forces. The Breen started firing at the ship - some shots hitting while others missed. The Pandora was not about to fire just yet though. The Bridge shook as a few more phasers fired from the Chel Gretts struck her top hull, but she was moving too fast to be hit directly. As the Pandora continued to strafe on her side in a wide orbit of the Breen ships, their target became clear. The impulse manifolds on the Aft side of the enemy vessels came into range.

"Roderick, lock onto the manifolds and fire torpedoes!" Nyx ordered.

"Aye, Sir." Roderick had the targeting scanners lock on to the Chel Gretts and the Breen vessels. Each allowing the targeting scanners to fire off in a multi-targeted bombardment. The Impulse engines of the vessels momentarily becoming damaged, by the de-ionizing electrical charges into each units on the vessels. "Targets firing..." His fingers tapped in to the Operations console directing the firepower of the Pandora to defend itself.

The Breen cruisers maintained their assault on the Starfleet vessel, still hammering it with hard phaser fire, but they were dead in the water now. The ships came to a slow drift in the middle of battlefield, unable to move or manoeuvre away from the fleet of civilian fighters now causing them both significant damage. The Chel Gretts were forced into a defensive stance, trying to hit back at the army of ships surrounding them.

"We're being hailed by an Irokari ship." Milkovich called out as the Bridge shook from a sporadic hit from the Breen.

"On screen." Nyx nodded as he turned his attention to the front.

The bird-like alien appeared, her demeanour was exhausted and she looked dishevelled, their bridge behind showed signs of a long and drawn-out battle. But her white feathers were unmistakeable, and Temple realised they had met before. "It is good to see you, Captain."

"CAO Rivain," Nyx smiled, remember he had met the Irokari Chief on their first visit to Paradise. "You too."

"Thank you once again, for the assist." Rivain replied, "We've been trying to ward them off for days now."

"Our pleasure." Nyx dipped his head, "It seems like they may have been waiting around for us, though? I'm sorry if that's the case."

"No reason to apologise." The Irokari shrugged, feathers fluffing as she did. "It is our duty to create a safe passage for the Pandora."

Both ships were stuck again from Breen phaser fire - they were not going away. Nyx leaned forward, "Allow us to lead the fleet, we'll be able to exploit their weakness further with a coordinated attack."

Rivian held up her wing, "No need, Captain. We will take it from here. You must continue on to the Outpost. You are needed there. We will deal with the Breen."

Nyx shook his head, "What if more show up? We can't just leave you."

"Captain Temple, I must insist." Rivian replied sternly, "It is our mission to see you through this region. You'll only attract more attention by staying. You'll help us getting to Paradise."

Leaning back in the command chair, Temple gave a reluctant shrug. "Okay, we will. All the best, CAO Rivian."

The two said their goodbyes and the view screen returned to black. Temple looked to the Helm.

"You heard the Chief, onwards to Paradise Outpost." Nyx instructed.

"Aye, aye." Milkovich replied, turning back to his console and tapping in the command codes.

The Pandora turned, the Breen cruisers still trying to target her as she did. The Starfleet vessel let off a few more direct shots on to the Breen before firing up impulse engines and streaming off. The resistance fighters swirled around the Chel Gretts once more and began a new bombardment run. Nyx didn't want to leave the fight as it were, but he too had a mission to get the Pandora to safety and he had to see it through. He could only hope the civilians were able to out-gun the Breen before any more ships arrived.

It wasn't much longer before Paradise Outpost came back into view. It felt like it had been a lifetime and just a moment since they last saw the trading station. Eitherway, it was a happy sight to see.



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