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The Lady of Paradise

Posted on Tue Jun 23rd, 2020 @ 12:53am by Cailus Griffin & Captain Nycolas Temple & Commander Owen Nash & Lieutenant Commander Mindo & Lieutenant John Sandoval & Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri-Smith & Lieutenant James Smith & Lieutenant JG Vecon Fick & Katya
Edited on on Fri Jul 10th, 2020 @ 5:21pm

Mission: Death in Paradise
Location: Near Paradise Outpost

A Mission Post by Captain Nycolas Temple & Katya & Commander Owen Nash & Lieutenant Cailus Griffin & Lieutenant Mindo & Lieutenant Katniss Wakefield & Lieutenant James Smith & Lieutenant John Sandoval & Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri & Lieutenant JG Vecon Fick & Lieutenant JG Natalia Parrino
Mission: Death in Paradise
Location: Near Paradise Outpost
Fri Nov 9th, 2018 @ 2:36am

It had taken just under two weeks for the Pandora to cross from the Indigo Sky back towards the centre of the Inconnu Expanse and towards Paradise Outpost. The station itself was not far from the Ferengi border, quite pertinent for a facility designed for trade and enterprise. The trip through the Expanse to the outpost was disturbingly quiet. The Pandora had used established trade routes which should have been teeming with cargo vessels and passenger ships, and yet there were none. The Expanse had grown unnervingly quiet as the tight grip of the Alrakis Pact had taken hold. Doubts had formed within the crew whether Paradise Outpost would even be operational, let alone accepting of visitors given the current political climate.

That was until they arrived within a few light years of Paradise. Suddenly it was as if they had turned a corner and found the entire region waiting. Ships from all races and creeds were slowly drifting around in a seemingly peaceful holding pattern. Traffic around the Outpost's exclusion zone - a wide restricted area circumnavigating the station that could only be crossed if granted permission by the station itself - was dense with ships just waiting to be allowed to dock. Everyone feared the control of the Pact and sought this location for their safety. If the Inconnu Expanse was a sinking ship, Paradise had become the last remaining lifeboat.

On the Bridge of the Pandora, the crew saw the scene with quiet amazement. Captain Temple stood from his chair and commanded, "All stop."

Fick stared out at the vast expanse of ships. He was rather stunned for a moment and then realized that Captain Temple was waiting for him to actually stop the ship. He tapped his console without taking his eyes off the viewscreen. "Full stop, Captain," he replied.

Owen sat forward in the XO chair and observed the images on the viewscreen before them. He had to admit to himself that he'd not seen so many ships in one place at one time. "That is a lot of ships," he admitted. "Its almost as if this is the last safehaven in the Inconnu Expanse for those out there..." He looked around the rest of the Bridge crew and other officers going about their duties before it seemed everyone was suddenly glued to the viewscreen.

Natalia was on the bridge to observe. She had donned a teal uniform in case there were any communications. She did not want to later be spotted on the outpost and made out to be an intelligence officer.

John stood beside Natalia. He held in his hand a PADD containing a few key documents, including whatever his staff had gathered about the station and various official documents pertaining to their handover of medical supplies. In his other hand was his more ornate, elegant cane, adorned with an artificial-ivory sculpture of a Polar Bear. His spear of the operation was ready to go, and he had been asked to be on the bridge for their arrival for the start of everything.

Krysia had just finished writing up the latest update to the personnel file of her latest patient when the computer informed her of their arrival at Paradise Station. Donning a Diplomatic Purple uniform, as John had requested at their meeting, she grabbed her dry biscuits and a small bottle of water that she'd resorted to carrying around with her in case her morning sickness decided to kick in, she headed for the bridge. It didn't take long for her to arrive once she stepped into the turbolift. A few moments later she exited onto the bridge pausing to turn and look at the image of Paradise on the viewscreen before smiling at Sandoval as she stood to the rear of the mission advisor’s seat.

Aeryn was busy going over the supply cupboard in sickbay, emptying leftover boxes of supplies onto spaces in the shelves when the computer had alerted them to their arrival at Paradise station. She had no doubt Doctor Ashshy would be attending on the bridge if the presence of medical was requested, so she finished up the last box and headed back out into sickbay in case she was needed to take over.

Katniss was in her lab, for once she didn't have much to do, instead she was tidying the lab and upgrading some of the equipment. Things she had certainly put off due to the previous mission, but now she had a little downtime, she was slowly catching up. Suddenly, a beeping from her terminal distracted her. Slowly walking over to it she pressed several buttons and glanced down at the message. They had arrived at Paradise station. This was going to be exciting. Katniss had already started compiling a list of things that she wanted to get on the station. Some for her lab, some for herself and her private stash of things that might be frowned upon, but still getting off the ship and letting her hair down for a change. A small smile crept across her face. 'I'm looking forward to this,' she thought to herself as she acknowledged the receipt of notification.

Mindo barged into Engineering wearing a clean uniform and looking refreshed from a good night's sleep. He'd just received the message from the computer informing him of Pandora's arrival to Paradise Outpost. "OK, everyone, we've arrived. Greep, I expect a full report of materials we need on my desk in five minutes. Be thorough." Chief Greep nodded and got to work. Chief Zo approached with a PADD giving Mindo the full report as Mindo began making his rounds for inspection. There were still plenty of repairs and changes needing to be made, and Mindo looked forward to getting his hands on some much-needed materials on the station.

James arrived on the bridge shortly after he was notified that they had arrived at Paradise Outpost. Smith had also opted not to wear his intel uniform and had slipped into a red command uniform instead. Walking behind the command station, he positioned himself near the security station so he could have a better look at what now laid out before them.

Krysia smiled as James arrived on the bridge wearing a red command uniform. She had to admit it suited him. Not that she thought his Intel uniform didn't. Walking over to the security station to join him, she smiled warmly, "You do look good in red." Turning to look back at the viewscreen she waited for the inevitable contact with Paradise station.

Eiri stood from his desk. He didn't not really feel that it was necessary for him to appear on the bridge. He was certain that there were quite a few people on the bridge already. He didn't feel the excitement himself, but he could feel it from his crewmates. The excitement all over the ship had been making it difficult for him to concentrate all day. He rubbed absently at one temple and made sure he was ready to respond immedately if he was needed.

Up on the Bridge at his station, the security chief was busy as the Pandora approached the optimistically named Paradise. "Sensors show forty four ships either docked or near the station," he reported, his hands working the console. "Most are freighters, industrial vessels or passenger ships. About a quarter are flagged as governments that the Federation has not yet encountered, and the ship designs are not in our database. There are also four other heavily-armed ships present, assessed as warships. One appears to be a dedicated guard ship for the station and is comparable to the Pandora in armaments. Two appear somewhat inferior to us and have identical designs and flags. The fourth is the size of a Galaxy-class starship with heavy armaments and shields, and it is operating independently. None of the warships have flags or designs known to the Federation. The station itself is also very well armed and shielded, similar to most modern Federation starbases."

Krysia moved to stand back behind the mission advisor's seat where Sandoval was sitting, not wanting to be in the way by the Security station. "There's a considerable populous aboard the station as well. Even from this distance the combined number of minds really stands out."

Smith shook his head. For an outpost, they were well armed and prepared for any type of assault. Without taking his eyes away from the screen he asked, “Any signs of any other ships stationed anywhere away from the station that we can’t see?”

"Captain?" came the voice of Sasha Vieers, standing at the Ops console. "We're being hailed by the station."

Temple raised an eyebrow. "On screen."

A small, round alien with incredibly large eyebrows greeted them. He saw sat in what appeared to be the station's control centre, with a group of various aliens filtering around in the background, all looking very busy. The squat figure huffed as he pressed a multitude of buttons on the screens around him, barely pausing to look into the camera. "WHO ARE YOU?" He bellowed, as he pushed his buttons.

"Uh, Captain Nycolas Temple, of the USS Pandora." Nyx began with a grandiose tone. "We have come - "

"ENOUGH!" the man interjected and suddenly the screen went blank again.

Nyx looked around at the others, his face a mixture of confusion and amusement.

"See, I told you," Owen started... "Your people skills need sharpening up since you got back from the Bubble Universe... You obviously sacred the man." Owen also tried to hide the building smile as Nyx tuned to look at him for a moment.

Krysia simply stood with a bemused look on her face, waiting to see what was going to happen next.

Fick snorted in humor. "Well then... and I thought I had an attitude."

After a moment, Vieers piped up, "We're being hailed again, Sir."

"On screen." Temple replied, giving a shrug.

This time, they were greeted by the smiling face of the Anh'Iran manager of Paradise Outpost. She was alone in her office, a bay window looking out at the space around them. She was reclined on a large chair, wrapped in a turquoise-coloured cloak with gold trim. As an Anh'Iran, her skin was a striking jet black, and yet covered with a variety of bright neon tattoos, that formed a series of tribal symbols across her face, neck, and hands. The colours of these tattoos were a vibrant rainbow, and topped off with a shock of orange hair that seemed to defy gravity as it reached towards the ceiling.

Katya spoke, but her words were a series of odd noises and sounds.

"Sir, the universal translator isn't able to pick up what she's saying," Vieers replied, trying hard to find a suitable translation in the ship's database. "I'm attempting to compensate."

Katya paused, seeing the confused looks from the Pandora. She smirked a little before pressing some buttons on the arm of her chair. "Is that better?" she asked, suddenly coming through with Federation standard.

"Yes." Nyx smiled, bowing his head. "Thank you."

"We see so many people here, sometimes I forget we don't all converse the same way," she added, an air of charm in her voice.

"I guess not. As I was telling your staff, I am Captain Nycolas Temple of the USS Pandora." Nyx smiled.

"And I am..." she began and then whittled off a very long series of constants, a few vowels, a pause in the middle, many more constants, and finally a tongue click. "But you can call me... Katya."

"Well, Katya," Temple replied, fixing a thin smile to his face. "We are here on an urgent matter of humanitarian aid. I believe the Federation has already sent through our credentials?"

"Yes," she replied, not once taking her eyes off the screen. "You are here to meet with a delegation from Irokar? I received your Federation's correspondence, but I want to know more."

John stepped forward, standing next to the Captain, who nodded at him to proceed. "Miss Katya," he began. "I am Lieutenant John Sandoval, USS Pandora's Chief Diplomatic Officer." He gave a polite bow. "The civil war on Irokar has affected countless beings. Hundreds of thousands have died, and millions have been injured and/or displaced from their homes. They have lost family members, their health, their hope for the future. The Irokari delegation on your station have asked us for assistance."

John held up his PADD, which contained a copy of their credentials. "Per the credentials you received, Captain Temple and I are authorized to speak on behalf of the Federation and offer medical supplies to the Irokari and help alleviate their suffering. Details must still be negotiated, which we would do aboard Paradise Station, with your permission."

Krysia stood in the background behind John observing his interaction with Katya. So far the lady of the station seemed honest and open. Her curiosity about their business was genuine and as leader of Paradise Station she had the right to ask. She stood waiting to see what Katya's response would be.

Owen watched on as the ships new Chief Diplomatic Officer explained his reasons clearly as to why the Pandora was here. He had to admit that Sandoval was doing a good job so far considering his short time aboard before the Pandora arrived at Paradise Station.

Katya leaned her head to the side as she studied the man speaking to her. The tattoos on her face wrinkled and moved as she contemplated his proposal. Finally she nodded, "I will permit a small party from your Pandora to make preliminary discussions here on the station." She leaned over to her console and pressed a button. "Haj?"

"WHAT?" Came the voice of the disgruntled traffic manager.

"Open a port for the Pandora's shuttle to dock." Katya ordered, seemingly unconcerned by the man's shouty tone.

There came a long list of expletives in a language that thankfully the Intergalactic translator couldn't figure out.

"Please?" Katya asked, though she was clearly not asking.

"FINE!" He replied and the line went silent.

"Once we have an agreement, I may allow the Pandora to dock as well." She smiled back at the ship. "But I need to know I can trust you. These are dangerous times in the Expanse. I hope you can understand."

"We do." Nyx replied with a nod. "And I thank you for the opportunity."

"I hope not to be disappointed." Katya smiled. "Paradise out."

The screen went blank again, now showing the symbol for Paradise Outpost. Nyx turned back to the others. "Mr Sandoval, it appears we have a meeting to attend. Good work."

“Thank you, sir,” John answered. “The overt spear is prepared, sir. Request that Counselor Kaleri join us. I trust her ability to read the room.”

Krysia moved around to join Nyx and Sandoval, hence John's request for her to join the diplomatic detachment going to Paradise. She had to admit she was nervous about joining her first diplomatic detachment, but she was relishing the challenge at the same time.

"Very well. I would like to attend, if my XO will permit me?" Nyx smirked to Nash. "And if Mr. Griffin will join with a security compliment?"

Owen stood up from his seat and walked over to Nyx. "You know, I'm sure there is some Starfleet Regulation that states that a Starship Captain is not supposed to go on away missions...however until I've looked that up, I'll keep the centre seat warm," Owen replied with a smile. "However, I would feel much better know our Chief of Security is also there, keeping an eye on you and making sure you behave," Owen added as he nodded to Cailus. The last thing the crew needed was to risk losing Nyx again.

The security chief nodded back in dour acknowledgement as he stood up from his station, which was promptly filled by his relief. "I'll have Ensign Larose waiting for us in the shuttlebay, Captain," Cailus said with his habitual grimness.

"A Captain has to have a little fun now and then." Nyx replied with a smirk.

“Lieutenant,” John spoke up to Cailus. “The ensign you assigned me has been briefed on the mission and is ready. You trained her exceptionally well,” he added as an aside.

"Lieutenants Smith and Parrino, prepare your teams for your operations." Nyx turned to his Intelligence Department.

Natalia nodded as she looked to Smith in red. 'It was go time,' she thought.

Smith nodded, as he looked toward Natalia. “Let’s get this party started.”

"Lieutenant Fick, keep a safe orbit around the station, try to keep us out of the general flight traffic if you can." Temple looked to the young helmsman. "But let's not get too close to those warships either."

Fick nodded and turned back to focus on his station. "Yes, Sir. Not too close to any explody ships... or potential explody ships."

"Everyone else, stand at the ready," the Captain concluded with a firm nod. "And be prepared for anything. As the lady said, these are dangerous times."



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