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Posted on Tue Jun 23rd, 2020 @ 12:04am by Cailus Griffin & Captain Nycolas Temple & Commander Owen Nash & Lieutenant Commander Mindo & Lieutenant Kalin Brennan-Griffin PhD & Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri-Smith & Lieutenant James Smith & Lieutenant JG Vecon Fick & Lieutenant Eiri Ashshy Ph.D & Lieutenant JG Aeryn Jameson
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Mission: Divided We Fall
Location: Conference Room

A Mission Post by Captain Nycolas Temple & Commander Owen Nash & Lieutenant Cailus Griffin & Lieutenant Mindo & Lieutenant Kalin 'Shae' Brennan-Griffin PhD & Lieutenant James Smith & Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri & Lieutenant JG Vecon Fick & Lieutenant JG Natalia Parrino & Lieutenant Eiri Ashshy Dr. & Lieutenant JG Aeryn Jameson
Mission: Divided We Fall
Location: Conference Room
Mon Oct 15th, 2018 @ 1:42pm

Nyx had allowed the ship to have a week’s rest before calling the first staff meeting. He wanted family and friends to properly reunite and recuperate after the experience they had been through. But, of course, Starfleet Command was pushing for the Pandora to move onto their next assignment, and Nyx wanted to gather everyone together first to see how they were recovering.

Sitting with a new uniform on, the Captain waited for the others to arrive as he sat at the head of the conference room table.

Krysia had stood staring at herself in the mirror for a long time. She still had the memory of the conversation that she and James had with Nyx in the bubble and even though it never really happened, she still felt the pain. Straightening her uniform she headed to the conference room, Walking inside, she nodded politely to Nyx. "Captain." Then she took a seat.

James spent part of his morning after leaving his quarters, in his office. He needed to start getting used to a routine again, and the fact he had a new assistant was a relief for him. Making a mental note he would have to get to know her a bit better, he hated relying on personnel files. Approaching the conference room, he entered and looked around. He smiled when he saw Krysia and took a seat next to her. Looking at Nyx, he said, “How are you doing Nyx?” The memories of the words they had and his death still fresh in his memory.

“Very well.” Nyx replied with a nod, “Like I’ve been reborn.”

Krysia smiled as she looked at James. It wasn't like they hadn't already been together before they ended up in the bubble. At least they were still together, but it was different for those whose relationships had started in the bubble. She was just grateful that she still had him here with her and she felt even more blessed now they were engaged as well. She had to wonder how Shae and Cailus were fairing given everything they'd been through in the bubble.

Appropriately enough Cailus and Shae entered at that moment, although they were a far cry from the officers that they had been before everything happened. While as taciturn and disgruntled as ever, Cailus was noticeably stiffer than before, moving with less ease and seeming much older despite his middle-aged visage. Shae, meanwhile, was clearly uncomfortable and nervous. Both of their uniforms were pristine, suggesting that the two lieutenants had literally just come from their quarters.

"Captain," Cailus greeted Nyx curtly as he and Shae sat down.

Shae nodded in greeting, but said nothing, her eyes darting from face to face with recognition but still with a sense of disbelief. She had been the last to wake, and only just released from Sickbay; she knew she wasn't ready to return to duty, but she was still glad to be here to see all these faces, the crew, the family she had watched die. But being back was proving to be terribly distracting, her ears standing tall as every sound she heard, either from the people or the ship itself, seemed to immediately capture her attention.

Krysia looked at Shae as she sat down. She remembered all too well what she'd gone through in the bubble and the last talk they'd had together. She smiled and nodded understandingly as she managed to get Shae's attention for a moment.

Fick stepped into the conference room, also in a brand new uniform. It was very surreal to be in a room with everyone again. He was glad that the bubble was gone and things were back to normal and he was doing his best to push the events of the bubble away as if they were a bad dream. Although, admittedly he'd had several bad dreams since he'd awakened. He nodded, the happy-go-lucky attitude of the past seemed to have become a little more serious. "Morning..." he said and took a seat.

Aeryn walked into the Conference room. It appeared, for now, that she was the temporary main counsellor for the ship until a new Chief Counsellor was appointed and she was nervous about attending a senior staff meeting as such, especially with the addition of the extra implants she’d sprouted before Tyson had gotten it under control for her. Her uniform hid those on her arms, but not the one on the back of her hand or those small few that had appeared on her neck. She wanted them removed as soon as possible. Her attention was drawn to Fick, her senses were still telling her he was the one she’d sensed when she was feeling out the buffer and something very, very wrong had happened to him. She took a seat beside Krysia and hoped no one paid her too much attention.

Mindo sauntered in with a uniform jacket slightly opened, revealing the gold turtleneck underneath, bags under his eyes, and hair that needed to be washed. He'd spent the night working hard on the transporters, which had been damaged by the flotsam inside the buffer when Mindo was carefully bringing out the stranded crew. The transporter hadn't been a hundred percent anyway, as investigations and repairs had continued well after the incident on Salvaxe. Mindo was aware that his outburst over the transporter earlier was due to the stress. When it came to transporters, Mindo was one of the best experts in Starfleet, but that didn't mean it was easy work. Mindo was confident, however, that the materialization of the stranded crew had gone successfully. He hoped his friends' recoveries were also going well. Mindo hopped onto a chair and rubbed his eyes, trying to shake out the cobwebs.

Having refreshed himself for anew day with the crew whole once again, Owen made his way to the Conference Room to meet with the other senior officers...something that several days ago didn't seem possible to him.

As he entered the room, he saw Nyx, Shae, Cailus, Krys, James, Fick, Jameson and Mindo already seated. "Apologies for if I'm late sir, I seem to have been beaten here by quite a few others," he said professionally to Nyx.

Seeing the others back gave Owen a moment of both clarity and relief. The last time he'd seen a lot of his colleagues and freinds was either in Sickbay as they recovered or on the Transporter Pad.

Natalia snuck into the room with one of the other officers. She didn't know anyone and by the looks of it, the traumatic experience had put quite a damper on things. She noticed that many of the officers had a number of appointments with the Counselor. Her face did not betray her inner thoughts, yet her pursed lips were not smiling. She was disappointed that such a tragic event occurred and the crew was unable to resolve it quicker.

“Well, here we are,” Nyx began, putting on a smile. “It was a hell of an experience, one that I’m hoping not to repeat any time soon, but we are back together now, and that’s the most important thing. As hard as it will be and as impossible that it may seem, we have to move on from our time in the bubble and get back to normal. So, I wanted us to have this meeting now and give everyone the opportunity to discuss any residual issues we may from that time. Let’s get it all out of the way.”

Krysia sat quiet for a moment before looking up. "So much happened to all of us, how do we just... move on? Those of us who had children..." She looked at Shae, then back at Nyx. "Are finding life..." She paused for a moment to hold her emotions together. "... Torture without them! We all know it happened and it's real for us, but for those who didn't experience it, the big wigs at Starfleet Medical and Fleet Headquarters they'll think we're crazy when they read our reports!" she sighed. "Either that or we'll be tested like lab rats to see what happened to us all in there and how we're still remembering it."

"Relax Lieutenant," Cailus said a quiet, tired voice. "Starfleet has dealt with stranger situations than this. I once knew a friend who spent two weeks transformed into a gaseous lifeform in a psychic gestalt, and he returned to duty without any problems along with his shipmates. We'll be fine."

Nyx wanted to chuckle at the story, but he was trying to remain serious. “Some of you will have to go through the full grieving process for the life that we... left behind. That is normal and totally expected. We might as well be the damned Borg if I expected you to feel nothing from this situation.” He took in a deliberate breath. “But what’s important is that we don’t dwell in our grief or forget the beautiful real life we’ve been lucky to return to. In front of us we have lives full of possibilities still, and we’ll take our experiences in the bubble as valuable lessons.”

Krysia had felt the need to say "Yes, Captain" to Cailus, after being used to him being Captain in the bubble, but managed to catch herself before she did. She smiled at James as Nyx spoke about the life they'd returned to before looking at her ring and remembering the previous few nights of making love with James in an attempt to have a baby for real. She could only cross her fingers and hope now.

Fick leaned back in his chair and tapped his fingers on the table. "It was a dream. That's how we have to look at it. Like a very real, very long dream that we shared, but we're awake now and despite whatever feelings we had in that dream. They're over now," he said cooly, glancing at Nyx. It was good to see him alive again. Despite everyone's sorrows, or trama, it was a relief to be back where he belonged.

Natalia almost burst out laughing yet maintained her composure. The Bajoran seemed even younger than his pips indicated. Despite what happened out here, there was no forgetting.

"Perhaps that approach is more than acceptable for you, or even the Captain who spent even less time in the Bubble, and if that helps you get through the day then I am happy for you, Fick, you deserve some peace however you can find it, but such assurances don't work for me," Shae spoke up in a small voice. "Life isn't about pretending the bad things don't happen; you have to accept the bad with the good, and for as bad as it was, there was a lot of good in the Bubble as well. I know things about Cailus I didn't know before, just as he now knows things about me he didn't know before, and as his strength diminished at the end of his life, we read together a book I've never heard of before, and after he was gone I read and reread that book so many times that now I know it by heart. How can that not be real? I taught the crew to grow their own food, and I taught expectant mothers to knit and sew for their children, and the children... Oh my stars, how it hurts to hear the medical staff tell us that none of it was real. Maybe it's a comfort for some, but not for me," she said to all present at the table, then she looked to Nyx, her eyes pleading to him as she spoke once again. "I know we can't dwell on what happened, we'll have to find our own way of coping as the memories fade, but please tell the medical staff to stop trying to convince us it wasn't real."

Mindo cleared his voice and leaned forward. "I don't believe the medical staff is being very accurate. When the energy wave hit us, it sent you all into a new reality. After examining the transporter more closely, I believe that your information was stored in the buffer, but inside the buffer became a bubble in space-time. Your vast experience in this 'bubbleverse' may have been because of a difference in time duration inside the world the energy wave created for you. What was just a few days here was clearly a lifetime in there. When we transported you back, the buffer's data on your physical state had not changed as the buffer itself was working in our reality. But your experiences inside the bubble were all real in every way, and your memories are not fake ones. For proof I submit the amount of distorted data and chronitons found inside the buffer, elements that could cause a time-space distortion."

Nyx gave a firm nod, “Not only do we have Lieutenant Mindo to thank for successfully reconfiguring our physical selves, he has provided a lengthy analysis of the phenomenon we experienced. While I could not say now, having seen his report, that the bubble didn’t exist. It did and what we went through felt very real to us. But in order to be able to move forward we have to acknowledge that the bubble no longer exists and this is our true reality. I won’t tell you how to process that information, but I will ask that you take that onboard.”

Krysia nodded looking to James and smiling, as long as she had him she was home wherever they were. She looked at Nyx. "Will we have to tolerate interviews with Starfleet people about our experiences, Captain?" She couldn't help but wonder if her explosion of anger and 'mental attack' on Rochester after the death of Nyx would be remembered or simply forgotten.

Fick shook his head, but kept his mouth shut. He had learned in the bubble that if people weren't going to listen or hear you out then it was probably best not to waste your breath. He also didn't wish to rehash. There was no point. It wasn't like they could go back there. He, for one, was glad they were home. Regardless of their sorrows now, there were several people who wouldn't be alive if it had been real.

Shae sighed in relief at the affirmation that it had all been real on some level, but she was equally as relieved that it was all over; even still, Mindo's analysis was intriguing, and she would have to work with him later to help her finish the equation she had started inside the Bubble.

James looked around at his friends and family. “It’s good to have everyone back together in one piece and healthy and our time in the bubble has taught us that we need to rely on each other continually.”

“Does anyone have anything else to add?” Nyx asked the group.

Owen had remained quiet during the meeting as he took in the views and concerns of the others officers present and instantly realised that this whole ordeal would take some time to pass. However we wanted to add a personal note to the proceedings.

"Well, I just wanted to say that it's good to have you all back again," Owen began. "Looking around the room, I feel like our family, not just a crew, has been reunited after what has been a very difficult trying time for those that were trapped in the Bubble Universe."

"I can't begin to imagine what you all went through in there and from the various conversations I've had with a few of you, I understand it was a traumatic experience at times. I want to be clear that I'm happy to talk with any of you in your own time as a friend, colleague, in confidence should you need to.... that said, I know that the Pool Table has missed being used and I fully intend on a re-match with Cailus and Shae when your both up to it," Owen explained before pausing for a moment. "But it's good to have family home again. I'd suggest a celebration at this stage, however I wonder if it's too soon for that just yet?" he offered.

“I... I’m not sure,” Krysia looked at her big brother, then at James then back at Owen. “I guess... it might be a good idea... if others are up to it?”

"I think a welcome home party is just what we need!" Fick said suddenly and with a little more force then was really necessary. "I do though... I think it would get all of our heads back in the game. Like a reset button."

"Well, I'll take that as one,"Owen replied nodding at Fick for agreeing with him.

“Well, I hear Mr. Mindo has something being organised already?” Nyx smiled, nodding to the Chief Engineer.

"I do?" said Mindo. "Oh, yes... I've been working with Raven and Tisar to hold a talent show in Little Caesar's. We're going to be taking submissions to be featured in the show. Any kind of talent one may have can be featured in the show, provided it is tasteful. I will host the show as MC. It will happen in the upstairs part of Little Caesar's, where there will be drinks and hors d'oeuvres and several tables set up. A small stage has been made for the event. More rules and details will be posted once everything is finalised."

Krysia was sitting relaxing in her seat, she'd heard what was being said but her focus was elsewhere still dwelling on events in the bubble universe and now her pregnancy diagnosis here. She was still trying to figure out why her mind had conjured up a pregnancy she knew nothing about at the time, although her mother always did say she'd 'feel' it, maybe that had something to do with it. She took a relaxing breath as she forced herself back into the real time. Again, she didn't want to appear not to be listening, although a talent show wasn't really her thing.

"What kind of talents?" Fick asked.

Mindo shrugged. "Music, dance, poetry, magic... just about anything you can do on a stage. Maybe something unique to your culture. Participation is optional, of course, but we'd love it if everyone attended."

James smiled. “Sounds like fun. It would give the crew a chance to enjoy themselves after everything that has happened.”

Fick snorted a little like he was trying to contain laughter. "I'm not sure you all wanna see my talents..." he joked.

Krysia couldn't help but smile at just how light hearted Fick was now he was home again, it was nice to see. "It's nice to see you happy again, Fick." She smiled as she looked at him. "It's good to be home."

Nyx had missed that exchange as he was struck by something Mindo had mentioned. "Poetry, huh? You know, there's a Hans Christian Anderson poem that I've loved since I was a child. It's a bit long, probably half an hour in length if I add the necessary dramatic pauses and act out all the characters, but everyone will love it." The Captain looked around expectantly at all the faces at the table.

Krysia gave Nyx a minor smile she was still struggling with the memory of what had happened in the bubble with her pregnancy & Nyx’s reaction to the news more so now she was really pregnant. She shook it off and turned her attention back to those at the table.

"Well, lets see what we can arrange, I'd be happy to see the together again in one place and happy again," agreed Owen.

"Moving on," he said swiftly. "Let's get down to business." He looked back at his PADD on the table. "Staff movements. Unfortunately, it appears our senior medical team will be depleted, with Doctors Brookes and Adaestron accepting a research position back on Carnwennan Station. They'll be leaving immediately for the task. Thankfully, we picked up some passengers before we left Salvaxe, including the distinguished Doctor Ashshy. I've asked him to join us at this meeting."

Eiri felt a little little bit nervous for the first time in a long time. With all of his Vulcan discipline he didn't usually get nervous, but this situation was a little different. When he stepping into the room, most eyes were on him. It had been awhile since he had been under this much scrutiny, but his expression remained impassionate as he made his way to the table and took an open seat. "Good morning, everyone," he said with a curt nod.

Aeryn smiled as Eiri took his seat at the table, they’d worked together during the crisis and it had worked out well. She nodded politely, it would seem Eiri would now be the one responsible for helping with the removal of her extra implants she just hoped he was up on Borg technology.

"Thank you for coming, Doctor." Nyx returned the nod. "We are stretched thin, Lieutenant, and as a result we are commissioning you back into the Medical field. I understand you've been helping Lieutenant Brennan, but our Medical team requires your expertise as Acting Chief. Junior Lieutenant Jameson will serve as your Acting Assistant Chief."

Aeryn looked at Nyx in surprise, she hadn’t been expecting a change of position to Acting Assistant Chief Medical Officer not that she was going to complain about it. “Thank you, Sir,” she looked at Eiri and smiled.

Eiri's expression remained impassive. "Thank you," he said with a nod. "I will do my best to serve the crew with distinction."

"Congratulations, Doctor Ashshy, we'll miss you over in Science," Shae said with a small weary smile.

For Shae, the tiniest hint of a smile twitched at the right corner of Eiri's mouth. He nodded to her. He would miss Science as well. It was his first love, but duty called and he couldn't ignore it when he had the ability serve the ship. "It will only be temporary and I will be back in the Science labs with my wit and charm." Eiri said all this, of course, in the normal, deadpan, Vulcan delivery.

"Indeed," Aeryn smiled. "It's going to be nice working with you, Doctor." She looked to Nyx. "Just out of curiosity, Sir. I have a lot of people who currently come for counselling. Who is it that's going to be taking over the duties of Counsellor?"

"That brings me to my next news." Nyx nodded, "Lieutenant Kaleri will be taking on the role of Chief Counsellor. I think we need it now more than ever."

Krysia looked at Nyx in surprise, She hadn't been expecting a change of department but she was happy to take over Counselling was her greater love of the two departments "Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir." She smiled warmly.

Smiling, James said, “Congrats.” He could tell she was thrilled to have that position now.

"Thank you, James." She grinned as she looked at him, the timing was more or less perfect given her pregnancy news. A Counselling post would be better for her than a position where she might be expected to clamber through Jeffries tubes or run around fixing things if needed.

Owen smiled as he heard the confirmation of Krys moving to become the ship's new Counselor. This was a good move for her, however, it did prompt a question. "So, as Lieutenant Kaleri is moving to become our new Counselor... does that mean we'll need a new Chief Operations Officer too?" he asked, with a hint of teasing in his voice. "I've started to get used to the XO chair recently..."

"You and I might have to pull double duty until we get a replacement." Nyx commented. "In other movements. I am transferring Ensign Vieers to Operations, Ensign Rochester to Recreation Services, and First Lieutenant Arnaldo will be taking some personal leave. If you have any other transfer requests for your department, please submit them to Commander Nash by the end of the week."

"Very well." Owen nodded. Whilst it wouldn't be an issue running Ops again, he also wanted to focus on his XO role further. Falling back into Ops was an easy task for him.

Shae chose not to speak up on this topic, but on some level she was relieved that the Captain had moved Ensign Vieers to Operations. Sasha had been a valued Scientists and a dear friend until she sided with Rochester during his coup, and after that betrayal Shae didn't know if she could be fair and impartial to Sasha as a subordinate anymore, so it was a relief to know that Shae wouldn't have to make the hard call herself.

"Now, onto the next topic." Nyx swiped on his PADD and a star map appeared on screen behind him. "While we were busy in an alternate reality, it appears some of the major players in the region have been busy forming their own coalition. The Breen and Talarians have emerged in an alliance called the Alrakis Pact and issued a banishment of all Federation assets in the Expanse. We now have two months remaining before the ban comes into effect."

“So where does that leave us Captain?” Krysia looked at Nyx. “Will Starfleet be expecting us to withdraw the Pandora from the Expanse as demanded?”

"Good question," Nyx replied. "We've been asked to conduct one more task for Starfleet Intel, then head back through the corridor and to dock at Carnwennan Station. At this stage the Federation have not been able to make any diplomatic inroads with the Alrakis Pact, but it is hoped we may gain some access to the Inconnu Region again some time in the future. Until then, we will be withdrawing back to Federation space as ordered and awaiting further instruction."

Krysia nodded as she listened to Nyx’s response to her question. “Will this task for Starfleet Intel take long, Sir? Given everything we’ve all been through lately, the sooner the crew can get some shoreleave to rest and recover the better.”

"As much as I'm looking forward to shore leave as well, I'm not sure I'm ready to give up on exploration into the Expanse," Shae said, her voice still quite soft. "We've already learned so much about this area of space, but we still have so much left to learn. Is there truly no other recourse to this blockade? Can we not simply risk staying here rather than giving up what precious progress we've made?"

Owen sat forward after hearing Shae's point and agreeing with her. "Whilst most of the crew were on the Bubble Universe, I was briefed on this situation by Starfleet due to being acting CO," he explained. "At the time of the message being sent by the Alrakis Pact the Palatine, the Magellan and the Victorious were all making their way back to Federation Space... which leaves us."

"Whilst we are one of Starfleet's state of the art vessels, I do agree that we should gather as much intel as possible before leaving the area... that way we could provide valuable intel to help understand and prepare for any aggressive acts taken by them. I agree with Shae," Owen admitted.

Cailus interjected then with his usual grimness. "It is worth bearing in mind that while the Talarians and Breen have set an ultimatum, there is no guarantee that they will honour it. Logically both powers will be sending forces into the Expanse right now, rather than wait two months for the deadline to expire. Given their clear hostility to the Federation, we are in very real danger of being surrounded by hostile Talarian and Breen ships, and if they have the tactical advantage, I expect that they'd seize it. The prize of a Luna-class starship is difficult to pass up. While we might be able to outmatch all but the largest of their battleships, they have numbers on the side. The Pandora would be no match for an entire squadron of Talarian or Breen warships."

"Which is precisely why we are needed to stay. We are one of the last methods of Starfleet obtaining intelligence, or just the wherewithal of what is going on out here," Natalia interjected.

"We can always run away if things get dodgy..." Fick suggested, tapping one finger on the table. "Of course if we decided to do that they'd probably give us a run for our money. The Breen ships are almost as far as we are... only their cruising speeds are slower, but I don't know much about Talarian ships."

Natalia glared at Fick's suggestion to run.

"We're not going to take any chances." Nyx replied. "Griffin is correct, I wouldn't trust the Alrakis Pact to stick to their deadline either. As it is, we're already two weeks away from the Carnwennan Corridor. We'll need to complete this last mission quickly and head back at full warp."

James listened to the info coming in and made a few mental notes, before asking, “How can my staff and I assist Starfleet Intel? We are actually in the expanse. Maybe we could still be of use.”

"That brings me to the mission." The Captain nodded. "From the ship's logs we retrieved from the Carnage, we have reason to believe that the Ravagers may be associating with the Breen and using this outpost as a meeting point." The screen flicked to an image of a busy space station in the sector. "This is Paradise Outpost, a trade and entertainment complex that serves anyone in the region. It's neutral territory and a safe zone, thanks to a strong security presence on the station. It's also the perfect place for the Breen and Ravagers to be collaborating in secret. Our mission is to find evidence of their collusion and deliver it to Starfleet Intel."

"We will be gathering humanoid intelligence, or HUMINT. I have forwarded a few operation plans; however, to give you an idea: we would be going undercover to gather information or maybe even gathering intelligence overtly such as through a humanitarian program," Natalia offered, looking at the medical staff.

Aeryn looked at Eiri then back at Natalia. “What kind of humanitarian program would you have in mind?”

"If approved, the idea is that our medical staff are dropping off the last medical supplies since Starfleet has been banished from the area. Additionally, we offer routine checkups. In the vastness of space, medicine is sparse and will be even more so without Starfleet. In the 20th Century, a government was able to capture a notorious terrorist through a vaccination program that compared DNA samples to known samples of the terrorist. While we may not have known samples, I suspect the sheer amount of patients we may come into contact may have valuable information for follow-up," Natalia explained.

“If we’re Intelligence gathering Captain...” Krysia looked at Nyx, “What about using those of us with empathic senses to accompany any people we send to the station, we’re all walking lie detectors.”

James nodded. ”I agree, but the Ravagers maybe using telepaths as well, so I would advise caution as well.” Looking down at the PADD in front if him he continued, ”With the Ravagers involved I may need to be disguised, my last personal encounter didn't go well and while I want payback and justice I also don't want to jeopardize the mission by being recognized.”

Krysia looked at James concernedly as he mentioned payback, but she knew he wasn't going to do anything silly and risk leaving her to raise their child alone. She could only wait and see what Nyx was going to say.

"I think Emilie burned my Ravager jacket while I was away. My dress-up days are over." Nyx remarked, a little self-deprecating humour in his tone. "We will use Lieutenant Parrino's cover story at first, that we're just a benevolent Federation aid program. But, if we find the station's management and crew are being unresponsive, we'll have to readjust our approach. We simply won't have the time for subtlety. Any other questions?"

"Not me," Fick said, tapping the table again. "I apparently don't have any good ideas." He seemed to be in a rather snarky mood.

Krysia looked at Fick, given her new role as ship’s Counsellor she was going to have to call upon Fick for a Counselling session. “We’ve all given ideas Lieutenant, doesn’t mean yours hasn’t been considered.”

Fick shrugged and leaned back away from the table, crossing his arms over his chest. "Hey, it is what it is... I just fly this thing."

Watching Fick's uncharacteristic sullenness with concern, Cailus then leaned forward with intent as he focused his attention up the table. "Captain, a lot of the crew could use some respite. Even setting aside our experience with the bubble universe, it's been months since anyone besides away teams have been off the ship. Will you be granting liberty while we're at the station?"

"Day trips, certainly." Nyx nodded. "As we will be on an active mission, I cannot grant full shore leave. All liberty must be registered with a superior officer and monitored to ensure we're maintaining the Pandora at proper readiness. As famed as Paradise Outpost is for their security, it is still a foreign station with potential hostile ships in the region. Full shore leave can be accessed once we're back in Federation space."

“Well, at least a day trip is better than nothing.” Krysia smiled. “Gives us chance to have a break, even if it’s just for a short time. Plus, I have a few things I’d like to get my hands on.” She smiled as she looked towards James. She was going to need maternity and baby items and some early window shopping wouldn’t hurt.

"There's a lot of things I'd like to get my hands on," Mindo muttered.

Owen nodded in agreement with the idea of some liberty from the Pandora after recent events. He was anxious to have some time away to catch up with his father and to let him know he was okay. It had been some time since they'd been in touch, but he also understood the nature of their next mission.

"It will be good to have some time off ship... even for a few hours," Owen offered. "It's getting to the point where I may start choosing a new colour carpet to go over the deck plating... I need some different air to breathe to remind me of why I love this ship so much." Looking at the others, he saw some agreement. "It'll do us some good, whilst also being cautious at the same time," he finished.

“Actually I quite like the idea of changing the colour of the carpet!” Krysia grinned as she looked at Owen, “Maybe a lick of paint here and there wouldn’t hurt either. I wouldn’t mind doing some redecorating." She looked at James. The idea of having an area in their eventual new quarters, she needed to ask Nyx about that, set up as a nursery, was the main idea she had in mind.

James smiled as he saw Krysia look at him. The idea of a day trip sounded nice and it would allow them to spend some time together and get things for the nursery and their new quarters.

”Very well.” Nyx said standing up. “Let’s get back to work, everybody. I’ll convene with Intel and Security before we reach Paradise Outpost. Dismissed.”



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