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Trek Into The Dark

The USS Pandora is a Play By Nova Star Trek Simulation game. We are seeking bold explorers, curious scientists, brave warriors, and dependable officers for a deep-space mission into uncharted and dangerous territory. The Pandora welcomes all willing and passionate writers to join our long-standing community and contribute to our unique stories. After 4 years together, the Pandora has developed a fun, passionate group of writers and we're always looking for more!

We are a refurbished Luna Class Federation Starship travelling the dangerous and unknown territories of the Inconnu Expanse in the year 2390. Located in the far west of the Alpha Quadrant, well-past the borders of the Tzenkethi and Breen, the Inconnu Expanse is a large region that can only be accessed from Federation space through two, tightly contested corridors. We are a vessel designed for long-term, multipurpose missions into challenging new territories. On our journeys we will contact new species, establish a Federation presence in a hostile region, come into conflict with the known and unknown, and discover unique spacial anomalies; all while unravelling the secrets of the treacherous Expanse. We're a mix of Next Gen service with Voyager adventuring.

As a member of this crew, you are the audience, the writers, and the history-makers of the USS Pandora. Every Player onboard this ship can contribute to our missions, plot discussions, personal stories, and the legacy of this fine vessel.

Are You Brave Enough To Join Us?

Several positions are now open. We require:

- Chief Medical Officer
- Chief Operations Officer
- Starfighter Commanding Officer
- Assistant Chief Medical Officer
- Assistant Chief Science Officer
- Assistant Chief Security Officer

We also have many departmental positions open. We especially are looking for:
- Assistant Chiefs: Ops, Intel, Engineering, Flight, Starfighter XO, Medical
- Scientists
- Medical
- Diplomats
- Security
- Starfighter Pilots

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Latest News Items

» Awards!

Posted on Wed Mar 24th, 2021 @ 1:09pm by Captain Nycolas Temple in General News

It's Awards time once again and the Pandora has received some amazing honours this month.

Tournament of Simulations - Outstanding Star Trek

A wonderful panel of judges from OngoingWorlds has chosen the Pandora to receive one of their Outstanding Star Trek Award for 2020. The panel is made up of a prolific group of highly respected and experienced RPG writers, who looked at many, many sims from several different groups. We share this honour with the USS Wolff of Theta Fleet, and Memory Theta of 22nd Fleet. The award is given to sims on a points systems judged on a fresh concept, interesting plot developments, original characters, and the readability of the sim. It is a high privilege to be recognised by our peers and a reflection of the incredible work you all have done to build the USS Pandora into a remarkable, fun, and creative sim.

Congratulations to each and every one of you for making the Pandora such a great place to write.

Theta Fleet: Post of the Month Feb 2021

"Paradise Or Bust" - Aenardha and Qaraq

This is an interesting post because of the gentle conversation between a Starfleet Ensign and her new-found friend Qaraq and the two having a discussion of deep understanding. I think the post is very Star Trek, in that it's an exploration of cultures and different people coming together; two strangers connecting in the name of a larger goal. Both characters are very well thought-out and realised, so there's a reality and authenticity to the scene that is sweet and genuine. Also, the ending where Katya sees the Pandora safe and sound at Paradise is nice.

Theta Fleet: Unit of Distinction, Bronze - Feb 2021

We have once again received the Unit of Distinction for Area 51. Congratulations everyone!

» January Player Awards!

Posted on Wed Feb 10th, 2021 @ 2:52am by Captain Nycolas Temple in General News

Greetings all!

It's that time again as Theta Fleet announces the Monthly Awards and I am pleased to announce that the Pandora has been graciously recognised once again. Here are our winners:

Unit of Distinction - Bronze

The Pandora has received the Bronze Unit of Distinction for the Area 51 Task Force. This is the second time we have received this honour and I have to say, it comes after an incredibly strong month here on the sim. We had some of our highest activity in quite some time, a lot of mission and personal story progression, and truly remarkable, entertaining, moving, exciting posts. We started 2021 with a BANG and I am excited about the direction we're heading and the stories we're telling. And most importantly, the community feel of the sim has continued as always, and I'm so thankful for the professional, courteous, and kind culture that we have here on this ship.

Congratulations crew! Let's keep making 2021 awesome.

Writer(s) Of the Month!

It should come as no surprise that we have a tied win for Writer of the Month for January. Our two amazingly talented OG players, Monoui and Suliac, burst back onto the sim with a series of posts that I believe has been some of their best work to date. Many of you agree as well, given the comments in OOC chat and the private nominations I received for them to be recognised for their posts. Their storyline has been terrifying and thrilling to read in equal measure and I'm so grateful they continue to be part of our sim.

I feel like I summed it up best in the nomination, so here it is:

"I know this is a double nomination but that is mostly because these two consistently write as a pair and could easily share the prize. They are both as good as the other and it would be unfair to award just one, when together they are a power house team of writers. Their posts have always been spectacular - emotional, honest, exciting, funny. Their "Aoife" storyline this month has been moving, action-packed, raw, and truly some of the best work they have ever done. They take risks, they push their characters, they explore deeply personal and interesting issues. They don't pull their punches. The Pandora is better for having them onboard and I think they deserve recognition for that."

Congratulations to Mon and Griffo for their award!

I'd also like to point out that this is our third successive Player or Writer of the Month Award since joining Theta Fleet. I'm super proud of the work that you guys put in week after week but I'm especially proud of the fact that your posts are being recognised so consistently. One of the reasons I wanted to leave BF was because they stopped caring about our ship and they blatantly ignored all of your fantastic writing and hard work. I am so grateful to now be part of a Fleet that is giving you the recognition and awards that I know you all deserve. We accept them humbly with full respect to the vibrant, passionate writer community we are now part of.

Thank you!

» Player Awards!

Posted on Sat Jan 16th, 2021 @ 10:25am by Captain Nycolas Temple in General News

Hey gang!

The good folks at Theta Fleet have just announced the award winners for December, the last quarter of 2020, and their Yearly Awards.

You can view the announcement here!

Even better news - members of the Pandora crew and the sim itself have received some awards as well. Here are our winners:

Unit of Distinction: Bronze - the USS Pandora

Monthly award given by the Theta Fleet Command to the sim in a Task Force that shows the third highest level of activity and participation in a given month.

December 2020 Player of the Month, Area 51 - Janet/Kaleri

Janet, aka Lieutenant Kaleri, has consistently been a generous, active, invested player for almost three years now. She's one of those players that always has a post or two going, always up for a joint post at any time, and will react realistically to anything happening in-character. Kaleri has had a very interesting journey during her time on the Pandora and Janet has given her a strong voice in the sim. She's a kind and dedicated member of this family and I always look forward to seeing what comes next.

Executive Officer of the Quarter - Commander Nash

Nash is a big part of why the Pandora has been around so long. He is an excellent first officer in and out of character, always there to tag or talk with someone. He is involved with the sim and the players. Since joining Theta Fleet, he’s taken an active role in online discussions and in helping build the Theta Fleet community.

Congratulations to our winners and to the USS Pandora for continuing to thrive and have fun.

» Birthday Message and Player of the Month Award!

Posted on Fri Dec 11th, 2020 @ 3:20pm by Captain Nycolas Temple in General News

Greetings all!

Please join me in celebrating the USS Pandora's....


Yes that's right, four years ago, this little reboot of a sim started flying into the Inconnu Expanse and we have not looked back. I want to thank each and every one of you for being part of this amazing journey - for writing the incredible stories that we have experienced over the past four years - and for making this sim what it is today. It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway, that the Pandora would be NOTHING without each and every one of you showing up to write your posts, carrying the story forward, and making this sim your own.

I am as always forever grateful for your continued participation in the sim and I'm sure we will have many more fabulous years to come!

As usual, I have made a video for the occasion.

Player Awards

In November, the USS Pandora was accepted into our new home, Theta Fleet. I am very excited to announce that after just one month in the Fleet, we have received our first awards.

Congratulations to CF for winning Player of the Month!

That's right, our beloved Fesarian Engineer (and so much more!) as played by CF has been rewarded as Area 51's Player of the Month Award. CF has been with the sim since (almost) the very beginning and he continues to bring passion, activity, ideas, and fun to the Pandora. He's constantly searching for new stories, new challenges, new opportunities. He is often the first person to offer a Joint Post with anyone, and has a wide-range of diverse characters under his belt in which to write with. CF is also an honest and dedicated writer, who has helped provide me with honest feedback and suggestions over the years. We're very lucky to have a player like CF onboard the Pandora.

CF is an exceptional writer and talented collaborator, who is always up for whatever post idea comes his way. I am honoured that he choses the Pandora as his home and he continues to inspire us with his writing and skills.

Congrats CF!

You can read the full list of winners here: https://www.thetafleet.net/index.html

In addition, the Pandora also received the TGCO Award of Merit as well, so it was a bloody good first month for us in Theta Fleet.

AMAZING work everyone, let's keep it up!

» The Pandora joins Theta Fleet!

Posted on Mon Nov 9th, 2020 @ 9:44am by Captain Nycolas Temple in Sim Announcement

Greetings all!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the USS Pandora has been accepting into Theta Fleet!

Established in 2009, Theta Fleet represents a stable collection of mostly Trek sims, with a passion for community and member-lead sim management. There is currently around 250 players crewed on over 30 sims. They have a committed and strong leadership team, without the BS that other Fleets experience. They are smaller and quieter than some of the "Big Three" Fleets, but I want us to have a home that is stable, run by members and for members, and focuses on the WRITING over everything else. I felt a deep responsibility not to allow the Pandora to be disrupted again, so I wanted us to join a place with a good reputation, solid players, and healthy community first.

We will be joining their Area 51 Task Force, given we're a little behind their canon time (2395). However, they do not currently recognise the Picard series or any of the recent movies, meaning we wouldn't need to change anything about our sim if we were to catch up. Right now, we just keep going exactly as we are. Unlike other Fleets, they have a pretty even distribution between the canon sims and "alternative" sims, and there is no pressure to change anything about ourselves. We will be able to continue the independent story-telling that we've enjoyed for some time now.

Important Links!

Website: Theta Fleet

Forums: Sign up on the Forums

Chat: Jump into their Discord!

I'm really looking forward to starting this new adventure with Theta Fleet. I once again want to give a HUGE thank you and share my deepest appreciation for everyone who has stuck through us during this horrible time. I know 2020 has served us some pretty big challenges, but we've sailed through it together as a team and a simming family. I am so proud of everyone's professionalism and commitment to the Pandora. I keep trying to find new ways to tell you all how much I am grateful that you've chosen to be on this ship, and stayed with us during these tumultuous times, but you all just keep raising the bar for what it means to be amazing players.

You are the finest crew I have ever played with.


Latest Mission Posts

» The Passenger

Mission: The Gauntlet
Posted on Mon Apr 19th, 2021 @ 2:07pm by Ensign Aenardha Sh'vastarth

After some hours of in-processing aboard the Pandora, meeting new faces, explaining why she did not need a guiding arm, meeting the captain and the XO, meeting Security, having lunch, explaining again why she did not need a guiding arm, processing a request for her quarters, getting a physical, acquiring…

» New Arrival Physical

Mission: The Gauntlet
Posted on Mon Apr 19th, 2021 @ 1:40pm by Ensign Aenardha Sh'vastarth & Lieutenant JG Aeryn Jameson

OOC: Apologies for jumping in but the NPC Legace is no longer active, so I've switched it to Aeryn instead. Hope that's okay! - AJ

Aenardha rested after handling her duffels, unpacking and beginning to set up her quarters. Physical strength and endurance were not qualities the Aenar were known…

» Flirting with Pandora's Box

Mission: The Gauntlet
Posted on Sat Apr 17th, 2021 @ 2:41am by Federation Diplomat Briya Valriya & Lieutenant Mindo

[OOC] This one shouldn’t be too steamy, but if you would prefer to avoid all steam, TLDR Mindo and Briya find comfort in each other’s company.


Mindo was just about done finishing the shift summary that he would pass on to Greep at the start of the graveyard shift.…

» Welcome to the Pandora

Mission: The Gauntlet
Posted on Fri Apr 16th, 2021 @ 11:39pm by Federation Diplomat Briya Valriya & Commander Owen Nash & Lieutenant James Smith & Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri-Smith & Ensign Aenardha Sh'vastarth



As the trio made their way back through the station, Krysia was feeling only too glad to be heading back to the ship. This was the longest she’d been on her feet since her Caesarean and she was certainly feeling it. As they approached the docking port…

» Some Like It Cold

Mission: The Gauntlet
Posted on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 @ 8:50pm by Ensign Aenardha Sh'vastarth & Petty Officer 1st Class Greep & Petty Officer 2nd Class Zo

Stepping into Engineering proved to be a buffet of public vision for Aenardha to telepathically tap into. The place was awash with mental tags that was either personal or confidential or for official use only or otherwise something she did not need to know. So she avoided those visions in…

Latest Personal Logs

» The Captain

Posted on Wed Jun 24th, 2020 @ 3:12am by Lieutenant Yasmin Cortez

[Personal Log - Lieutenant Yasmin Cortez]
[Location - Quarters, USS Pandora]
[Date - After "Nouveau Roman"]

I met the Captain today. He wasn't exactly what I expected but I feel perhaps that I am being biased by my past experiences with Captain's. If I put aside the formality of the…

» Good Impressions

Posted on Wed Jun 24th, 2020 @ 3:10am by Lieutenant Yasmin Cortez

[Personal Log - Lieutenant Yasmin Cortez]
[Location - USS Palatine]
[Date - Belated]

I’m sure everyone has the same feeling when first seeing their new ship - the awe of the occasion and today is no different. I got my first glance of the Pandora from the outside. She is…

» The stuff dreams are made of

Posted on Mon Jun 22nd, 2020 @ 3:02am by Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri-Smith

Wow what a change, I meet the man of my dreams and find out by some twist of fate that I appear to be the spitting image of his dead wife! It's strange because I feel as though I've known him my entire life when I haven't & I feel…

» Adjustments

Posted on Mon Jun 22nd, 2020 @ 12:30am by Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri-Smith

I gave up trying to sleep, my head aches again and it doesn't seem to want to go away for very long these days. Maybe it's the stress of settling into a role of responsibility or whether it's me losing control of my abilities I'm not really sure. There are…

» Pandora Storyline – Nash’s involvement

Posted on Sun Jun 21st, 2020 @ 5:00pm by Commander Owen Nash

Sending this to Griffin and Nash as well so everyone knows what the general plan will be:

Pithos facility will be underground, so an Away team will head down to find it. This will likely be Griffin (leader), Smith, Alves, Brennan, and possibly Ashshy. They will find a small group…