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Pandora's Got Talent

Posted on Tue Jun 23rd, 2020 @ 12:22am by Cailus Griffin & Captain Nycolas Temple & Commander Owen Nash & Lieutenant Commander Mindo & Lieutenant Kalin Brennan-Griffin PhD & Lieutenant James Smith & Lieutenant JG Vecon Fick & Sasha Vieers (Deceased) & Mauricio Arnaldo & Tisar Zemel & Ignatius & Raven Mattel
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Mission: Death in Paradise
Location: Holodeck 4/Little Caesar's Arcade

A Mission Post by Lieutenant Mindo & Captain Nycolas Temple & Commander Owen Nash & Lieutenant Cailus Griffin & Lieutenant Kalin 'Shae' Brennan-Griffin PhD & Lieutenant James Smith & Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri & Lieutenant JG Vecon Fick & Emilie Temple & 1st Lieutenant Mauricio Arnaldo & Ensign Sasha Vieers & Ensign Dorian Rochester & Tisar Zemel & Ignatius & Raven Mattel
Mission: Death in Paradise
Location: Holodeck 4/Little Caesar's Arcade
Mon Oct 22nd, 2018 @ 7:17pm


The crowds had gathered from across the ship and Little Caesar's was packed to capacity. While some of the crew may have initially scoffed at the idea of watching their colleagues sing, dance, act, play instruments, or even recite poetry, the Talent Show had grown to become the 'Must-See' event on the ship. Perhaps it was due in part to the knowledge that soon the Pandora would return to Carnwennan Station, or simply a need to have some fun after a stressful trip to the Indigo Sky, but either way the Arcade was absolutely full of people as the event began. Lieutenant Mindo had reconfigured his program for the show, providing a large stage where some of the games used to be, along with seating area in front of that, but despite this it was standing room only in the rest of the venue. Mindo had even opened the upstairs and made another level to see the show from above, and this was also jam-packed.

The lights dimmed low and the crowd clapped in anticipation. After a few moments of heavy silence, a single spotlight shone onto the bejewelled lips of Raven Mattel. Her mouth was covered in silver lipstick and Swarovski diamonds, her face painted likewise with glittery eyeshadow and blue lashes.

'At first I was afraid, I was petrified.' Came the song over the Arcade's speakers, Raven's mouth moving exactly to the words. 'Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side. But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong... And I grew strong! And I learned how to get along...."

Suddenly there was a brief flourish and the spotlights lit up the stage, revealing Raven wearing a silver spandex jumpsuit, her wig tonight was a blonde afro with a diamond-encrusted tiara, and her trademark rollerblades on her feet. As 'I Will Survive' kicked into the first verse, she began rolling around the stage, pointing enthusiastically at the watching crowd; who began to clap and cheer at Raven's theatrics. When the song reached the main chorus, Raven kicked her right leg up and spun around, while still executing the lip sync to perfection.

After the last "I will survive" of the chorus, the song neatly transformed into the Bee Gee's hit of the same name, and Raven changed her dance moves into a disco-inspired 'Hustle' with a little 'Bus Stop' thrown in for good measure. Mattel had done her research and purposely chose songs from around this era. After body rolling across the stage, she was swiftly handed two large silver flags from Ignatius, who was waiting on the wing. Suddenly the song changed once more, dropping to a remix of Destiny's Child's "Survivor", which Raven mouthed along to with great enthusiasm. She whipped the long flags around her body with incredible precision and pace, creating a dazzling display of Colour Guard skill. At the big finale, she dropped to her knees at the closing of the song, holding one flag up into the air as a statement of her resilience.

Breathing heavily, her face covered in sweat, she awaited some applause.

And applause she received. Had everyone been seated, there probably would have been a standing ovation, but by default she got one anyway.

Mindo came on the stage and he and Raven shared a brief hug and exchange of kind words before Mindo took to the microphone.

"Let's hear it once again for Miss Raven Mattel!" he said, and the crowd whooped and hollered. It was going to be quite a show.

Mindo put his hand up to his forehead like a visor and examined the audience. "Well, it's a packed crowd tonight!" he said. "Now I know why Chief Greep isn't here. He told me he wasn't going to stand for this!" A place in the audience began to jump excitedly and Mindo saw that in fact, Greep was in the audience. "Oh he is here! Hey Greep!"

Krysia hadn’t really wanted to attend the talent show she was looking forward to a quiet night in with her feet up but James had wanted to go so she hadn’t wanted to spoil it for him so she’d accompanied him. Sitting watching Raven do her routine had certainly cheered her up and she applauded with enthusiasm a big smile on her face.

James was happy Krysia had decided to come along and was glad she was having a good time, with everything that happened it was good to have something to distract everyone.

Mindo spotted Krysia in the crowd. "I see Lieutenant Smith managed to drag Lieutenant Kaleri to the event. How are you enjoying yourself, Kaleri?"

"I guess I'm having more fun than I thought I would Mindo." She smiled warmly. "I guess I should let my hair down more often." She grinned.

Mindo grinned. "Well I don't know about your hair, Lieutenant, but you certainly didn't let me down! I'm glad you're here." There was a small applause, and Mindo moved on. "So many people tonight," he remarked. "You know, we're still getting over our most recent bit of craziness. I want to welcome back our entire bridge staff." More applause. "It was just a few days for the rest of us, but to them it felt like a lifetime. Was it just me, or did it actually seem quieter with no Lieutenant Fick around?"

Fick whistled from the balcony. He also, had not had any interest in any sort of talent show, but once he remembered that Raven Mattel was on the ship, it seemed wrong not to attend. He was admittedly a fanboy. She had preformed all over Risa and Fick had been privledged enough to see those performances quite a bit. He honestly thought she was amazing and beautiful and talented. There were so many things that he admired about her that he couldn't even put all of them into words. He hoped that maybe if he stuck around long enough he might get to meet her again.

Nearby on the balcony, the Temple family were watching from a table overlooking the side of the stage. Nyx had his arm wrapped around Emilie as Katrine sat between them. Their girl was wearing an Elsa outfit, complete with long blonde braided wig. She had decided to sing her favourite song (well, favourite for now) at the Talent show. Nyx just hoped the backing track was loud enough to spare the audience from Katrine's more... forceful notes.

Mindo smiled. "Well enough of me, let's see our next performance!"

Tisar, the Cardassian shop owner of the music shop, stepped out onto the stage next. He was not nervous. He had played for many crowds, even busked on the street in front of other Cardassians, which was always difficult. He felt that in a lot of ways his people had forgotten how to have a good time. For tonight's performance though he wanted to keep things familiar and fun for the crew of the Pandora, an amazing ship that had given him purpose and a feeling of belonging. "I have no idea how I will follow up our illustrious Miss Mattel, but here it goes," he said into the mic with a grin. In his hands he held a set of pipes. In many ways it was one of the older instruments that he carried and taught in his shop. The set in his hands he had made himself by hand. In human culture, they were often referred to as Pan Pipes, but many other cultures had similar instruments with different names.

He stared to play. The sound at first was soft, played in the traditional human way. He had written the music himself. The haunting melody filled the room for several moments before the music took a more upbeat turn. He felt he couldn't just share the human experience of these pipes, but other cultures as well, much like the variety of crew that inhabited the ship. The song that he played was just for them. Other cultures played the pipes in different manners, varying how they blew into the pipes, and he blended the many traditions together in his tune, the song changing from slow and haunting to upbeat and intense and finally back down to the slow and haunting melody he had started with. For Tisar, as a musician, the song represented his own personal story of how he came to be on Pandora, even though there were no lyrics. When he was finished he let the last note linger before taking a bow.

Eiri pulled his husband back down into the seat for the third time since the Cardasssian had taken the stage. "Love, sit down. You are too tall to be standing. No one can see around you," the little Vulcan whispered to his much taller Bajoran partner.

"But it's so pretty!" Ayan replied with an excited grin.

Krysia lay her head against James' arm the tune was hauntingly beautiful and brought tears to eyes at one point, being pregnant didn't help with the change in her hormones she was easily upset by anything. She tried to disguise the fact that was wiping her eyes by hiding away behind James' shoulder as she didn't want to appear silly.

Having managed to avoid being spotted in Mindo's first wave of comedy, Owen clapped after Tisar's performance, having found the pan pipes a moving performance. He was by himself, with Janet being assigned to SCIS duties, but he had seen Krys and James in the audience and was glad to see them and so many others enjoying the nights entertainment so far.

Krysia sensed Owen's presence. Since her time in the bubble she had become more sensitive to the sense of those she loved. She turned to look, waving him over to the table. "Would you like to join us, Owen?"

Owen smiled and could see Krys was asking him over. However he didn't want to feel like a third wheel and knew that they were having a good time. "It's fine. I'm ok," he said. "You two enjoy the show. I'm happy relaxing here and enjoying the fun." He raised his glass to them before taking a sip.

"What a performance!" said Mindo, coming on stage again. "I know it's hard to think of anything smaller and cuter than yours truly, but believe it or not our next performance is just that! Presenting Aoife Brennan, accompanied by Ashshy Ayan!"

Aoife clapped happily after Tisar's performance, but now she was all excited to play her own little tune. Tugging at her mother's sleeve to get her attention, she held up her little flute, and once the stage was cleared for the next act, Shae gestured to Ayan that Aoife was ready to go. And so they went up, Aoife holding tight to her mother's hand to keep her balance as she climbed up onto the stage and then into a chair that was pulled out for her to sit on. Shae stood off to the side since this was Aoife's performance, with Ayan's harp of course; Shae had considered borrowing a harp to play with Aoife, but she hardly had any time to practice, and the little fox-child adored playing with Ayan so much.

Once Ayan was seated beside her and ready to play, the harp in his lap, Aoife put the little wooden flute to her lips and began to play. It was a song her mother would sing to her to help her sleep or to calm her when she was scared, an old Gaelic song about a man abroad who was visited by an apparition, the spirit of Ireland. Of course, without the vocals, the refrain 'Táimse im' Chodladh' (or 'I'm a asleep, don't wake me') repeated throughout the song was lost on the audience, but since the Bubble those words had taken on new meaning to Shae, especially as she listened to her daughter's sweetly played tune with Ayan's accompaniment. Aoife was playing the airs so sweetly, and she was even managing some of the lovely trills that added character to the tune. Shae couldn't have been more proud!

As too was Cailus as he sat next to Shae, clapping enthusiastically as Ayan and Aoife finished their performance. The typically stoic man beamed at the little one, his proud grin as wide as could be.

Ayan followed Aoife off the stage and saw her back into the care of her mother before retaking his seat next to Eiri, who kissed his cheek and took one of his hands, putting it in his own lap while he held it.

"That was beautiful, love. You have really done well with your harp. I am very proud of you," Eiri said softly.

Ayan blushed. "Thank you."

Mindo applauded as he took to the stage, giving little Aoife a quick hug as they passed. "Thank you Aoife! What a great job!" he said.

Krysia looked at James. "Can you imagine our child doing something like that when he or she is older?" She grinned as she leaned her head against his arm and slid her hand into his.

James smiled at the mention of their child. Who could imagine that their child would be talented in many things and couldn’t wait until he or she were born.

Upstairs, Nyx leaned over to Katrine, "Honey we should head down now for your song."

Katrine suddenly turned and buried her head into his shoulder. "No!" She exclaimed.

"But honey you were going to sing tonight." Emilie said gently.

"I DON'T WANNA!" Katrine cried.

Emilie and Nyx shared a look. "She's gone shy." Nyx whispered and Emilie nodded. He leaned down to his daughter and kissed her hair, which was really still the wig. "It's okay, you don't have to sing if you don't want to. Maybe next time, okay?"

Katrine just nodded her head but she didn't say anything else. Emilie gave a shrug and Nyx did too.

After a few more acts, including a Klingon Bat'leth display from a Security Officer, a choir of Medical staff singing a song called "Bohemian Rhapsody", and even the lukewarmly-received poetry stylings of Captain Temple, it was time for the next act. Ignatius, the fashionista and clothier, took to the stage with his trademark stoic face. He was known for his cutting sense of humour and he had decided to impart some of his thoughts tonight.

"Greetings crew of the Pandora," he began, his tone typically dulcet. "It's certainly been a whirlwind six months flying with you all. The Pandora is an interesting ship. Somewhere between a Federation exploration vessel and a Vegas Strip Mall." He got some murmuring of laughs. "I'm starting to wonder if the garish neon of Deck 5 isn't just a defensive tactic to ward off possible pirates. One step onto the Pandora and they'll be so blinded but it's garishness, they'll run away."

Ignatius kept his sardonic speech going, "But we have a wonderful crew, and we such a capable commander in Captain Temple. In our first assignment, he almost got us killed by the Tzenkethi. Then he almost got us killed by the Ravagers. And more recently he almost got us killed by an exploding gas cloud. I mean, come on Nyx, is it something we said?"

"Here! Here!" called out Owen during the laughter in mock agreement.

The laughter continued, even Temple couldn't help but smirk. Ignatius shrugged. "I joined the Pandora hoping to explore the galaxy. Little did I know that Starfleet was going to send us to the arse-end of the Alpha Quadrant. Can you imagine being a clothier on a ship where everyone wears grey jumpsuits with colour-coded lapels? And the only other people we meet are either pirates or giant lizards? This just ain't good for business."

"Still, we have some fun. Like this talent show, for example." He smiled, briefly. "Though I'm not quite sure what it says for a crew of one hundred highly trained, experienced Starfleet officers when a young girl playing flute has more talent than all of you combined." Ignatius snorted with laughter. "No, I'm kidding. It's been an exceptional night and I want to thank Lieutenant Mindo for putting it on for us. He's an amazing Chief Engineer and I'm sure one of these days when I see him, I won't get the urge to lean over and ask him if he's run away from his parents."

Ignatius waved to the crowd, "Alright that's enough from me. Goodnight!"

Krysia was sitting beside James in stitches of laughter Ignatious’ sense of humour was certainly one that tickled her funny bone and she was still wiping the tears from her eyes as his routine finished.

Owen clapped hard after laughing all the way through the routine of Ignatius and reminded himself to go and visit the clothier a little more often. Suddenly, he felt like a wardrobe change was needed, but that was for another day. This evening was about the Talent on board and having fun with fellow crewmates and colleagues and for Owen, it was working out nicely.

He couldn't help but look around the table he was sat at and realised once again that he missed Janet, however it was good to feel this. His concern for her leaving the ship was that he would forget her and that was something he didn't want to happen. He smiled as he thought of what she would think of this show and realised there would be some Xenexian charms given off in her wit. Owen clapped a little louder during the applause.

Mindo took the stage as Ignatius stepped down. "My parents are dead," said Mindo. A hush hit the crowd, and all eyes went back and forth between Ignatius and Mindo. "And the only reason you haven't seen me yet is you never take off those stupid sunglasses." A few awkward laughs, but the tension remained. Then Mindo grinned and shrugged. "It's only fair to roast the roaster. Good act, my friend!" Several more laughs came, and then an applause. Mindo took a bow, and then introduced the next act, which was Chief Greep, also from Engineering.

Greep claimed to be singing a song from his homeworld, but it sounded like incoherent and loud squawks and squeals that lasted for about five minutes, and ended abruptly with a completely quiet room. A few people started to applaud as he walked off the stage, but most everyone was completely quiet.

Aeryn had arrived earlier on in the evening. but had decided to loiter around in a quiet corner by the bar. She felt a bit like a spare wheel. No Tyson to hang around with and she'd been avoiding bumping into Mindo as she wasn't sure what to say to him anyway. She didn't want to appear to be regretting their previous evening together when she'd actually thoroughly enjoyed it and would most likely do it again. Finishing off her drink, she turned to leave, abruptly bumping straight into Mindo. "Sorry Mindo..." She smiled warmly, trying not to appear uncomfortable. "A good evening you've got going here. I was just about to err... head home."

"You sure?" said Mindo. "Zo's band is about to play. They're pretty good."

Aeryn smiled. "It's been a nice evening, but I think it's time I was going." She smiled again before heading on her way.

"I'll see you around," said Mindo.

Mindo took the stage after Greep's... whatever. "Thanks Greep for an experience we're likely to remember for a while. And now for some more musical entertainment, give it up for Zo and the Sauce Buckets!"

The crowd cheered big as various instruments appeared on the stage. Zo and crew, a compilation of people from Engineering and Security, bounded onto the stage, all taking and giving their instruments a small test. Zo picked up a bass guitar and went to the center microphone.

"This is an old Earth folk song about a place I visited once," he said. The band began to play a raucous tune apparently called "Sweet Home Chicago." The song was wild and their sound was full of energy. Zo's vocals were a welcome retreat from the mess Greep had put on just a few minutes ago. People were clapping, some singing along, everyone cheering. The song seemed to be over with the band building to a big finish when the drummer rolled the snare and the whole band moved into another old Earth song called "Born to Run." After that, Zo introduced a song of his own called "Crazy Rings of Life," a fast-paced, upbeat song he'd written as a child on Ba'ku.

"I think we've got one more song for you all," said Zo, taking a small towel and wiping his forehead. "This is a song we all know. An Earth song that has been passed down through the generations, and is known by almost everyone in the Federation. See if you can sing along. It goes like this..."

Zo sung the line, "Hey Jude, don't make it bad..." and everyone cheered and stood to the all-too-familiar song. At one point, everyone's hands were swaying back and forth in the air. Some held hands, everyone sang along. When the song ended and Zo and the Sauce Buckets took their bows, they got a standing ovation. It was the loudest Little Caesar's had ever been.

In the wings, Ignatius and Raven were standing together and signing, Raven's golden afro swaying along to the song. She turned to him as the song hit the chorus once again, marvelling at the room full of crew and passengers all joining in and enjoying the song. "Would you look at this! Look what we accomplished." Raven beamed.

"It's wonderful," Ignatius replied with a nod, pulling those sunglasses down over his eyes.

"Oh Iggy, are you getting emotional?" Raven asked; half-mocking, half-sympathetic.

"It's just... a beautiful moment, okay?" The usually cool and collected clothier said, his voice raising a few octaves. "Just shush up and enjoy the song."

The song came to an end, and Mindo joined the applause as he walked up the stage, giving each band member a handshake, and then a hug for his fellow Engineer.

"What a show!" said Mindo as the applause quieted. "Before we go, I just want to say..."

"Mr. Mindo!" came a voice in the audience, interrupting proceedings. The crowd turned to see First Lieutenant Arnaldo standing there, proudly wearing a black mariachi suit with gold and red decorations around the lapels. This was the first time he had managed to brave the large crowds of the Pandora, having previously ensconced himself away in the Brig to stop his Bubble-induced panic. But in this moment, he was taking a chance and defying his fears to perform for the crew. He was also holding up a guitar. "If you don't mind mi amigo, I'd like to sing a song too."

"Of course!" said Mindo. "Don't let me stop you. We have one more act everyone! Go ahead Mauricio!"

Still standing in the middle of the audience, Mauricio gently strummed on his acoustic guitar, his fingers dancing over the strings and delivering a sweet Mexican lullaby. "Recuérdame... hoy me tengo que ir mi amor... Recuérdame, no llores por favour. Te llevo en mi corazón y cerca me tendrás! A solas yo te cantaré soñando en regresar."

Moving to walk through the crowd as he sang, Mauricio arrived at the stage, still singing, "Remember me! Though I have to travel far... Remember me, each time you hear a sad guitar. Know that I’m with you, the only way that I can be. Until you’re in my arms again... Re-mem-ber meeee!"

The marine delved into a flourish of beautiful a guitar interlude, closing his eyes as he felt the music he was playing. He swayed gently as the notes sounded out from his instrument, feeling like he was back in his native home without a care in the world. He opened his eyes again as he sang, "Remember me, For I will soon be gone. Remember me! And let the love we have live on. And know that I'm with you the only way that I can be." He took a deep breath and belted out the remainder of the chorus, "So, until you're in my arms agaaaaaaain." He strummed once more before going completely acapella, "Remeeeeeemberrrrr meeeeeee!"

Mauricio held the last note for as long as he could and when his breath had completely ran out, he dipped himself down into a bow to the audience.

Fick was on his feet, clapping for the marine. He even put two fingers in his mouth and whistled really loudly.

Mindo, who had moved to the side of the stage, approached the center mic once more. "And on that beautiful final note, I must bring tonight to a glorious end. I want to thank Ignatius and Raven for helping make tonight happen. Thank you to everyone who performed and, more importantly, everyone who enjoyed the show! Good night, Pandora!"


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