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The Statements

Posted on Tue Jun 23rd, 2020 @ 5:50am by Cailus Griffin & Captain Nycolas Temple & Lieutenant Nicholas Boucher & Lieutenant Commander Mindo & Lieutenant Arlowe Tate & Lieutenant Bethany Robinson & Lieutenant John Sandoval & Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri-Smith & Lieutenant Alexandra Alves MD & Lieutenant JG Vecon Fick & Lieutenant JG Aeryn Jameson & Ensign Emmanuelle Larose & Sasha Vieers (Deceased) & Mauricio Arnaldo & Ignatius & Raven Mattel & Ensign Dorian Rochester (Deceased) & Terrekal
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Mission: Death in Paradise
Location: Deck 17 - Security Office
Timeline: Current

Ensconed in his office, the Chief of Security, Lieutenant Griffin, had little to do now but wait. He felt a powerful urge to go out and do something, to knock on doors and ask questions, to spur his people on with their work, but he knew that such actions would be counterproductive so he forced himself to stay put. There were times when he simply had to let people do their jobs. Focusing on dry paperwork was certainly the last thing that Cailus wanted to do, but it was his job nevertheless.

Finally, as he worked away on minor administrative tasks while his personnel worked the investigation, a beep signalled the arrival of a critical report, a report that Cailus had been waiting for all morning. He didn't waste any time opening it.

Investigative Report: Statements
Summary of statements provided by Pandora crew onboard Paradise Station for stardate 66800

Captain Nycolas Temple

Earlier in the evening, I had a meeting with the Irokari on their ship, attended with Lieutenants Sandoval, Smith, and Alves. I returned to the Pandora for a brief rest period in my quarters. After which, I visited the station again around dinner-time, which I shared with Lieutenant Mindo and his guest Terrekal. I stayed on the station for about an hour more before retiring to the Pandora for the evening.

Lieutenant John Sandoval

I spent a lot of time on the station over the past few days, but the day of the murder I was either on Pandora or with Captain Temple and others meeting with the Irokari on their ship. That night I stayed in, keeping to my quarters. Dr. Jameson can corroborate that. She came to see me shortly before oh-one hundred and then spent the night.

I hope you plan to talk with Ensign Rochester. He was acting all shifty when Emmanuelle, er, Ensign Larose and I found him that next morning, and then left her and I to deal with guards.

Lieutenant Aeryn Jameson

I went shopping with Lieutenant Boucher, I also met up with Lieutenant Kaleri for a chat. During the evening I visited the station with several crewmembers, including Lieutenant Robinson, Lieutenant Tate, Lieutenant Alves and Ensign Larose. We spent some hours at a dance club, together for the whole time. After I left the dance club and returned to the ship where I spent the night with Lieutenant Sandoval.

Lieutenant Nicholas Boucher

Was shopping with Lieutenant Jameson, followed by drinking with Ensign Sirht, and finally I had a few drinks with Lieutenant Alves. They'll all corroborate and I also have the credit chit I used on the station, I imagine there is a way to track transaction logs to verify where I was spending my money and at what times.

Lieutenant Mindo

I was spending time with Terrekal on the station, and then on the Pandora, from 1900 the night in question to 0700 the next day. Security can corroborate our return to the Pandora at 0100. We did have a case of tranya with us, which was examined and approved by security. Only Terrekal can corroborate our whereabouts at the time in question.

Lieutenant Arlowe Tate

Me? Yeah I was there. I didn't do much. Dancing with the girls and what not. I was with Becks, and some others. Uhh let me think of their names. There was .. an Al...ves? Maybe. Then Larose, I remember that one, lots of odd turns of phrases and I think a ... I don't know the last one honestly. Oh and Becks is short for Robinson, I forget that people don't know that yet. Uh, we went dancing at some club the Frenchie knew about. I had some drinks, Becks and others mostly had water I think it was just me and Larose that drank. Uh, she went off dancing with some women, I pulled Becks onto the floor and we danced until late. Then headed back to the ship.

Lieutenant Bethany Robinson

I visited the station for a night out with Lieutenant Alves, Lieutenant Tate, Lieutenant Jameson and Ensign Larose. We were in the dance club for a few hours, and I don't think anyone had left each other's sight for long at any time. After I left, I returned directly to the Pandora and to my quarters and I fell asleep. My movements and time spent is in the passenger logs.

Lieutenant Alexandra Alves

I visited the station together with several crewmembers, including Lieutenant Robinson, Lieutenant Tate, Lieutenant Jameson and Ensign Larose. We spent some hours at a dance club, together for the whole time. Any of the aforementioned officers can verify that. After I left the dance club, I met Lieutenant Boucher at a drinking parlor. He can verify that. After some drinks with the Lieutenant, I left the station and headed back to the Pandora. I guess, it's all in the passenger logs. That's all.

Lieutenant (j.g.) Vecon Fick

So, I met up with Raven and Ignatius on the Pandora and we decided we would all go drinking and maybe dancing together on Paradise. I mean it is called Paradise, right? Although, to be honest... I mean it was pretty cool... but it's no Risa. So we hit up a couple of bars and then did some dancing. I didn't get totally drunk, cause, like... I can totally handle my liquor, but in the first bar we were in I noticed a friend of mine with a whole bunch of his buddies. I didn't say hi, but I watched them kick those Marines out of the bar for being unruly, cause you know... drunk. Anyway, like I said, after that we went dancing and then I went back to the Pandora. My boyfriend was still on duty, cause he works third shift sometimes, so I went to see if my friend, Mauricio, was back from Paradise. He wasn't.... so I got kinda worried about him. I mean I saw him get kicked out of a bar... so who knows what else those boys were up to and you know those jarhead types. So yeah, I called him on my com and found him still on the station, so I went back over there to see if he was okay. He wasn't really. Apparently all that drinking led to him falling and busting his face. He was embarrassed... but I got him to head back to the ship. When we left the place he was at we met Lieutenant John Sandoval and Ensign Emmanuelle Larose. They informed us that everyone was supposed to return to the ship, which is where we were going anyway... and we came back to Pandora with them.

Ensign Sasha Vieers

I travelled to Paradise around 19:00 hours with Lieutenant JG Vicuno, as we had plans to spend the night there together. We went to the station's casino, where we ate dinner at one of their restaurants and had reserved a room for the evening. However, a few hours into the night, I had a recurrence of a terrible migraine and was forced to cancel the rest of our date. I left the station, but Vicuno chose to stay as he could not get a refund on the hotel room and wanted to make the most of it. I left just as the light show starting and was in my own bed by midnight. I also saw First Lieutenant Mauricio Arnaldo and Ensign Dorian Rochester as we all travelled together from the Pandora into the station. Mauricio appeared to be intoxicated and Dorian mentioned wanting to go to a firing range to "let off some steam".

Ensign Dorian Rochester

I went out drinking and got a bit too lively. That's not a crime, is it? I lost some of my clothes but that's my own stupid fault. Apart from that, nothing happened. I don't know why Sandoval is making such a big deal over this. Surely I can't be the first officer to blow off some steam while on liberty? I'm getting really sick and tired of never being trusted around here. The Captain has already punished me for what happened in that non-existent reality, so why do people keep thinking the worst of me? I haven't done anything wrong. You should ask that Diplomat why he's messing around with the Doctor while his wife's back on Earth. I reckon he's screwing his security attache, too, and he's just trying to take the spotlight off himself.

Ensign Emmanuelle Larose

I was out dancing at a club on the station with Lieutenants Alves, Jameson, Robinson, and Tate. We left the ship at about twenty-two hundred and came back just before oh-one hundred. Lieutenant, there, ah, was a short while where nobody saw me, and where I didn’t see anyone else. I, ah, found some privacy with a beautiful pink-haired woman. The club had these little rooms for private parties. I...never learned her name, so she can’t exactly tell you where I was. Doctor Alves saw me with her though, and the bouncers can confirm that I never left the club.

Did the team get anything off that jacket I brought in? We couldn’t exactly keep it clean, but Ensign Rochester tried to hide it from us before he absconded in the transport cube with Dr. Jameson this morning.

First Lieutenant Mauricio Arnaldo

LTs Davies, Gray, S'kora, Thorpe and myself rendezvoused on the foreign facilitation known locally as 'Paradise Outpost' at around twenty-hundred hours. We attended an area designated as the 'Entertainment District'. We had chow at an eating establishment approximately zero-point-eight clicks due-South from the transport terminus. As per the allowances for the liberty granted by Captain Temple, we consumed beverages with alcoholic content. We attended another venue known locally as "Rulaskatox", and continued to enjoy the granted liberty. At around twenty-one-thirty, we were asked to leave the establishment by the designated security personnel of 'Paradise Outpost'. After leaving the venue, I experienced a non-combat injury after momentarily losing equilibrium and coming into contact with a seating apparatus possibly made of a metal or steal-like material. The injury caused a transient abnormal enlargement to parts of my face, which were later remedied through appropriate medical treatments. I slept on the station. After a period of rest, I was sufficiently able to return to normal duties. I will personally take any responsibility on behalf of my unit for any embarrassment suffered towards the USS Pandora as a result of our actions and will accept any reprimands deemed necessary by the Captain.

Raven Mattel

Well, honey, where do I begin? It was my idea to go to Paradise because we just needed to see something fabulous. Sometimes a girl's gotta get out of her usual scene, you know what I mean? Girl, once I was doing this nightly show at this club on Risa and... What? This is relevant. Oh fine. Myself, Ignatius, and Vecon Fick went to Paradise together. We wanted to go to the Casino but goodness gracious that place was far too expensive and gaudy for my liking. I mean, I'd never say no to a bit of gold but that place was too, too much. Don't tell them I said that though because they've invited me back to perform there. Is this on public record? I love the Casino. Anyway, we ended up at some bar instead. Rulaskatox? It was green. That's where I did my first show. I say show, but it was more of a spontaneous display of talent. Girl they may have seen a lot in this Inconnu Expanse but they had never SEEN ME! (laughter) Turns out there was a promoter from a Casino club in Rulaskatox and they liked me so much they invited me to perform. Iggy and I - that's Ignatius. No, he only has one name. No, I don't know why. Anyway, Iggy and I went to this club and it was super stiff. Cocktails and armchairs. That kind of venue. Well, it wasn't when I was through. I was jumping on tables, doing the can-can, writhing on the floor. I had a Ferengi King or whatever offer me his hand in marriage right there and then. I could be Queen of the Ferengi. Why are you laughing?


Okay, whatever. Anyway, in the backroom was Madam Kroll's touring agent. She's the headliner at the Casino right now, a wonderful singer. Iggy doesn't believe she lip syncs sometimes but I do, and I don't blame her. So they decided to bring me on as a surprise guest. Kroll was performing at the same time in the main auditorium. Wow that place was huge. I'd done big venues before but nothing like that. Must have been ten thousand seats. So I'm taken through the backstages, in the tunnels and what not. Finally I'm there on the side of the stage. Kroll starts into some dance number I'd never heard before and suddenly I'm getting pulled out on stage! Amazing. No one knew who I was but I just started dancing and doing my thing, you know how I do. I was burning up that stage. Even Madam Kroll was impressed. I did three encores. Three. The crowd just wanted more, more, more. And I gave them more. After that, I ended up in Madam Kroll's suite in the casino's exclusive hotel. We watched the light show together, it was amazing. I guess somebody forgot we were there and hadn't paid entry because we had free run of the hotel for the entire night. Igs, Kroll, and I were just having an amazing evening. I can't even recall half the stuff we did. It was too epic for words.

We didn't stop till morning, when we ran into Lieutenant Parrino. She told us that someone had been murdered? That's awful. And you know, how dare this murderer not think of other people? We're all trying to have fun and relax, you know, and they're committing crimes like that? I'm trying to make a name for myself with this brand new audience and now we're all tarnished because one person decided to kill somebody else? Selfish. That's all it is. Selfish. I better not lose my invitation to perform at the Casino because of this. Oh, are you leaving....

(interview ends)


We went to Paradise outpost and attended several venues within the Entertainment district and Casino. I was with Lieutenant Fick for part of the evening, and Raven Mattel for the whole of the evening. Nothing untoward happened.

Petty Officer First Class Greep
I was window shopping on the station as well as enjoying some recreational activity. I was with no one from the ship, but the bartender at Sleek's can vouch for my presence there for most of the night. I tried some of their alcoholic beverages. Korooban Sun Kiss was an interesting cocktail. And I enjoyed something called a Cardassian Fist Bump. That stuff'll put hair on your beak for sure. I did notice Mindo at one point talking to a security guard. They could have been arguing, but I'm not good at reading humanoid social cues. I am sure of one thing: the security officer is also the victim in question. I can personally vouch for Mindo, however. I do not believe he is capable of killing anyone. For one thing, he's really small compared to everyone else. I mean, what's he going to do? Kick the guy's shins to death? Maybe don't tell him I said that. His size is kind of a touchy subject. Can I go now?


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